Best Camera Phones in 2020: Our Top Picks

Photos are memories we can look back on as the years go by. We have always been obsessed with snapping a moment to freeze it forever, but we would prefer those life events we capture to look as good as possible. Here’s a list of the best camera phones out there today, so you can save crystal-clear memories that you’ll cherish forever. 

Last updated: 17th Aug 2020 at 9:48am

This information is correct as of 14/07/2020.

Apple iPhone 11 Pro | Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra 5G | Huawei P40 Pro | Google Pixel 4 XL | OnePlus 8 Pro 

Apple iPhone 11 Pro

  • Rear camera: Triple lens - Ultra Wide 12MP, Wide 12MP, Telephoto 12MP 
  • Front camera: 12MP

This late 2019 phone has a powerful camera setup, capable of taking crystal-clear photos with perfect colour balance and light-adjusted exposure. The ultra-wide lens on the back allows for greater travel landscapes, capturing 4x more than previous cameras in the series. HDR mode makes images look natural and unfiltered. 

Videos are also filmed in vivid 4K at 60fps, for smoother playback. Apple’s iOS 13 allows you to edit videos just the same as photos, by rotating, cropping, enhancing, and adding filters. 

For £1049 from Apple, this newer iPhone model may be the one for you. 

Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra 5G

  • Rear camera: Triple lens - 108MP Wide Angle, 12MP Ultra Wide, 48MP Telephoto
  • Front camera: 40MP

This Samsung Galaxy model has an impressive set of high megapixel cameras, which allow for crisp, sharp images. If you’re a photo fanatic, the ability to zoom up to 100x offers you the rare chance for amazing landscape pictures from far away - so you don’t have to compromise your safety for the best shot.

It films in 8K and its built-in AI system adjusts lighting and noise to minimise blur. 

For around £899 from Samsung, you might find this is your new favourite camera phone. 

Huawei P40 Pro

  • Rear camera: Triple lens - 50MP, 40MP Ultra Wide, 12MP Telephoto
  • Front camera: 32MP

Like most Huawei phones, the camera is its stand-out feature. The P40 is no different, with its high megapixel Leica cameras and built-in AI technology, you’ll be able to take beautiful, balanced shots. It works brilliantly day and night, close up or at a distance. All three Leica cameras function together for clear, bright and vivid pictures. 

It has a 30x maximum zoom, as well as 3x optical and 5x hybrid, to capture your photos from afar. And with 4K video, your shots will be clear as day. 

For around £549 from Huawei, it’s cheaper than some of the bigger brand handsets.

Google Pixel 4 XL

  • Rear camera: 12.2MP Wide Angle, 16MP Telephoto
  • Front camera: 8MP

Google phones have been trying to compete against Samsung to be the Android flagship brand. Developing high-quality cameras is just one of the ways they’re trying to pinch the top-spot.

The 4 XL is an upgrade from its predecessor, the Pixel 3. The telephoto addition on this model allows for 2x optical zoom. However, it’s the Astro Mode that sets this phone apart. By holding the camera shutter open for longer, it can capture immense detail from the scene in front of you. 

It also supports 4K recording, for high-quality videos. 

You can buy this Google model for £659. 

OnePlus 8 Pro

  • Rear camera: Quad lens - 48MP Main, 8MP Telephoto, 48MP Ultra-Wide, 5MP Colour Filter
  • Front camera: 16MP

This OnePlus model boasts many camera features, such as an IMX 689 Sensor which provides detailed images in high resolution, a Colour Filter Camera for distorted pictures, and pet tracking to keep your dog’s or cat’s face sharp while they are running around. Images are well-lit, clear, free from glare, and adjusted for the prettiest tones and hues. 

You can also film videos with vibrant colour and detail at 120fps. The HDR boost balances shadow and lighting for the perfect viewing experience. 

It retails for £799 from the OnePlus store. 

So whether you’re looking to take a selfie of your family, or a picture of a vast landscape, you can find the best camera phone for you. We offer amazing SIM only deals to go with your new mobile.

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