Everything we know about the iPhone 12

Each year in Autumn, Apple launches their new selection of iPhones, and in 2020, they’re set to announce the iPhone 12. Here’s everything we know about this newest addition to the series. 

Last updated: 17th Nov 2020 at 9:04am

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As with Apple’s previous releases, we’re expecting four versions of the iPhone 12 to be announced: the iPhone 12, iPhone 12 Pro, iPhone 12 Max, and iPhone 12 Pro Max. These will all be slightly varied in size with different specifications on each; the Pro Max is expected to have the highest-end specs. 



Last year’s iPhone 11 set ranged from £700 - £1150, so the 12 will probably follow this pattern, though is expected to begin slightly higher in price. 

Expect costs between £800 and £1200 for the newest iPhone 12 range, as Apple will be raising their prices to match the upgraded specifications and hardware. 

Cost of materials for phones will also have an impact on their overall selling price, as new textures and technologies are being used year on year. For example, the use of glass has increased with Infinity Screens taking up a mobile’s entire front. 



According to the majority of sources, the four iPhones on offer will be released with these display sizes:

  • iPhone 12 - 5.4 inch display
  • iPhone 12 Max - 6.1 inch display
  • iPhone 12 Pro - 6.1 inch display
  • iPhone 12 Pro Max - 6.7 inch display

Though Apple definitely has a specific aesthetic that its models stick to, the 12 is rumoured to be shying away from that design, retreating back to the narrower appearances of the iPhone 4 and 5. So rather than the large, flatscreen-like phones that have been appearing in recent years, the iPhone 12 range might pay tribute to the smaller versions that came before. 

The edges may be more squared than rounded, another step away from the familiar design we all attribute to Apple phones. 

Something they are sticking with is the incredible thinness of their devices - with the iPhone 12 set to be around 7.4mm in width, compared to 8.1mm of the iPhone 11 Pro Max. 

Display Zoom is rumoured to be a feature that appears in this range, allowing users to change the size of the interface. This customisable option greatly increases accessibility and means you don’t have to worry about screen size so much. 

In terms of colours, iPhones typically debut in Silver, Gold, Black and Rose Gold, but the iPhone 12 range is rumoured to be available in blue and green hues as well. 



Cameras are one of the main features that improve between releases, with Triple Leica Cameras and Quad Cameras becoming more frequent additions to newer phones. 

The biggest change for the iPhone 12 (Pro and Pro Max, most likely), however, is likely to be an LiDAR scanner which is on the iPad Pro 2020. This type of scanner can adjust distances and depth for ultimate AR experiences. The more expensive models will probably feature four cameras, with an ultra wide, wide, and telephoto being included amongst them. 

This range may also feature a 3D camera, or another similar type of laser or sensor-powered camera. 

In terms of MP, many phones compete for the largest amount of megapixels for clear, crisp images. The newest iPhones probably won’t shy away from this either, with 64MP and 12MP cameras set to be featured in the device. This range should boast a number of camera features as well, like night vision and ultra zoom. 



Whilst 4G still dominates the marketplace, 5G has been making its debut across a number of new phones, like the Samsung Galaxy S10 and S20. 

It won’t come as a surprise to see Apple implementing this data technology into their new iPhone 12 range. After all, they need to keep up with competitors, and the demand will increase for faster and more efficient mobiles powered by 5G. 

If the iPhone 12 comes with 5G technology, the customer can expect a more powerful phone than ever before. 5G doesn’t just boost the speed of data; it also impacts the performance of the phone’s software due to the bionic chipset that comes with it. 



Apple has yet to match the super long battery lives of many Samsung devices, that peak at 4,500 and 5,000mAh. It doesn’t seem to be as important to them as a selling point. 

While last year’s models all sported battery lives within the 3,000mAh benchmark, a rumour claims that the iPhone 12 range might not match up to this. 

For charging, nothing will probably change (yet). The lightning cable port is used by recent Apple models, favoured over the USB-C port. However, a ruling by the EU may mean that all smartphones have to comply to use the same charging connectivity. There probably isn’t enough time for this to impact the iPhone 12, but the ruling could see future models switch to USB-C. 

Update: Apple surprised us with the (re)release of Apple Magsafe. Read our guide for this new wireless charging feature. 


iOS 14

iOS 14 is expected to launch officially at the same time as the iPhone 12. It will also probably be available as an update on existing iPhones. 

Expect new home widgets to personalise your home screen even more, alongside a new way of filing your apps. 

iOS 14 will also allow you to use some app features without having the app fully downloaded. This will be referred to as App Clips. 

For a full breakdown of what to expect with iOS14, take a look at MacRumors’ in-depth guide


Will it be worth it?

As with all new releases, it just depends on what you want from your phone. 

New phones can be exciting and tempting, especially with the way they market themselves, but if you’re happy with your current device, and everything is working fine, it might not be worth the money. 

Fancy something new that won’t break the bank? You can browse our online range of phones, as well as check out our list of the best Mobile phones available at Asda right now.

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