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Mobile Phones with the Best Battery Life in 2023

Over the course of our life, we will spend around 34 years staring at our screens, with an average of two and a half hours on our smartphones each day. With so much time dedicated to browsing the internet, listening to music, watching films, and using apps, you probably want a smartphone with a big battery life. Check out our top recommendations for mobile phones with the best battery life in 2023 in the UK. 

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Why is a big battery helpful?

Whether you’re at home or travelling, it can be frustrating having to plug your phone in every few hours when the battery starts to drain. Though you have the option of carrying portable chargers with you to charge on the go, it would be more useful to have a smartphone with a battery that can last a whole day (or more!). 

How is battery life measured?

Before we dive into the best phones with the longest battery lives, it’s helpful to know exactly how battery life is measured in electronic devices. 

The longevity of a battery is measured in mAh (milliamp hour). The higher the mAh, the more power the battery can hold, and the longer it can last before needing to be recharged.

What affects battery longevity?

There are many factors that can alter the longevity of your battery, such as:

There’s plenty of tricks you can do to make your battery last longer. However, even if you do maintain your phone’s battery health, it will eventually decrease over time, as all electronics do. 

Phones with the best battery lives

Regardless of who your favourite smartphone manufacturer is, there’s plenty of choice of handsets with big battery capacities. If you’re looking for a phone that removes the worry of running to a plug socket or carrying wires with you while you’re out and about, consider one of the following devices.

Which phone has the biggest battery life? 

If you just want to know the best phone out there for battery life right now, then we recommend you choose the Samsung Galaxy M51, which features a whopping 7,000mAh battery! This size is capable of lasting for days on end, so is definitely your best bet if a huge battery is the most important factor for you. 


iPhone 13 Pro Max

Apple phones with the best batteries


Battery capacity

Additional information

iPhone 13 Pro Max


Released on September 24th 2021 for pre-orders, the iPhone 13 family is the latest range from Apple. The 13 Pro Max boasts the largest battery of any iPhone to date.

iPhone 11 Pro Max


Released in Autumn 2019, the 11 Pro Max holds the rank for second-largest iPhone battery, having only recently been surpassed by the new iPhone 13 series.

iPhone 12 Pro Max


Released in 2020, the 12 Pro Max is the joint- largest iPhone (alongside the new 13 Pro Max) with a 6.7 inch screen.

iPhone 13


Released in September 2021, the iPhone 13 is the original version of the newest range.

iPhone XS Max


From 2017, the XS Max is the largest of the iPhone 10 family with a display of 6.46 inches.

iPhone 11


The original 11 is the slightly smaller version of the much-loved 11 Pro Max.

iPhone 13 Pro


Oddly, the Pro has a smaller capacity than the iPhone 13, despite being the ‘Pro’ version

There are plenty more models to choose from, though the battery capacity starts going below 3,000mAh. 

iPhones aren’t necessarily known for having incredibly long-lasting batteries, but over the years, they have been surpassing the usual 2,000mAh in their models. Though they don’t reach the same heights as some Android manufacturers on this list, a 3,000mAh battery is plenty for the average user to last a day or over. 

Find the best iPhone for you from our ultimate recommendations list.


Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra

Samsung phones with the best batteries


Battery capacity

Additional information

Samsung Galaxy M51


Released in Autumn 2020, the M51 has one of the largest batteries of any smartphone to date.

Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G


Released in January 2021, the S21 Ultra 5G is the newest Samsung S21 model to date as of October 2021.

Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra


Launched in spring of 2020, the S20 Ultra boasts a huge battery capacity to rival its successor.

Samsung Galaxy S21+ 5G


Part of the 2021 releases, the S21+ 5G is only a fraction beneath the Ultra model.

Samsung Galaxy 

Note 20 Ultra


Released in August 2020, this model has a huge 6.9 inch display and powerful 8K recording to go along with its big battery.

Samsung Galaxy S21 5G


The last of the S21 5G series, this model still holds its own against other competitors, with impressive cameras and speed to match.

Samsung Galaxy A20


The Galaxy A series are not to be left out here, with the A20 and A51 sporting the same battery capacity.

As you can see, Samsung is a leading pioneer in powerful batteries, with many of their models boasting 4,000+mAh that could last users days without recharging. However, high-tech phones aren’t cheap, and these are no exception, with many of the Samsung phones on sale for excess of £1,000.

