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7 top money saving apps available in 2020

Money - something the world seems to revolve around. Saving money is a useful hack we could all learn. It can be hard to set aside a budget and make sure you stick to it, but it’s a necessary practice that helps us save up for those little pleasures in life.

Below, we have compiled a list of some of the best apps you can use to help you save money. You’ll be able to afford that new car in no time!


Money Dashboard

This app answers the biggest mystery for many of us! For anyone who swears that they have no idea where their wages actually go by the end of the month, this app is for you.

MoneyDashboard shows you where your money actually goes. The app will require read-only permission across your current accounts, credit cards and savings accounts. The Money Dashboard app uses the same type of security standards as banks so your data will stay safe and secure. 

Once you have set up the app you will be able to see all your activity across your accounts. Transactions are sorted into categories, so you can see exactly where your money is going. You can set a budget and create savings goals too. Like mobile banking, but more detailed. 

The visual dashboard in the app breaks down all of your expenditures, so you can see where your money is going and set boundaries for each type of spending (for example, dining out, petrol, cinema tickets). The app will also notify you when you are going over your set limits, which helps you identify potential savings. 

Being able to view all of your transactions in this clear and direct way makes it easier to start budgeting. 

MoneyDashboard is available for Android and iOS devices and, best of all, it's completely free! So you won’t spend any money whilst also trying to figure out how to save it.




If you want to save money for a particular purchase or simply for a rainy day, Chip is the ideal app for you. This clever application uses artificial intelligence to study your spending habits and income. It uses this gained information to calculate how much money you can reasonably save to still afford your necessities.

The Chip app is able to work this out by linking to your bank account and tracking your expenditures.  Then every few days the app sends a certain amount of money to a savings account. The amount is what the app has calculated is affordable based on your account activity, so you don’t have to do any of the maths.

The savings account is a Barclays bank account, and you can earn 1% interest if you recommend the service to a friend (up to 5% interest).

Chip is available for free on Google Play and the iStore. The app currently works with Barclays, Co-operative Bank, First Direct, Halifax, HSBC, Lloyds, Nationwide, Natwest, Metro Bank, RBS, Santander and TSB accounts.



There are several voucher and discount apps out there that give you access to amazing deals on clothing and activities. VoucherCodes is one of the most popular apps for this. Once you have downloaded it, you will have access to thousands of deals on everything from fashion to days out. If you are looking to buy something online or in store, you can check the app before buying to see if a discount is available.

Couponing is an easy way of saving yourself some pounds. Simply check your vouchers for percentages off or deals that allow you to purchase something a little under the going retail price. Get the same thing as someone else, but for cheaper!

VoucherCodes provides discounts, 2 for 1 offers and special deals across many leading brands. You can browse by categories, brands or locations. When you find an offer you want to use, simply show the voucher on your phone at the till, or print it off if you prefer a physical copy.

VoucherCodes includes deals for many purposes, from restaurants and pubs, to theme parks and family days out. You can browse through your favourite categories and save offers to use later so you don’t lose them while searching. There is an alert feature that will notify you of new offers or discounts and deals near to your current location. Many of the offers on this app are exclusive to VoucherCodes so you get unbeatable value. 

The app can be downloaded to an Android or iOS device for free, so you can start saving pennies from the get-go.


Top Cashback

There are things that you will always need to spend money on, but now you can also earn money back on many of your purchases. Cashback sites give you access to deals and discounts as well as rewards for your spending. Many supermarkets reward their customers with discounts and deals like this, to encourage them to keep buying groceries from their store. One of the highest paying cashback sites is TopCashback. With this app you can get money back on purchases made in store and online.

The app has heaps of offers and rewards at over 4,000 stores, including big names such as Argos, Debenhams and eBay. You can browse through the categories and create a list of your favourite brands to get offer alerts. When you are ready to make a purchase, you simply buy through the app, which kickstarts the reward system. TopCashback will track your purchases and add cash to your account as a result.

One of the best features of the TopCashback app is the ‘Groceries’ offer. This will give you cashback on your supermarket shop. You simply go through the TopCashback app or site and complete your online food shopping as you normally would.

You can also earn more rewards for referring friends to the TopCashback service. The app is free to download and is available on Google Play and iStore.



How do you really know if the item you are about to buy is a good deal? By using a fantastic little app called PriceSpy.

This app works by comparing the different prices for a singular item you pick out, so you can find the best deal before purchasing. Simply scan the barcode of the product you’re interested in buying, and PriceSpy will “spy” the cheapest “price”.

PriceSpy is a reliable comparison source, as it will compare thousands of products across various retailers. The app will then let you know if you should buy the item in another shop or if you can get a better deal with an online retailer.

You can browse through the app categories to find a product you are considering buying if you do not have a barcode handy, and then you can see where you will get the best price. For the indecisive people out there, you can choose to monitor the price of an item instead of buying it straight away, and the app will notify you if or when a better offer becomes available. This makes it easier to be more conscious in your purchases, all while fetching the cheapest price, so you can save money on all your big, or little, buys.

The app also gives you access to product reviews, and allows you to compare products up against each other, so you can see how different brands and models stack up before making that big decision!

PriceSpy is a free app that can be used on either iOS or Android devices.



While Squirrel is the only app to feature on this list that isn’t completely free to use, it features a multitude of benefits that make the £3.99 per month price point a small sacrifice. 

Rated 4.9/5 on the Apple Store, the Squirrel app is basically your personal accountant. You’ll need to set up a Barclays account for the app, and your salary will need to be paid into this account so Squirrel can divide your earnings into three categories: commitments (bills/rent), savings, and spendings. 

Squirrel will then deposit money back into your current account that you regularly use when it is necessary - so just before an electricity bill is due, for example. This way, you are not needlessly spending money and risking not having enough for the important things. 

Then, the app allocates some of your paycheck for savings - according to the goals you set - and keeps these safely in a savings pot. Finally, it divides whatever is left into weekly allowances and transfers these into your current account at the start of each week.

This makes for a planned and conscientious method of saving, and spending, money. While it may seem stricter than some of the other apps, you can’t argue with its results! 

Squirrel is free to download on iOS and Android devices, but costs £3.99 per month to run.


Now, Treat Yourself!

It’s time to saving money for the long run! These are our best apps for saving money; each is designed to help you get the most out of your earnings. Whether you have a clear financial goal in mind or you simply want to bag a bargain, your smartphone can help. Be a savvy saver and find the best offers available all through your smartphone with these money apps.


Additional ways to save

Saving money doesn't start or end with apps! When next upgrading your handset, consider buying a budget phone instead of a top of the range device. You'd be surprised at how powerful and functional cheaper handsets can be. You could also be saving money in other areas of your life, from switching broadband provider to reducing electricity at home - take a look at our top money saving tips

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