Best phones for under £100

Buying a smartphone doesn’t have to break the bank - in fact, it doesn’t even have to break £100! We have a list of great phones for £100 or less, proving that you don’t need to use up all your savings on buying your next device. 

Last updated: 26th Apr 2021 at 5:20pm

Of course, these phones aren’t brand new and won’t have all of the tech-savvy features of the most recent models, but they’re affordable and do everything we ask of our phones. 

If your budget is slightly higher, why not browse our list of the best phones for under £200?

Explore our top recommendations for £100 or less phones below, and see if any of these models could be your next pick. You could be surprised by what you find. 


Xiaomi are a popular manufacturing company founded in 2010. They are known for producing impressive phones with long-lasting battery lives that are a step below the high-end pricing of similar models. You can grab an Xiaomi model for an average of £600, but they do have some budget-friendly options. 

Xiaomi Redmi 9AT

Released in September 2020, this Xiaomi model can be purchased for around £70. With an edge-to-edge display and a smooth, thin design, this phone is not only aesthetically pleasing, but also features a range of impressive features that make you wonder how it can be below £100. 


Operating on Android 10, the second-newest OS - this guarantees speed and efficiency - as well as functionable on the MIUI 12 system

6.53 inch screen - this is a fairly large screen, ideal for gaming and watching films

Compatible with a Nano SIM, the smallest and newest size SIM used in most modern smartphones nowadays

Has a microSD slot for the option to expand the 32GB storage capacity

Has Bluetooth 5.0 and a 3.5mm headphone jack for wired or wireless audio

Huge 5,000mAh battery life suitable for downloading and streaming content without the need to charge immediately afterwards


Only has two cameras in total - 13MP on the rear, and 5MP on the front, which might not be ideal for photography fanatics

Internal 32GB of storage is quite small compared to many other phones, and would probably not be enough without buying a microSD card

Non-removable battery so will most likely have to go to an Xiaomi manufacturer if you encounter any problems

Only available in three colours, all on a similar palette: Carbon Gray, Sky Blue, and Ocean Green


Motorola is one of the oldest manufacturing companies in the world, founded in 1928. They invented the first mobile phone, as well as the first clamshell “flip” phone of the 2000s, which eventually led to the production of foldable phones. 

Motorola Moto E7

Released in December 2020, this Motorola device has a lot on offer for the small price of £99. If you want a great all-rounder without sacrificing your budget, take a look at the best features on the Moto E7. 


Large 6.5 inch screen size with 720 x 1600 pixels, which is big and clear enough for most users to appreciate

Compatible with a Nano SIM, the smallest and newest size in most modern smartphones

Build of the phone has a water-repellent coating to protect against water damage

Operating on Android 10, the second-newest version of Android’s operating system

Includes a built-in microSD card slot to expand the 32GB or 64GB storage options, if necessary

48MP dual camera on the rear, which will produce high-quality images

Has Bluetooth 5.0 and a 3.5mm headphone jack for options on playing audio aloud or in-ear

Fingerprint sensor on the rear to unlock phone

Big 4,000mAh battery life, capable of lasting most users the majority of the day, if not longer 


5MP selfie camera isn’t as strong as some other phones

Non-removable battery, as is becoming quite common on smartphones nowadays 

Got a little bit more budget? For a few hundred pounds more you could grab the revamped Motorola Razr V4!


For some of the most affordable and user-friendly phones on the market, Doro - founded in 2000 - is your go-to manufacturer. Their phones include simple interfaces and senior-friendly features, most suitable for minimal users and those looking for a device predominantly for texting and calling. 

Doro 1360

A 2017 release, the Doro 1360 can be purchased from Asda mobile for just £20. Despite the super cheap price tag, this phone still has a lot to offer for older or less techy users. 


Small and lightweight, making it easily portable and simple to hold

Large buttons to help those with dexterity struggles navigate the screen and type more easily

Has up to 300 hours of standby and eight hours of talk time

Installed with multiple helpful features, such as an Assistance button and In Case of Emergency (ICE) medical details

Headphone socket is included for people who want to listen to music or the radio

The 1360 can be fitted with a dual SIM (two micro SIMs)


2.4 inch screen may be too small for some users with visual impairments

0.08MP rear camera is very poor, so this phone isn’t suitable for people who like to take photos

2G connectivity only, so cannot reliably access the internet when not connected to a router

Not compatible with hearing aids, but loud speaker can reach 83 decibels 

For an even more in-depth description of the 1360, check out our review. And if you know a Doro phone is for you, we’ve got a whole list of others for you to check out.

Doro 6040

A December 2019 release, the Doro 6040 is another flip-phone bringing back the nostalgia of the 2000s. The 6040 is probably more suited to older phone users due to its accessibility features. You can get this model for £55. 


Lightweight for people who like to be able to tuck their phone away and transport it around easily 

Comes with the assistance button that users can press to alert specific contacts if they’re in need of help (also linked to GPS location services)

Built-in ICE (In Case of Emergency) details are accessible from the front screen for medical staff to easily and quickly access

Compatible with hearing aids 

Has Bluetooth 3.0 for wireless listening to music, podcasts, or the radio

Comes in Black or Red


2.8-inch screen may not be large enough for some people with visibility or motor impairments 

Cameras have quite low megapixels - 2MP and 3MP - so probably aren’t ideal for taking the best pictures 

No video recording available

Only has 2G connectivity so internet outside of Wi-Fi will be relatively poor


Alcatel have been distributing phones for decades. Also known as TCL Communication, Alcatel make affordable Android models that are simple and user-friendly.

