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Which Samsung Smartphone is right for you?

Samsung is one of the biggest names in the mobile world. Founded in 1938, Samsung has been the leading provider of Android devices for decades, solidifying itself as a prominent rival to Apple’s iPhone range. 

Last updated: 5th Oct 2020 at 12:16pm

With the mass of options available, it can be difficult to decide which Samsung phone is right for you. We’ve compiled a helpful list of the various features and benefits of different handsets, so you can find the perfect Samsung phone.

Samsung has been breaking mobile boundaries since the beginning, so regardless of what you want from your phone, you can be assured that this Android flagship has a mobile for you. 

Best Samsung overall | Large screen | Smallest screen | Most budget-friendly | Fast Samsung 

Best Samsung phone overall - Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra

Released not too long ago in August 2020, the Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra is the newest and largest phone on offer. This phone is so large it almost ventures into tablet territory, and with a super long battery life, high megapixel cameras, and lots of storage, this is the best phone Samsung has right now. 

Retailing at around £1170, the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra offers multiple features for a phone user to enjoy:

Size: 6.9 inches

Display: 120Hz

Processor: Snapdragon 865 Plus / Exynos 990


Rear: 108MP, 12MP, 12MP

Front: 10MP

Storage: 12GB, 128GB, 512GB

Battery: 5000mAh

One of the most impressive features on the Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra is the S Pen, which allows you to touch the screen with sensitive responsiveness. The latency has been reduced to 9ms, meaning it will drag and disrupt less on the screen. 

The camera also has a 50x zoom capability to capture beautiful landscapes with crystal clear imagery. The rear 12MP camera has a laser autofocus sensor to ensure photos are clear and stabilised. 

Though the price point is high, you’re paying for the most advanced technology Samsung has to offer. 

Large screen - Samsung Galaxy Note 10+

Released in August 2019, the Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ is the second largest smartphone, after the 20 Ultra. Retailing at £899, the Note 10+ has multiple features to provide users with a computer-like experience:

Size: 6.8 inches

Display: 60Hz

Processor: Snapdragon 855 / Exynos 9825


Rear: 12MP, 16MP, 12MP

Front: 10MP

Storage: 12GB, 256GB, 512GB

Battery: 4300mAh

The S Pen stylus sets this Note 10+ apart from other smartphones, allowing users to tap and swipe across the large amoled display screen with ease and sensitivity. 

It’s a fast and reliable performing Android phone, with a powerful processor and enough RAM to support any task. Its everlasting battery life and fast 25-watt charger means you won’t be rushing to plug it in every few hours. Check out our post to see more phones with the best battery life

And with its giant 6.9 screen, this phablet-like smartphone is a great option for large display lovers. 

Smallest screen - Samsung Galaxy S5 Mini

Released in 2014, the S5 Mini is Samsung’s smallest smartphone. Perfect for fans of the iPhone SE, 5, and below, the S5 Mini is good for people who like a compact, portable phone. 

Size: 4.5 inches

Display: 1.4GHz

Processor: Quad-Core


Rear: 8MP

Front: 2.1MP

Storage: 12GB / 16GB / 64GB

Battery: 2100mAh

This tiny phone will slide easily into any pocket or handbag as an accessible, travel-friendly handset. Though the small screen might be off-putting for some, others may enjoy the tinier display and lightweight device. 

Although the cameras and battery life aren’t as effective as others on this list, the S5 Mini only retails at around £200, making it a steal for anyone looking for an ultra-portable Samsung phone. 

If you’re concerned about the S5 Mini’s battery life, don’t worry, there’s plenty of ways to make your battery last longer.

Most budget-friendly - Samsung Galaxy J5

This 2015 phone retails at around £145, making it the cheapest Samsung phone on the market (that’s not refurbished or second-hand). 

Size: 5 inches

Display: 1.2Ghz

Processor: Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 410 chipset


Rear: 13MP

Front: 5MP

Storage: 8GB, 128GB 

Battery: 2600mAh

If you’re concerned about price, but still want a reliable Android handset, the J5 is a good option for you.

The display is bright and colourful, and the J5 is known to produce vivid photos, even in low light. Despite only having one rear camera, as opposed to the triple cameras on newer handsets, the J5 still takes good photos, and has expandable storage if you feel 8GB isn’t enough. Its battery life isn’t half bad too if you only plan to use your phone for a couple of hours a day.

If you’re looking for more cheap handsets, check out our post on the best phones for under £200.  

Fast Samsung - Samsung Galaxy S10

While the 20 Ultra is the fastest and newest Samsung, the Galaxy S10 is one of the most powerful Samsung handsets to date. Released in early 2019, the S10 can be found online for around £400-£500.

Size: 6.1 inches

Display: Infinity-O

Processor: Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 855


Rear: 12MP, 12MP, 16MP

Front: 8MP, 10MP

Storage: 128Gb, 512GB

Battery: 3400mAh

The Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 855 processor means that the S10 is a speedy and capable device. 

The 3400mAh battery can carry the phone for most of the day, but if it does run out of charge, the S10 is supported by Fast Wireless Charging 2.0. This means it will charge a lot faster than older devices which don’t have this feature.  

The biggest and most impressive feature of the Galaxy S10 is probably its 5G connectivity. This will make internet browsing, streaming, and downloading super fast in comparison to 3G and 4G enabled devices. 5G is around 10-20x faster than 4G. Of course, your network has to support 5G, as well as provide it in your area, but coverage is improving all the time.  

Final thoughts

Regardless of what you’re looking for from your Android device, any one of these Samsung phones would be a solid and reliable choice. 

For the best, newest release: Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra

For a large screen: Samsung Galaxy Note 10+

For the smallest screen: Samsung Galaxy S5 Mini

For the most budget-friendly: Samsung Galaxy J5

For a fast phone: Samsung Galaxy S10

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