Find out if a Samsung smartphone is right for you

Huawei phones with the best batteries


Battery capacity

Additional information

Huawei Enjoy 20 SE


One of the newest Huawei phones to date, the Enjoy 20 SE has the joint-largest battery of all the models (as of October 2021).

Huawei Honor X10 Max


A July 2020 release, this model is joint winner in having the largest capacity on a Huawei phone thus far.

Huawei Mate XS


This tablet-size phone was released in February 2020, and has a huge 8-inch display, perfect for watching and streaming video content.

Huawei Mate40 Pro


Released at the end of 2020, this model has a speedy processor and impressive camera technology.

Huawei P30 Pro and P40 Pro


Both of these models share the same battery capacity, with just 0.11 inches between them in display sizes (6.47 and 6.58, respectively).

Huawei P40 Lite 5G


This 5G-enabled phone is ideal for someone who is searching for a big battery to keep up with their mobile data usage.

If you’re interested in a Huawei phone, you should just know that due to a US trade ban, all Huawei phones lack Google integrations.

Browse our top recommendations.


Xiaomi Redmi Note 10 Pro

Xiaomi phones with the best batteries


Battery capacity

Additional information

Mi Max 3


This summer 2018 release is older than many others on the list, but holds the title of one of the largest battery capacities amongst the brands, with a huge 6.9 inch screen to compete.

Mi Note 10 Pro


Another 2019 phone, the Mi Note 10 Pro has a massive battery to go with its high-resolution 108MP main camera and incredible affordability.

Redmi Note 9 / 9 Pro


The Note 9, and its upgraded sibling, were both released in summer 2020, and share the same impressive battery size.

Xiaomi 11T Pro


This September 2021 model is the newest release from Xiaomi as of October 2021, with a 5,000mAh battery that claims to last for 16 hours.

Mi 10T Pro 5G


A predecessor to the 11T Pro, the 10T Pro was released in October 2020 alongside the whole 10T range.

Xiaomi Mi 10


Released in February 2020, the Mi 10 doesn’t lack anything despite having a slightly smaller battery capacity.

Xiaomi are well-known for producing high-end, yet affordable, smartphones with huge battery capacities and equally large displays and cameras. For a slightly cheaper high-end phone, Xiaomi is one of your best bets.

If you’re interested in this brand, check out our guide on the best Xiaomi phones available right now.

Google phones with the best batteries


Battery capacity

Additional information

Google Pixel 5a 5G


The 5a 5G is the newest release from Google as of October 2021, so comes with all the best specs and features so far, including the biggest battery.

Google Pixel 5


Released in September 2020, the Pixel 5 is the predecessor to the newest 5a, with the second-largest battery life on a Google model.

Google Pixel 4a with 5G


Hopping on the 5G bandwagon is this 2020 release, with the added benefits of an IP68 waterproof rating, Qi-compatible wireless charging, and Bluetooth 5.0.

Google Pixel 4XL


Though belonging to the Pixel 4 range, this model was released in 2019 alongside the Pixel 3 family.

Google Pixel 3a XL


The 3a XL is the bigger phone of the two in the Pixel 3 range.

Read more about the specs on the best Google phones if you’re a fan of this Android pioneer. 


Alcatel 1S

Alcatel phones with the best batteries


Battery capacity

Additional information

Alcatel 5X


This January 2021 release holds the title for the joint-biggest battery from this brand (as of October 2021) with quad rear cameras, 4GB RAM, and a 6.52 inch display.

Alcatel 3X


Released in 2020, this 5,000mAh battery phone shares many of its specs with the 5X, including a 6.52 inch screen, rear quad camera, and Bluetooth 5.0.

Alcatel 3L 2021


This April 2021 model is the newest Alcatel phone, as of October 2021.

Alcatel 1S


Released in March 2021, the 1S has many of the same specs as the 3L, except this model has a more portable 5.5 inch screen, rather than the 3L’s 6.22 inches.

Alcatel 3C


This phone has a 6.7 inch display for avid gamers and watchers, and though it’s an older model (2018), its battery is still reliable if you’re on the lookout for a more affordable Alcatel phone.

Alcatel phones are famous for their affordability, which makes them an incredible choice if you’re looking for something budget-friendly with a decent battery. 

