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Best Meditation Apps

Meditation is a helpful method for reducing negative emotions like stress and anxiety. It can be used to realign your mind to more positive thought patterns, improving your mood, self perception, and wellbeing. To help you relax and find some inner peace, we’ve compiled a list of the best meditation apps available in 2020.

Last updated: 1st Sep 2020 at 11:44am


Available on iOS and Android

Free to download, but includes in-app purchases

Subscriptions to access all content: £9.99 per month / £49.99 per year

Headspace is one of the most popular meditation apps on the market. With hundreds of guided meditations on offer, you can choose to focus on a number of different topics throughout your training, like exercise, sleep, anxiety, and concentration. 

There are a few different types and styles of meditation exercises available:

  • Sleep by Headspace: helps you drift off at night if you’re having difficulty falling to sleep
  • Everyday Headspace: offers you daily meditations with a new focus each day
  • The Wake Up: morning meditations designed to help you start your day in a positive and productive mindset
  • Move Mode: meditation that includes more movement and cardio to help your body as well as your mind
  • Mindful Moments: to keep you grounded throughout your day
  • 2-3 Minis: for quick mental resets that won’t take up too much time or energy
  • SOS Sessions: for when you are experiencing heightened moments of panic or stress

Pick from a number of focuses within these categories, like “Sleep hygiene”, “How to wake up”, and “Social anxiety”.

You can track your progress and share with friends, as well as keep a record on your Health App (iOS app). 


Available on iOS and Android

Free to download, but includes in-app purchases

Subscriptions to access all content: £11.51 per month / £53.74 per year

Calm is listed as the #1 app on the App Store for Sleep, Meditation and Relaxation. The app is designed to suit beginners, intermediates and advanced users, with a long list of 3-25 minute guided sessions that can easily fit into your daily schedule. 

As well as a whole number of mindfulness topics to choose from - including calming anxiety, relationships, breaking habits, body scan, forgiveness, self-esteem, non-judgement - Calm also offers Sleep Stories.

Sleep Stories are bedtime stories that you can listen to before falling asleep. They are designed to help you drift off calmly and wake up feeling refreshed and energised.  

Other audio contributions include soundscapes, to situate you in a calming environment like by the sea, a campfire, tucked inside while it’s raining etc. These soundscapes can help you escape your current stress. 

You can track your progress using Mindful Minutes in the Health App. 


Available on iOS and Android

Free to download, but includes in-app purchases

Subscriptions to access all content: £9.22 per month / £38.43 per year

Balance is a really personalised meditation app, customising its entire experience and offers on how you behave within it. 

When you sign up, Balance will ask you questions about your life, meditation patterns, feelings, and goals, so it can give you a more personal experience. After each session, Balance will ask you how you feel to see if it relieved your anxiety or not. 

You can pick goals from feeling less anxious, focusing or concentrating better, or getting a better night’s sleep. 

Balance organises 10-day plans to teach you the fundamental skills of meditation, like Breath Focus, Body Scan, Labelling, and Spotlighting, while also keeping a focus on your goals in mind, so you are learning at the same time as achieving. 

As well as the daily meditations, ‘Singles’ sessions allow you to pick a topic to play at any time throughout the day. Paying for a subscription allows you access to all of the sessions available. 

Sync with your Health App and track your progress. 

The Mindfulness App

Available on iOS and Android

Free to download, but includes in-app purchases

Subscriptions to access all content: £7.68 per month / £46.12 per year

For newbies to gurus, the The Mindfulness App is used by millions across 130 countries. With a 5-day guided practice to introduce you to meditation, and timed sessions between 3 and 30 minutes in length, there’s something for everyone - regardless of your knowledge. 

You can personalise your meditations to fit your needs and schedule, as set reminders to be mindful throughout your day. 

With the premium membership, you can listen to your meditations offline, and have unlimited access to more than 200 guided sessions. 

As with the others, keep track of your progress by syncing the data with your Health App. 


Available on iOS and Android

Free to download, but includes in-app purchases

Subscriptions to access all content: £9.22 per month / £73.03 per year

The Aura app is designed for people who want to learn how to meditate but don’t have enough time to dedicate in their day. 

With 3 minute exercises every single day, this app is a fastpass into meditation. You choose how you’re feeling and it will offer you a session designed to relieve any negative emotions. You can rate your session to personalise the app even more. 

Track your mood in Apple Health to learn about your emotional patterns, and participate in mindful activities like daily reflections to remind yourself to feel grateful and positive. 

With the free membership, you can set daily goals and integrate your sessions with your Google calendar, so you can plan them into your busy schedule. 


In difficult times, meditation is a useful technique to learn - it helps us to understand our own behaviours, as well as control and prevent the negative emotions. 

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