Alcatel U5

Released in early 2017, the Alcatel U5 is a budget phone packed full of features. You can purchase an unlocked 3G Alcatel U5 from Asda mobile for just £65! Due to its smaller memory, this phone would be best suited to someone on the hunt for a cheap and easy phone, without all of the fancy embezzlements of the newest smartphone. 


Pocket-friendly size

Cameras, though poor, come with a bunch of fun technology from panoramas, Night Mode, Burst photos, Video stabilisation, and Time-lapsing, as well as facial filters

Features a microSD card so you can expand the storage/memory

Comes pre-installed with a number of popular Android apps, like Google Maps, Chrome, YouTube, and Gmail

The Phone Guard app on the U5 has a virus scanner, performance boost feature, and battery saver to help the processor run more smoothly

2,050mAh battery gives you 10 hours of talk time before needing to be recharged

Battery is removable so you can swap it if you’re experiencing problems

Bluetooth 4.2 and 3.5mm headphone jack 

Compatible with 4G 


Only two cameras with low megapixels: 5MP rear and 2MP selfie

Only has 8GB of internal memory

Weighs 168g, which is slightly heavy for a phone with a 5-inch screen

For more information on the Alcatel U5, check out our review.

Alcatel 1C

If the U5 isn’t the right Alcatel phone for you, then you might want to look at the 1C. Released in early 2019, the 1C is another simple and affordable phone, best for minimal users or text-and-talk only. You can get this model for £50.


Has a microSD card slot to improve on the small storage (8GB)

5-inch screen is a handy, pocket-sized device that will be easy to hold and carry for most users

Bluetooth 4.2 and 3.5mm headphone jack for multiple listening methods

Comes in three varied colours: Enamel Blue, Blush Pink, and Volcano Black


Only two low megapixel cameras: 5MP rear and 2MP selfie

Operates on Android 8.1 Oreo (Go edition), which is quite an old OS

Battery is relatively small at 2,000mAh


Nokia is one of the longest-standing manufacturers, founded in 1865. It dominated the 2000s with the 3310 and its iconic flip phones, but recently they’ve strayed away from nostalgia in favour of more rectangular high-end smartphones. 

Nokia 2.4

The Nokia 2.4 can be purchased from Asda mobile for £95. It offers a range of impressive features, with a big screen, huge storage capacity, large battery, and more - all for just shy of £100!


Has a 6.5 inch screen, which is perfect for film lovers and gamers

Huge 4,500mAh battery life, which is comparable to many smartphones that are on the market for closer to £1000

512GB storage capacity, which is more than enough for the vast majority of users to download and stream everything they need

Operates on Android 10

Bluetooth 5.0 and 3.5mm headphone jack are included for wired and wireless listening

Compatible with 4G 


Processor is not as well-known as the Octa-Core and Qualcomm Snapdragon ones - the MediaTek Helio P22, so might not run as quickly as a Snapdragon CPU

Room for improvement on the 13MP and 2MP rear cameras, as well as the 5MP front camera

If you love this brand, check out our list of the best Nokia phones you can buy. 


Oppo was founded in 2004, so it’s a relatively new brand in comparison to some of the other older establishments on the list. Since their creation, they have strived to appeal to young consumers with their modern design and cameras.

Oppo A5

The Oppo A5, released at the end of 2019, is offering a lot for its very affordable price tag of £100. Its design is more premium than some before it, with minimal bezels (the border between the edge of the screen and the end of the device), and a bunch of high-tech features. 


Large 6.5 inch screen with 720 x 1600 pixel resolution for a clear and vivid viewing experience

Whopping 5,000mAh battery life, capable of lasting for several days

Quad (four) cameras on the rear: 12MP, 8MP, 2MP, 2MP, and an 8MP on the front. You can also record video in 4K

Dual Nano-SIM

Has a Qualcomm Snapdragon 665 chipset for speedy functioning

Has a microSD card slot to expand on the maximum 128GB storage, if needed

Bluetooth 5.0 and a 3.5mm headphone jack, as well as loud speakers

Compatible with 4G


Operates on Android 9, a good few updates off of the current Android 11 OS, which could affect its overall speed or efficiency

Only available in two colours: Mirror Black or Dazzling White 


Hammer is a unique phone manufacturer. They were founded in 2014 and focus on designing “rugged”, strong, durable phones. They stray from the thin, sleek appearance of most smartphones in favour of a rougher appearance. 

Hammer 5 Smart

This 2019 release can cost between £60 - £90. It’s split between a screen at the top and buttons below, a vast difference to the modern era smartphones. But if you’re a fan of a more down-to-earth model, with easy grips embedded in its design, then you might want to take a look at what the Hammer 5 has to offer.


Compatible with 4G data

Strong and durable phone, which has been reinstated by a 1.2m drop test

Waterproof and dust-resistant with an IP rating of IP68, meaning it can withstand submersion in one to three metres of water for a maximum of thirty minutes

Decent 2,500mAh (removable) battery life that can provide up to 12 hours of talk time

Small phone at 13.7 x 6.16 x 1.78cm so easy to transport and hold

Includes built-in LTE, GPS, WhatsApp and Facebook applications

Bluetooth 4.2 and 2.5mm headphone jack


2.4 inch screen could be too small for many people, particularly individuals with visual difficulties

Poor camera quality at 2MP

Small 32GB storage may not be enough for some users

Functions on its own operating system, Kaoi, which some people may not like due to Android OS and iOS being more common

And there you are - a whole range of phones you can buy for £100 or less! These models go to show that you don’t always need to cash out on your next smartphone. Check out all of the other phones available at Asda.

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