Top Food Delivery and Takeaway Apps

It’s Saturday night, you’re catching up on your favourite TV shows, the fridge is bare and you’re in your pyjamas. Gone are the days where you rummage through the house for the old curry house leaflets. What mobile apps can assist you in ordering the food your heart desires, delivered straight to your door?

Last updated: 22nd Jan 2019 at 9:55am

About Food Delivery

The food delivery market worldwide is booming, over the past decade the takeaway delivery market has seen a 73% increase (The NPD Group, 2018). This rapid escalation has encouraged the introduction of online ordering systems via mobile apps. These apps enable you to filter through a variety of cuisines in your local area, make real time orders, track delivery and let you pay using multiple payment methods.

Just Eat - The Standard Takeaway App

Just Eat is the world leader in online food ordering providing customers with easy and secure ways to order and pay for fast food. They work with over 29,000 restaurants and serve over 100 different types of cuisine such as pizza, sushi, burgers and fried chicken. Just Eat specialise in the standard takeaway. They recently purchased their nemesis Hungryhouse to become the biggest takeaway provider in the UK. The website and app enable customers to review the restaurants, meaning you can read about the quality of you food before ordering!

Just Eat also do special promotions such as 10-25% off food at selective restaurants. Just Eat wants you to ‘Find Your Flavour’ you can do just that by downloading their app from the Apple Store or Google Play!

Deliveroo - Your Favourite Restaurant At Home App

Deliveroo brings your favourite restaurant meals to your front door. Unlike Just Eat, Deliveroo delivers food from your favourite chain restaurants to your house. Deliveroo is fairly new and constantly hire riders that go around the cities on bikes or in cars delivering food. In 2016 this service was so popular it grew by over 650%; impressive! You can order from popular restaurants such as Wagamama’s, Five Guys, Turtle Bay and Handmade Burger Co.

Just simply download the app from the Apple Store or Google Play and pop your postcode into the search bar to see what food is available to order in your area.

Uber Eats - The Speedy Delivery App

Uber Eats is new and delivers restaurant quality food across the UK until midnight seven days a week. There is no minimum order with this one! Uber Eats offer options such as MacDonald’s, Big Johns and Krispy Kreme. They don’t offer as many choices as Deliveroo, but they are growing fast and claim to deliver at ‘Uber’ speed! If you want exciting food at your door instantaneously this is the food ordering app for you.

Food Apps For London Folks

The biggest city in the UK gets to trial all the latest food services apps before the rest of the UK. If you are living in and around London you should definitely give these a try:

FEAST London - The 24/7 Food App

London’s late night food delivery service offers to deliver food 24-hours a day. They don’t just advertise food though there is a range of gym passes, spa services and flower delivery! Fancy! This service offers delivery from both high end and chain restaurants within London. There is a high minimum order price of £12.50, but don’t let this put you off because there is a wide variety of different restaurants to try; such as Dozo Sushi and Ciro’s Pizza Pomodoro. Check FEAST London out here!

Amazon Restaurants - Another Reason to go Prime

Another option for London based foodies is Amazon Restaurants. Set up in 2016 these new kids on the block claim to deliver super-fast food to their valued Amazon Prime Members.

Yes, Amazon Prime, the service that gives you access to free video, free music, free kindle’s and free delivery now gives Londoners the chance to order their favourite food for a discounted delivery fee of £1.99!

Amazon restaurants have a minimum order of £10. Do we need any more justifications to sign up to Amazon Prime? Some of the most popular places to order food on this service are japanese restaurant Fuji and burger giant Five Guys. 

To order simply go to Amazon Restaurants and type in your London based postcode.

Henchman - The Luxurious Concierge App

Last but not least is Henchman - the luxury concierge app. This service is only available to invited members and is an app that enables you to order absolutely anything! Whether it’s last minute gifts, alcohol, concert tickets, emergency dry cleaning or an oriental lunch! Orders can be made through the app or online between 8am and midnight, or until 1am on Friday and Saturday nights.

To download the app visit the Henchman Concierge website

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