If you want to learn more about Alcatel and its phones, check out our top recommendations guide.


Motorola G100

Motorola phones with the best batteries


Battery capacity

Additional information

Moto G9 Power


The Moto G Power range has some of the largest batteries, and this G9 Power model holds the ranking for the largest of them all so far.

Motorola Moto G100


Released in April 2021, this huge 6.7 inch display phone also comes with a large battery, speedy Snapdragon processor, quad rear cameras, and Bluetooth 5.1.

Motorola G50


An affordable 2021 release, the G50 boasts 5G speeds, a 6.5 inch HD display, and one of the biggest battery capacities in modern smartphones to date.

Motorola G30


Similar to its successor, the 2021 G30 has quad rear cameras, a 6.5 inch display, and a big battery.

Moto G8 Power


Released a few months earlier than the G9 in 2020, the G8 is an affordable Motorola model that doesn’t skip the high-end technology.

Moto G7 Power


Launched a year earlier than the G8, this 2019 model shares the same battery capacity as its predecessors.

Motorola Edge Plus


A May 2020 release, the Edge Plus has 5G compatibility, an impressive 108MP camera, and a huge screen for avid gamers and film fanatics.

Motorola Edge


The original Edge isn’t too far behind its successor when it comes to battery capacity, making it a strong choice for anyone who isn’t determined on getting the newest model on the market.

Motorola has a long history of manufacturing and developing smartphone technology. These phones make no sacrifices on intelligent software, powerful hardware, and high-end features - all with a reasonable price tag. 

Could a Motorola phone be your next choice? Explore your options on our  online shop

OnePlus phones with the best batteries


Battery capacity

Additional information

OnePlus 9 Pro


A March 2021 release, this 6.7 inch display also comes with some of the newest and fastest technology.

OnePlus 9


The 9 is similar to the 9 Pro in many ways, including its speedy processor, battery size, audio capabilities, and more.

OnePlus Nord 2 5G


One of the newest OnePlus releases, this July 2021 model has a big battery, Bluetooth 5.2, and triple rear cameras.

OnePlus 8 Pro


Launched in April 2020 with the rest of the OnePlus 8 family, the Pro has the biggest capacity of its range.

OnePlus 8


Just slightly under the Pro, the OnePlus 8 original model sports a 4,300mAh along with a host of impressive specs.

OnePlus 7 Pro


This 2019 model is offered at a slightly cheaper price compared to its successors.

Over the years, OnePlus batteries have remained relatively consistent, making it a reliable brand if you need a phone that can last a day or more (depending on usage).

Oppo phones with the best batteries


Battery capacity

Additional information



The A54 is one of the newest and biggest battery OPPO phone to date.

OPPO Find X3 Pro


Released in March 2021, the Find X3 Pro is part of the impressive Find series. As well as a reliable battery capacity and intelligent charging technology, this model also has a host of impressive, high-res cameras for the budding photographer.

OPPO Find X2 Pro


Released a year prior in March 2020, this Find model has a 6.7 inch screen, Snapdragon processor, and triple rear camera.



Launched at the tail end of 2019, the A5 can still rival many of the bigger brands on this list.

OPPO Reno4 Pro 5G


Released in June 2020, the Reno4 Pro is a reliable choice for a slightly more affordable, yet high-end, OPPO phone.

Though arguably a slightly lesser-known brand, OPPO are still ahead of the game with their price, features, and battery sizes. They’re a great option for users who want good cameras, big screens, and long-lasting batteries.


Nokia XR20

Nokia phones with the best batteries


Battery capacity

Additional information

Nokia XR20


The newest Nokia release (as of October 2021) is the XR20, released in August. Along with its great battery life is a 6.7 inch display, dual rear camera, and multiple charging technologies.

Nokia 2.4 


This September 2020 release has one of the largest batteries from the brand, and can be purchased for just under £100.

Nokia 5.4


Released in December 2020, the 5.4 is a large phone with a quad rear camera, big storage capabilities, and multiple audio playback options.

Nokia 3.4


Similarly, the 3.4, released in Autumn 2020, has a 4,000mAh battery, 6.39 inch display, triple rear camera, and many other fun features for phone users to enjoy.

Nokia is the nostalgic blast from the past, who now create a mixture of classic and high-end models, all with affordable price tags!

See what else Nokia has to offer in our guide.

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