Best 6 Apps for Job Searching

As the pandemic continues, job security is on everyone’s minds. Companies all over the world are opening up their doors for remote help and there’s a range of new opportunities starting to appear on the market, but it can be tough to know where best to look. We’ve compiled a handy list of the best job searching apps to help you find something in these difficult times. 

Last updated: 10th Nov 2020 at 9:03am

LinkedIn | Indeed | Reed | Totaljobs | Glassdoor | Remotely




LinkedIn is one of the most popular sites for job seekers, with 77% of employers using it to find prospective candidates. Not only is it useful for searching for jobs, but it also aids people in building a network of connections, interacting with companies, and keeping up-to-date with what employees are up to around the world. 

Using the ‘Job’ tab, you can search for a role or company, and filter it by location. LinkedIn also encourages you to follow steps to complete your profile so prospective employers gain the most from looking at your page. 

You can mark yourself as “open to job opportunities” on your profile, so that companies can email you directly if they’re interested. You can also set up job-search alerts so you receive notifications about the most recent new posts in your field - perfect to avoid missing that next opportunity!

Essentially a social media platform for job seekers, you can send messages, write and respond to posts, update your profile with your previous experience, goals, qualifications, and relevant awards or publications, and start getting to know more about the people you want to work with. 




Indeed is one of the most well-known job searching sites, offering thousands of jobs to over 250 million people. With over 60 countries and 28 languages covered in their search engine, you can browse more than 16 million jobs. 

You can search as a guest, but if you want to save and apply to jobs, you’ll need to sign up. Once you’ve registered, you can create an Indeed CV or upload your own. If you choose to create an Indeed CV, it is automatically sent when you apply for a job. It is also easily visible to employers that land on your profile. 

The search bar allows you to search for jobs in specific areas, with targeted titles such as “Writer”, “Accountant”, “Builder”, and role types from permanent and temporary, to full-time, part-time, contract, freelance and internship. 

To keep you in the loop, Indeed can send you emails with specific jobs you’re interested in as they’re added to the site, so you’ll never miss a chance to apply. 




Reed’s catchphrase “That’s how it feels to love Mondays” has motivated over 1 million people to use its platform to find jobs. With the app, you can choose to browse through your searched jobs in stack view (so you can view one at a time and swipe right or left to save or dismiss), or list view. 

Enter the type of job you’re looking for, department, field, or specific role title, and the location (however vague) into the search bar to start looking. There are 42 sectors to choose from, and 5,000 new jobs added daily, so you won’t keep running into the same advertisements. 

Receive notifications and recommendations for jobs you like near you, as well as the latest vacancies. Upload your CV and start applying to find your next career. 




Choose to browse careers from over 40 sectors, filtered by location, date added, salary offering, and relevance to your interests. 

Use the in-app map function to keep jobs relevant to your local area, searching mile-by-mile radius so you have complete control over where you’re looking. Receive alerts and push notifications about new opportunities you could be ideal for, so even when you’re not on the app, you’re staying updated. 

Update your details to your profile and use a cloud-saved CV to apply for jobs from any device. 

With over 6 million people using Totaljobs to help them find their next career, you can join the community and start searching today.




Glassdoor allows you to check out the reviews for a company or job role before committing yourself to it. This extra level of insight is missing from some job apps, and could help you avoid signing a contract with a company you’ll end up hating. Glassdoor call this feature their ‘workplace transparency’, allowing jobseekers to review interview questions, browse office photos, check CEO approval ratings, and analyse salary reports. 

Another feature the Glassdoor app offers is the ‘Know Your Worth’ tool, which jobseekers can use to estimate the current pay they deserve, helpful for answering those “what are your salary expectations?” questions. You can also track how your market value has shifted over time with previous experience. 

Save and apply for jobs from your phone by uploading your CV and receive push notifications for new opportunities in your field of interest and location. 


Remotely Job


If you’re only looking for a remote job that you can undertake at home, then this is the app for you. Avoid hours of wasted time browsing through job listings with locations all around you, and use the Remotely Job app to find your home-based career. 

Search by job categories and type of work, all of which will allow you to work from wherever you want. Build your digital profile and connect with like-minded people wishing to avoid the office commute and 9-5 schedule. Directly message employers and other candidates about jobs you’re interested in, building a network like LinkedIn, but solely for digital remote work. 

Similar to the other apps, you can choose to receive notifications on new remote opportunities as they’re uploaded. 

This is an Apple exclusive. If you’re on Android and want something similar, try Remote Jobs


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