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Unlock your phone

If your handset is locked to another network, you’ll need to contact your old provider to let them know you’re switching and they’ll be able to support with unlocking your phone. For more help on this, check our FAQs.

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Activate 2c18818b4af3393d89052cca4a16c5e7eba1343d30ec77bca9ac9730e1814a3c
Activate your SIM

Pop your new Asda Mobile SIM card into your phone and activate your SIM by making a call, sending a text or using some data. We recommend you call 2732 from your Asda Mobile SIM so we can register your details and answer any questions you might have. All calls to our Customer Service are free of charge!

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Number 18e6e33def4b7a4b44119c2255bbc3f941e160b5a8e36107adbc829ee898b9ce
Keep your number

It’s super easy to keep your old number when you join us. Simply contact your old network provider and ask for a PAC code. Then call us on 2732 and we’ll happily transfer your number for free. For more details on this process, just visit our FAQs.

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Voicemail 0efbebf365c428f385782d1aa080ebca4bce385072b04fbd0c96c18290089f47
Access your voicemail

To access your voicemail with Asda Mobile, simply dial 222 from your phone. If this doesn’t work, it’s simple to set up, just follow these instructions.

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Call charges 523e7d50cee86fdbce54676ad66357526416f7fa4e60ab877753651e4e8a762e
Call charges

Our low cost Pay As You Go tariff is fixed for you to use anytime to any network. If you love to chat or you're all about apps, our fantastic 30 day bundles are packed with minutes, texts and data for you to use over 30 days.

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Top up 346c244426f7d259f81660ed7d8ff9e6e753f16d23c29369d4e938533262b2ad

You can top up by using the top up card found in your new SIM pack, just make sure you link it to your account first by calling us on 2732 and following the automated instructions. You can also top-up by phone, text or by buying an Asda Mobile voucher in store. For full details, check our top-up information page.

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Menu hints e347ce9e0175093d587612ad89e42462889a3262625c7e8648739dfec24547d7
Menu & hints

We’ve created some clever keywords for you to use by text to give you some quick answers to simple questions you might have. Simply text the short code to 2732 for free and we’ll send you a message back

  • BAL – Check your credit balance and any bundle allowance on your account.
  • MENU - If you forget any keywords, text MENU to get some help.
  • INFO – Find out how many minutes, texts and data are included in our bundles.
  • TOPUP – For instructions on how to top-up by text, (you need to register your card details with us first).
  • VOUCHER – For details on how to top-up by voucher code purchased in store.
  • MY BUNDLE - use this to find out which bundles you have on your account and when they will expire or renew.
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Phone settings

For help with setting up data on your phone and making sure your phone is ready for sending picture messages, check out the data settings FAQ here. For anything about how to change, personalise or set up your voicemail, find more help here.

You can also search our FAQ page for further support. Close 6f4843b6ed737acc716405a62a0ccee01b4bcdf5a6a942aa57b054fca47b6c0a

Need any more help?

If you still need help getting started pop over to our FAQs page. You can always call one of our friendly colleagues free on 2732 from your Asda Mobile or 0800 079 2732 for free from a landline for SIM activation and more.