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Data roaming is when you use your phone on a network that isn’t your current provider. This most commonly happens when you are abroad. As you’re communicating over another network, there’s often a cost involved with roaming.

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Use our filters to narrow things down. Do you have a specific budget? Lower the max price. Have a favourite colour? Only show handsets available in it. You can mix and match filters to find your ideal phone.

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Not sure what you want? Here’s what you might want to consider before buying a phone.


Do you have a budget in mind? It’s smart to think about how much you can afford so you don’t overspend.

Operating system

It’s important to check what operating system the smartphone uses. The two biggest are Apple’s iOS and Google’s Android. The operating system will affect how you use your phone and what apps you can install.


How important is the quality of your phone’s camera? Check for the number of lenses and their Megapixels. Also does the phone come with any fancy photography features, such as soft focus or HD video.


Do you need a phone that can last all day? Look out for a phone with a large battery capacity (measured in mAh). Some models support advanced battery features like fast charging or wireless charging. Whatever size you go for, there’s still plenty you can do to make your battery last longer.


How big of a screen do you need? A larger screen could be important if you like to watch videos or play games, and can help prevent eye strain. The trade-off is that a bigger screen makes for a larger phone, which means less portability.

Also look out for the type of screen. This affects display quality, the vividness of colour, and power consumption. You might want to check the refresh rate too - the higher the value, the more frames per second. This’ll give you smoother animations, both in everyday use and when playing games.

Storage space

How much storage space would you like? A lot of smartphones come with storage options, but more space will cost you more money. Also does the phone have an SD card slot? You can use this to expand the storage in the future.


As mobile connectivity evolves, it’s useful to know what your next phone can and can’t do. 5G is still a relatively new technology, but more and more phones are starting to support it. 4G is more widespread, but not always supported by older models. If you like to call people, it’s worth checking if the phone allows for Wi-Fi Calling.


There are so many other aspects to consider when buying a phone. Does it have a headphone jack or a fingerprint scanner? Is it water resistant? Does it support contactless payments? Always check what else the phone can do, especially if you consider any of these extras a must-have.

Nope. All the phones we sell are unlocked and can be used on any network.

You’ll only need to order a new SIM if your current SIM won’t fit inside the phone you are ordering. You can order a new SIM from your current network, or you can join Asda mobile and grab one at the checkout!

It’s super simple to transfer your number between networks. First of all you need to request a PAC code from your current provider. Once you've got your PAC code, you can transfer your number through My Account.

You’ve got a few options here, depending on your phone.

The first option is to save your contacts onto your SIM. Once you change your phone and insert your SIM, your contacts will already be there.

The second option is to save your contacts to an online account, such as Google or Microsoft Outlook. Once you sign in to the account on your new phone, you’ll be able to sync these contacts and save them to your address book.

Yes, when you check out you’ll need to register an account or sign-in to an existing one. You can use this account to manage your orders and keep track of your deliveries and any returns.

If you ordered a SIM with your phone, you’ll need to activate this through the same account you used when placing the order.

You have 30 days to return your order. For more information, see our returns page.

All our phones come with a warranty. The warranty is set by the manufacturer - find out more.

If you ordered your phone before 6pm Monday to Thursday, it’ll be delivered the next working day.

Phone’s ordered on a Friday pre-6pm will be delivered on Monday, and any phones ordered on a Saturday or Sunday will be delivered on the Tuesday. There are no deliveries on weekends or bank holidays.

You will receive an email from us when your item has been dispatched with a link to your tracking number.