A SIM only deal is perfect for those wanting a call, text and data plan without a mobile handset or a fixed term contract. You can pop an Asda Mobile multi SIM in to any unlocked handset. The advantages of a SIM only plan are:

  1. Total flexibility: you can use any unlocked handset you choose.
  2. Control your costs: there are no fixed monthly costs so you can cut back if your wallets feeling the pinch.
  3. No unexpected fees: If you change your mind there are no cancellation or exit fees.
  4. Upfront costs: you know exactly what you’re paying for and how much. See our mobile tariffs, roaming rates, and our bundle packages.
Order Your SIM
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Keep your current
unlocked handset

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Control and manage
your costs

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No cancellation
or exit fees

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Know eactly what
you’re paying for