Data Roaming Abroad: What You Need To Know

Using your mobile phone abroad used to be a daunting and expensive prospect. However, things have changed and finally, the odds are in your favour

Last updated: 17th Oct 2018 at 2:11pm

Roam Like At Home

Since June 2017, new EU Regulations have been implemented, delivering the “Roam Like at Home” promise. In its most simple terms, when you are roaming within the EU, then you will pay the same price you would at home for calls, text messages and data.

If you have a bundle with calls, text and data allowance, then this will be used to cover your usage, ensuring that you don’t end up out of pocket. If you have a bundle with unlimited calls and unlimited text messages, then you will be able to call and text home to your heart’s content – but it’s still worth checking with your provider first!

When it comes to using the internet (data), there will often be a spend limit to protect you and the operator from excessive costs. The operator must notify you if you are nearing the fair usage spend limit and if there will be charges for going over the limit. Don’t worry - if you’re on Asda Mobile, we will let you know when you’re nearing the spend limit – find out more down below.

What is data roaming?

The term “data roaming” refers to any time you’re using your mobile network’s data to access the internet - as opposed to using Wi-Fi. It’s usually indicated in the top-left corner of your screen with a 3G or 4G symbol, just like Wi-Fi is indicated with its own symbol.

Your phone uses data to receive and send information, like when you’re uploading images to Instagram (so you’re sending information) or when you’re listening to your favourite Spotify playlist (downloading information). The data comes out of your allowance as normal - you can read about data usage here to find out which activities use the most data.

Data roaming abroad is where it gets tricky - read on to find out if you may face added costs depending on your holiday location.

Using your phone abroad with Asda Mobile

With Asda Mobile, you can use your bundle in 48 European countries at no extra cost! You can use your regular bundle to make and receive calls, send and receive text messages and use the internet. If you don’t have a bundle, you will simply pay the same call, text and data rates as if you were in the UK. With Pay As You Go, you cannot spend more money than you have pre-loaded onto your phone.

We don’t want you to get stung with a huge data bill when you’re out of the country and therefore we put a spend limit on your account of £40. But don’t worry - we will let you know when you have used 80% (£32) of this limit. We will also let you know when you have reached 100% of this too.

If you know that you’re going to be away and using more data than normal. then all you need to do is call 2732 and speak to an agent who can remove this spend limit meaning you can roam to your heart's content. Don’t worry though, you can only ever spend what’s in your Asda mobile account.

You can check your balance in the usual way (simply text ‘BAL’ to 2732 from your Asda Mobile phone) or by calling +447953 96 2732. If you wish to top up while you are abroad, then you will need to register your credit or debit card before you go away. Once you have done this, you can simply dial 2732 or call +447953 96 2732, in order to top up.

To call back to the UK, you should use the prefix +44 or 0044 and drop the first zero from the mobile or landline number that you wish to call. For example, 07911 111111 will become +447911 111111.

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