Removable vs Non-removable Batteries

Mobile devices are continuously evolving, and within recent years we have seen the evolution of non-removable batteries being incorporated into handsets. The days of replaceable batteries have now become a rarity in newer models. 

Last updated: 5th Dec 2019 at 3:54pm

Take a look at the big brands like Samsung and Apple, their most recent flagship models only offer non-removable batteries enclosed within the phone. Despite this major trend, having a user-removable battery has some great perks that might sway you towards a removable battery device even if it is slightly outdated.

The difference between batteries 

There is one significant difference between removable and replaceable batteries - you can easily replace the removable battery by sliding open the back panel on your phone. Whereas a non-removable battery is enclosed within the phone, meaning you can’t swap your battery at any point. 

Benefits of removable batteries - 

Quick Reset

If you find your phone freezing, you have the accessibility of taking your battery out and performing a ‘hard reset.’ It is this little trick that has been proven to solve most of the problems on smartphones.

Keep a spare battery

Having a spare battery to hand is extremely useful and more convenient than carrying a power bank. If your phone was to die, rather than waiting for the power bank to bring your phone back to life, you could simply pop your extra fully charged battery in and you’re good to go.

Easily Replaceable 

As time goes on, batteries start to deteriorate, and you might turn to looking for a new phone. Being able to replace your battery means that if your current one does die, you don’t need to buy a new handset - simply buy a new battery and you’re good to go. 

Benefits of non-removable batteries - 


If your phone gets stolen or goes missing, you can easily trace it as there will still be power to provide its location. As the battery is tightly sealed within the phone, it makes it harder for the thief to disable security or tracking features.


One of the most apparent benefits of non-removable batteries is how it looks much sleeker and high end. Rather than having a bulky phone due to the replaceable battery, manufacturers now design slimmer phones that are lightweight so that they fit perfectly in your pocket.

Less gaps

Due to the tightness of the design, less dirt and dust can find its way into the internal area of the phone. As it is difficult to get inside the phone, you aren’t able to tamper with delicate parts that could cause damage. 

Both removable and non-removable batteries have their advantages and now that we’ve compared the two, hopefully, you’ll know what is right for you when looking for your next handset. Bear in mind that if you’re looking for the latest smartphone, you’ll have limited replaceable battery options as mobile phones are no longer being produced with this feature. If you aren’t fussed on the battery, then you’ll find much more choice with non-replaceable smartphones. 

Regardless of what handset battery function you opt for, remember to look after your mobile’s battery life by not overcharging it!

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