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Frequently asked questions

There are many factors that can affect network coverage.

The most important factor is your location. If you’re far from a mobile phone mast, you might struggle to get a signal.

Your surroundings also affect your signal. Buildings, hills, trees, and being underground can all cause connectivity issues.

Building materials can also have an impact on your ability to connect. It’s harder for cellular signals to pass through metal and concrete.

Although they sound similar, there are big differences between these network technologies:

2G - 2G allows you to send texts and multimedia messages.

3G - 3G was the first widely available type of mobile network to allow internet access.

4G - A 4G connection will give improved speed over 3G when you access the internet. 4G is the current standard for high speed wireless communications.

5G - 5G is the next generation of data speed. It can achieve download speeds 10 to 100 times faster than 4G!

We currently cover 100 UK towns and cities, with plenty more locations to come in the near future! You can use our coverage checker to see where we plan to extend our 5G network to in the next three months.

If you’re struggling with poor signal at home, you should take a look at Wi-Fi calling. It allows you to text and call completely through a Wi-Fi connection, rather than relying on a mobile network signal.

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