How to make your phone battery last longer

Are you having to plug your phone on charge during the day? Find ways to make your battery last longer with the expert tips and tricks within this article.

Last updated: 24th Jan 2020 at 9:05am

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Mobile manufacturers are continuously improving their operating systems in order to enhance phone battery life. New systems have been put in places such as Android Public Beta (which limits application energy on apps you rarely use) and Qualcomm chips (more powerful but use less energy).

Unfortunately, even with these new developments, you're never going to get a week's use out of modern-day smartphones with their bigger brighter screens, 4G, streaming and powerful applications.

However, by following these tips and tricks you will be able to get more hours out of your smartphone battery.

Close Background Apps

Running more than one app at once is useful, but your phone will run out of battery quicker due to the use of multiple processors. Apps that keep updating in the background consume a great deal of energy, even when your screen is off. By killing the apps that you aren't using, you can significantly reduce your smartphones workload.

Apple iPhone: Go to Settings > General > Background App Refresh and tap the toggle switch. The toggle switch needs to be in the Off position.

Android: You can close open apps before you lock your phone to save power and you can do this by tapping Recent Apps and by then tapping the Bin Icon.

Turn Off Notifications

Every app you ever download will automatically search the internet for updates, new messages and other information. When there is a new update the app will notify you making your screen light up and your phone vibrates. If you have a lot of apps continuously updating your battery won't last long at all. Be sure you only turn off the notifications for non-important applications such as games, social media, Netflix and not on new text messages and missed calls.

Keep Your Phone Cool

Extreme temperatures are your mobile phone batteries worst enemy. This applies to both high and low temperatures. The ideal ambient temperature is between 16C and 22C. Temperatures that are higher than 35C will permanently lower the capacity of your battery. In extreme temperatures, a charge may not last as long, but this is a temporary issue and your battery will return back to normal as soon as the temperature stabilizes.

While you cannot lower the ambient temperature, you can make sure that you do not leave your phone in the sun. When the air temperature is hot and there is nothing that you can do about it, you should only charge your battery to 80% capacity and this should offer an extra level of protection.

Turn off Wifi and Bluetooth

There’s nothing better than using your phones Bluetooth to connect to your car radio, earphones or wireless stereo. But, when you leave this Bluetooth on constantly, your phone is actively listening for connection signals; using up energy. When you aren't in the car or have no need to connect to anything wirelessly, you should turn your Bluetooth off.

Just like Bluetooth, Wifi radio is also a serious battery drainer. It might be worth turning your Wifi on when you’re at home or in the office; instead of using all of your 4G data, but it is best to practise to turn this off when you have no need for it.

iOS device: Swipe up to open the Control Centre and turn on Wi-Fi and turn off Mobile Data. You can also do this by going to Settings > Wi-Fi.

Android: Swipe down to bring the toggle icons into view and tap Wi-Fi and Mobile Data to turn them on or off.

Adjust Your Screen Brightness

Our mobile phones have large colourful displays, more than anything else within your smartphone, the display will use the most battery life. The general rule is the brighter your screen is, the more power it is using.

The most convenient way to save your battery is to change your brightness options to auto. Once you have done this, your screen will change brightness depending on your environment. Whilst outside in bright daylight, the screen brightness will automatically increase, and when inside or in the dark, the screen brightness will decrease. As a bonus, you will find that you experience less eye strain when using your phone in the evening.

  • Apple iPhone: Tap Settings > Display & Brightness > Auto Brightness and set the toggle switch to On.
  • Android: Pull down the notifications and toggle icons into view. Tap Auto next to the brightness bar.

Use your Battery Saver

Depending on your phone, the manufacturer may have added additional power saving features called Battery Savers. Enabling Battery Saver Mode is a great way to save power. This mode might make changes such as; adjust brightness, stop notifications and turn off vibrate, bluetooth and Wifi, automatically making adjustments that will help you save power. Some phones even have ultra power saving modes that turn off everything except for calls and texts. Some devices will even cleverly turn your screen to black and white in order to add up to 24 hours of emergency use.

Apple iPhone: With iOS 9 or above tap Settings > Battery > Low Power Mode. If you choose not to do this, then your iPhone will prompt you to when the battery runs down to 20% and then 10% capacity.

Android: Tap Settings > Battery > Power Saving Mode or Settings > Battery > Ultra Power Saving Mode.

Stop using Vibration

For anyone who prefers having their phone on vibrate, we have some bad news for you; vibrate uses much more power than a ringtone does. A ringtone only has to use a small amount of power to produce sound. For vibration, a small motor has to rotate a small weight to make your whole phone shake; using up much more energy. If you are in work and don’t want to disturb people constantly, consider turning off notifications instead in order to save battery life.

Phones with Best Battery Life?

Leading the race with an impressive length of time is The Lenovo P2 with 28-hours of battery life, following in second place is the Huawei Mate 10 with 26 hours and third the Moto E5 Plus with 24 hours.The following models are close finalists with their great battery life:

  • Moto G7 Power – 26.22 hours
  • Samsung Galaxy A70 – 25.22 hours
  • Moto E5 Plus – 24.02 hours
  • Asus Zenfone 6 – 24 hours
  • Samsung Galaxy A3 - 23.25 hours



Unfortunately, Apple’s phones although great in many other ways, have never been top when it comes to battery life, and usually, Apple owners will require a power bank (portable charger) on lengthy journeys. 

However, the latest Apple release of the iPhone 11 and 11 Pro is offering an impressive 2-day battery like many other smartphone competitors. 

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