Everything you need to know about charging your phone battery.

There is often some confusion around charging your phone… you might ask yourself, ‘Am I charging my phone for too long? Is overnight charging damaging my battery?' And the list continues, however, fear not as we have our guide on phone batteries to help. 

Last updated: 31st Oct 2019 at 9:55am

Our phone batteries seem to get worse over time due to the activities we engage with daily - the apps you install, the more notifications you receive and the overall screen time on your phone all contribute towards the strain placed upon the battery. Even the ways we decide to charge your phone can impact battery life.

When should I charge my phone? 

A key rule is to keep your battery topped up between 50-90% most of the time. Charge it when it goes below 50% and unplug it just before it reaches 100%, this charging cycle is the most efficient one to ensure your battery maintains a healthy life. 

Try not to charge your phone up to 100%; this is because the modern lithium-ion batteries don’t need to be fully charged. The high voltage stresses the battery causing it to deteriorate quicker. 

Most people make the mistake of charging overnight, and it is doing this that will shorten the battery life span, which leads us onto our next question.

Should I charge my phone overnight?

There isn’t a massive risk as such when it comes to leaving your phone charging overnight, however keeping it charged consistently overnight can impact the battery life in the long term.

When you leave your phone charging overnight, you can’t keep an eye on it when it attains full charge. You want to avoid charging your phone full cycle, and as said above, top up your phone regularly in shorter periods. 

Experts recommend that you avoid leaving your phone charging unattended for long periods as the battery may overheat. If you are going to charge your phone overnight, make sure you remove your phone case and ensure nothing is covering the phone like a pillowcase or duvet. 

Is fast-charging bad for my battery? 

The fast charging method is when you use a charger that is equipped for providing power at a higher voltage than usual. 

Fast charging is extremely convenient and has changed the way many people use our devices. While fast charging won’t harm your phone’s battery, the heat powered from this type of charging can potentially affect its lifespan. 

Quick top-ups using this method won’t harm your phone, but more extended periods of use could result in the battery not lasting quite as long as it would on a slower charge. Ultimately, it is up to you which way you decide to charge your phone, but we recommend fast charging to be used at small intervals and in times of need. 

Charge your phone wisely - Regardless of how often you charge your phone, naturally your battery will age and begin to deteriorate. However, by following the tips we’ve given, you can aid in prolonging the battery life of your mobile. The ultimate tip to take away from this blog is not to charge your phone fully.

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