Which iPhone is right for you?

For many, the iPhone is the only brand to choose and if you want to find out what all the fuss is about, then you will need to consider which iPhone is right for you and your Asda Mobile SIM.

Last updated: 21st Jan 2019 at 3:05pm

Apple iPhones are one of the world’s leading lines of smartphones and they are just as desirable today as they were a decade ago. Before we go ahead and look at the various models of iPhone, we should highlight an important point - even older models of the iPhone can upgrade, free of charge, to the latest version of the latest iOS update.  

So, let’s look at the iPhones that you can buy today.

iPhone SE - From £239

The iPhone SE is the most affordable iPhone and the oldest in this list, dating back to the beginning of 2016. The phone is an ideal choice if you are working with a small budget and want a truly compact iPhone.

The iPhone SE has a 4” display and has plenty of character with an aluminium body and a stainless-steel Apple logo. This iPhone has a fingerprint sensor, a 12MP camera and access to more than two million apps in the App Store.

iPhone 7 - From £449

Originally released in 2016, the iPhone 7 made headlines with its new glossy jet-black colour variant. Made from 7000 series aluminium, this iPhone has both the looks and feel that shouts premium. Crucially, this iPhone has a display that is 25% brighter than those before it.

The iPhone 7 is a practical choice with its rain and splash resistance and a fingerprint reader for security. The speakers are two times louder and the camera exceeds expectations by allowing in 50% more light, compared to its predecessor.

The iPhone 7 was released alongside the iPhone 7 Plus, a more powerful model that has a larger screen and even better performance.

iPhone 8 - From £599

The iPhone 8 is the latest iPhone and it has been built to the highest standards. If you have a habit of giving your mobile phone a hard life, then you will appreciate that it is made from the most durable glass used on any smartphone. In addition to this, the phone is once again rain and splash resistant.

The iPhone 8 is thought of as the best all-round iPhone, it is relatively cheap, waterproof, has fingerprint scanning and great hardware. The iPhone 8 introduced AR (augmented reality) experiences to Apple fans. This blends your surroundings with games and other apps, such as home design apps. The 12MP camera is exceptional but photography is taken further on the iPhone 8 Plus, which has a dual camera for portrait photography, where bokeh blurred backgrounds can be captured.

iPhone X - From £750

The iPhone X is reserved for those who have a big budget to work with. This most expensive iPhone has a screen that fills the front face, except for a notch at the top where the camera sits. The iPhone X is famed for its Face ID feature, which uses facial recognition with an error rate of only one in one million reads.

The iPhone X has a dual camera and a 7MP True Depth selfie camera. The selfie camera has an amazing feature called Portrait Lighting and this can add studio lighting effects, blur the background, or add shadows to selfies.

*Prices may vary - the iPhone SE has been discontinued at the Apple Store but can still be purchased from phone retailers including second hand and refurbished phone websites.

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