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Why buy a pre-owned phone?

We all know that buying a new phone can be an expensive experience, especially when you want something better than basic. 

Wouldn’t it be great if you could get hold of a high-end smartphone, like an Apple iPhone or flagship Samsung Galaxy, for far less than full price?

There is a solution, and its one you might not have considered. Here we look at why you should buy a pre-owned phone.

What is a pre-owned phone?

There's lots of confusion here, so let's clear things up.

A pre-owned phone is a fully-working device that has either been traded-in or returned under standard return policies. It could be a few weeks old or have been loved by someone for months or more.

Pre-owned phones are usually put through tests to ensure the phone is in working order. For example, Renewd pre-owned phones undergo rigorous testing to ensure they're performing brilliantly. You'll often find they come with warranties too, just like new devices.


What’s the difference between pre-owned and refurbished phones?

Pre-owned phones are fully-functional premium smartphones that were traded-in or returned. Refurbished phones were returned because they were faulty. They were then repaired and sold as refurbished.

The significant benefit of pre-owned over refurbished is you know the phone was not historically faulty.


What’s the difference between pre-owned and second-hand phones?

A second-hand (or used) phone would come straight from a private seller. Unlike pre-owned phones, with second-hand you're at risk of buying something faulty or untested. You also wouldn't have a warranty to fall back on


Are pre-owned phones safe?

We can’t vouch for every seller out there, but Renewd pre-owned mobile phones are tested under strict controls by certified technicians against more than 80 critical features. You will have a new two-year warranty to put in your back pocket, which also applies to the battery.

You can buy a Renewd pre-owned phone with confidence and peace of mind.


What are the benefits of pre-owned phones?

There are many benefits to choosing pre-owned phones:


Value for money

You are no longer stuck buying mediocre models that don’t deliver the features and design you are really craving. Maybe you dream of the best smartphone camera on the market or want a change yet have simply never been able to afford an iPhone, Galaxy, or Pixel.


Protect the environment

You can stay true to your values and help save the planet. Buying pre-owned extends the life-span of an existing device, and reduces the demand (and in turn, production) of new devices. This massively reduces your carbon footprint and helps cut back on e-waste.


Certified sellers

You can avoid all uncertainty by purchasing a pre-owned phone from a certified seller. They have been authorised by a regulatory body to test, certify, and give warranties.


What to watch out for when buying second-hand

Buying a second-hand phone can be full of risks if you make the wrong choices.

If you choose to buy from an individual, you have no warranty, independent functionality, or condition checks.

Refurbished phones come with a warranty but are usually low-end models or have a history of faults that could quite easily occur again.

We are passionate about helping you make the right buying decisions and recommend only purchasing a second-hand phone from a reputable brand and choosing pre-owned over refurbished.


Where to buy pre-owned phones?

You can purchase a Renewd phone from Asda mobile and get your hands on your dream model for less. All devices come with 100% original parts and a two year warranty.


Where to sell old phones?

We’ve teamed up with musicMagpie so you can get sell your old phones and get rewarded for it. You can put some cash back in your pocket and contribute to a more sustainable planet.

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No commitment, no limits

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