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16 Best phones for under £200

Our phones have changed over the years from luxuries to absolute essentials for keeping in touch, entertaining ourselves, and staying updated with world affairs. 
But that doesn’t have to come at a high price. 

There's plenty of things to consider before buying a phone, but often it's the cost that's at the front of our minds!

If you’re on the lookout for a mobile phone that doesn’t break the bank, here are the best ones you can buy for under £200. 


Looking for something slightly cheaper? Discover the best phones for under £100. 




Samsung is one of the biggest smartphone brands in the world. They typically release more expensive models, so to have Samsung options in our under £200’s list is an absolute steal!

Samsung Galaxy A03S

Release date: August 2021

Price: £140

Samsung Galaxy A03S

Large 6.5 inch screen is ideal for gaming and watching videos, and with an Infinity-V display, you’ll feel completely immersed in the virtual world

Triple rear cameras: 13MP, 5MP, and 2MP, with a 5MP front camera and video recording capabilities means you can capture all your memories

Large 5,000mAh battery capacity with Adaptive Fast Charging to get you up and running again in no time

Store photos and videos with 32GB internal storage (with a memory card slot to expand)


Available on Android 11

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Samsung Galaxy A21s

Release date: May 2020

Price: £150

 6.5 inch Infinity-O display screen provides a clear and colourful screen

 Quad rear cameras (48MP, 8MP, 2MP, and 2MP) with a 13MP front camera for detailed photos, and video recording capabilities 

 5,000mAh battery is compatible with 15W Fast Charging technology so when your phone eventually drains, it’ll be back up and running in no time 

 Upgradeable to Android 11 for all the newest features and security measures

 MicroSD card slot allows you to expand internal memory up to 128GB

 Bluetooth 5.0 and 3.5mm headphone jack

Samsung Galaxy A12

Release date: November 2020

Price: £165 

Samsung Galaxy A12

 6.5 inch display screen

 Quad rear camera with 48MP, 5MP, 2MP, and 2MP, and an 8MP front camera with 1080p video recording 

 64GB internal storage with a memory card slot to expand up to a whopping 1TB (terabyte)

 Large and reliable 5,000mAh battery will last you days at a time with fair usage, and is compatible with 15W Fast Charging to get you back up to speed as quickly as possible 

 Upgradeable to Android 11

 Bluetooth 5.0 and 3.5mm headphone port



The fourth largest brand for phones worldwide, Xiaomi have a wide range of smartphones with big displays, impressive cameras, and long-lasting battery capacities. Check out our top pick for under £200.

Xiaomi Redmi Note 11

Release date: January 2022

Price: £197.99

Xiaomi Redmi Note 11

✔  Great specs from a reputable brand for less than £200

✔  Impressive 6.43 inch FHD+ AMOLED screen. With its 90Hz refresh rate and high pixel count, the Redmi Note 11 is brilliant for all activities

✔  For a budget phone, it has a super long lasting battery. With careful use, you could easily get a couple of days out of it. Supports 33W fast charging

✔  128GB internal storage

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Redmi 9AT

Release date: September 2020

Price: £98.99

Xiaomi Redmi 9AT

Sleek, immersive 6.53 inch display with low blue light to protect your eyes

13MP rear and 5MP front camera

Large 5,000mAh battery offers 34 days of standby time and several days of charge

4G compatible

Decent 32MP storage 

Upgradeable to Android 11, the most recent OS

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You may know TCL for their budget-friendly HD TVs, but they’ve actually been on the mobile market for years. They used to release phones under other brands, namely Alcatel and Blackberry, but in 2020 started selling under their own name. 

They focus on affordable, mid-range smartphones. If you’re trying to keep costs under £200, TCL could be a great fit. 


Release date: September 2021

Price: £180


✔  Beautiful 6.5 inch HD+ display

✔  Sleek, modern design

✔  Biometric fingerprint sensor for easy unlocking and extra security

✔  Massive 4500mAh battery that’ll last you all day

✔  64GB built-in storage

✔  5G compatible

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Release date: April 2021

Price: £179


✔  Huge 6.67 inch FHD+ Dotch display featuring NXTVSION and HDR enhancements

✔  Capture perfect moments with its 48MP AI quad-camera, including 2X lossless zoom

✔  Huge 5000mAh battery that’ll keep you going from dawn to dusk

✔  Dual speaker design for stereo, cinematic audio

✔  64GB built-in storage

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Interested in more from this brand? Check out our full TCL guide



Nokia were much loved in the early 2000s with the 3310, but they have since strayed from their famous design to adopt a more modern appearance. Check out the models below to see if one of these could be your next buy. 

Nokia G50

Release date: October 2021

Price: £197.99

Nokia G50

Huge 6.82 inch screen is perfect for watching videos, playing online games, and video-chatting with friends or family

Quad rear cameras (8MP, 48MP, 5MP, and 2MP) with an 8MP front camera allows for stable and colourful photography

64GB or 128GB internal storage options, large enough for the majority of users. A memory card slot is also available so the user can expand on their storage even more

Huge 5,000mAh battery for multiple days of usage without needing to be recharged

Bluetooth capability for attaching to other devices and playing audio wirelessly

5G compatible for speedy data connection

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Nokia G21

Release date: May 2021

Price: £135

Nokia G21

Large and clear HD+ 6.5 inch screen

Triple rear cameras (50MP, 2MP, and 2MP) with advanced AI imaging and a decent 8MP front camera 

64GB internal storage

Fingerprint and face unlocking

Huge 5,050mAh battery with USB-C charging port

Dual SIM compatible

4G compatible

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Nokia G10

Release date: April 2021


Large 6.5 inch display

Decent triple rear camera (13MP, 2MP, 2MP) with an 8MP front camera, all of which benefit from automatic image stabilisation to keep shots clear and balanced

Comes with a handy 32GB of internal storage, with a microSD card slot that allows for further expansion to store all your favourite apps, photos, and videos

Long-lasting 5,050mAh battery life means you can go longer without needing to charge your phone

Compatible with Bluetooth for wireless connectivity

Water resistant design

4G compatible



Motorola, the founders of the first flip phone, are a great choice for affordable phones that still offer many of the same features as bigger manufacturers. 

Motorola G50

Release date: August 2021


Motorola G50

Vivid and clear 6.5 inch display screen is ideal for watching and streaming visual content

Triple rear camera (48MP, 5MP, 2MP) with a strong main lens, and a useful 13MP front camera for clear selfies

Built-in 64MP internal storage, which may be enough for most users, but if not, you can upgrade your storage with a microSD card

Big 5,000mAh battery capacity could keep your smartphone alive for days

Water resistant rating

5G compatible

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Motorola G30

Release date: February 2021 

Price: £158.99 

Motorola G30

 6.5 inch screen

 Quad rear cameras: 64MP, 8MP, 2MP, and 2MP, with a 13MP front camera, and video recording at 1080p. Camera technology also features automatic image stabilisation so photos and videos will be blur-free

 5,000mAh battery

 Operates on Android 11, the most recent OS, so will be implemented with the newest bug fixes and security protocols 

 Comes with 128GB built-in storage and the option to expand using a microSD card if you need more

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Motorola G9 Power

Release date: November 2020

Price: £142

 Almost tablet-size 6.8 inch screen is ideal for streaming tv apps or games

 Triple rear camera - 64MP, 2MP, and 2MP, for super clear and detailed images with a 16MP selfie camera for stable and well-lit Instagram-worthy snaps. You can also record footage at 1080p

 Whopping 6,000mAh battery life, which is one of the largest capacities in a modern smartphone, lasting up to 60 hours on a single charge

 Has a large 128GB of built-in storage, which some users won’t need to manually expand on, particularly if they use backup cloud storage options

 Water-repellent design means there’s less chance of the device being damaged if you drop your phone in water



Alcatel offer some of the most affordable phones on the market, with most retailing between £20 - £150. These truly are budget-friendly phones, but their low price doesn’t mean you’re losing out on any great features! Check out our number one pick below £200. 

Alcatel 3L (2020)

Release date: May 2020

Price: £138.99 

Alcatel 3L (2020)

 Large 6.22 inch screen makes for an easy viewing experience and ideal for surfing the web. Discover other budget phones for internet browsing

 Features a 48MP rear camera, embedded with smart AI technology to stabilise and improve the quality of photos you take

 Big 4,000mAh battery offers over a day of average usage before needing to be recharged, perfect for long road trips or multiple hours without access to electricity 

 64GB built-in storage

 5G compatible



Doro is another reliable staple for budget-friendly phones that can be found for under both £200 and £100! If you’re looking for a cheap phone aimed more at older users with specialised features to aid those with visual or hearing impairments, this could be the brand for you. 

Doro 8100

Release date: 2022

Price: £199.00

Doro 8100

✔  Uses a unique Doro interface that’s based on Android, but designed  to make things easier, safer, and more intuitive for all

✔  Doro proudly focus on accessibility, and the 8100 is no different. It’s hearing aid compatible, and the Response by Doro assistance button allows you to alert family and friends with a single press

✔  Charging and video calls are easy thanks to its charging cradle (included in the box)

✔  Water resistant (IP54 rating) 

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A manufacturer of strong, durable, rugged phones with an edgier appearance than the typical sleekness of modern smartphones, Hammer should be on your watchlist if you need a device that’s capable of surviving harsher conditions. 

Hammer Energy 2

Release date: April 2020

Price: £178.99 

Hammer Energy

 Portable and pocket-friendly size with a 5.5 inch display screen

 IP68 waterproof rating means the device is protected against submersion up to one metre of water for a maximum of 30 minutes

 IK05 rating against drops from heights of 280mm

 13MP rear camera still allows you to use the phone for photos, with autofocus technology meaning you never miss your mark

 5,000mAh battery life will last all work day and more

 4G compatible

Buy from Asda mobile


And there you have it - all of our recommendations for the best mobile phones under £200. Some of the huge battery lives, storage options, and large screens go to show that you don’t always need to empty your wallet for a good and reliable smartphone. 

If your budget is a little higher, though, you may be interested in viewing some of our masterlists for the best of each brand:


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