Doro 8050 phone

Which Doro phone is right for you?

If you’re looking for a simple, budget-friendly, and portable phone, then Doro should be on your list. These small, affordable, and user-friendly devices are perfect for people who aren’t interested in the highest-tech available, but still need a durable phone for day-to-day life. Check out our recommendations below. 

Benefits of a Doro model

The brand specifically designs phones that are easy to use. They’re most suitable for older people and those with visual or hearing impairments, due to the larger buttons, interface, and hearing-aid compatibility features. 

They are also incredibly budget-friendly as they don’t include all of the high specs that make household brands expensive. Lacking the advanced features doesn’t mean these phones can’t function though - they’re perfect for people just wanting a simple device to text and call on. 

Doro 8080

Spec-wise, the Doro 8080 is the best phone you can currently buy from Doro - it’s their closest rival to a modern, high-end smartphone. It has more advanced technology than any of its counterparts, with a range of higher-spec features and cameras. Whilst the 8080 might be too much for someone who only wants to text and call, it’s a great option for the user who doesn’t want to sacrifice all of the fun features of a modern smartphone. 

Price: £100 - £300


5.7-inch touchscreen, which is the largest Doro has on offer, matching the sizes of many household brands like Samsung. It is large enough to aid people with poor eyesight

Adjustable text size to further aid those with visibility impairments or other eyesight-related struggles

Runs on Android, so the user will benefit from Google Assistant and be able to access the Google Play Store to download a range of apps

Includes a fingerprint scanner to unlock the phone, which provides added layers of security in case the device is lost or stolen 

Has 16MP and 5MP front cameras, which rival some of the lower-middle range smartphones in the market, and will offer the user clear and detailed imagery

Offers 32GB of storage, with the option to expand using a microSD card slot

Includes an SOS assistance button to alert others that you’re in need of help

No buttons, so may be too difficult to use if you have dexterity struggles or poor visibility 


Doro 8050 

Doro 8050

The Doro 8050 is one of the top Doro smartphones available at the moment, with some of the most advanced features on a Doro model. Though it may still offer too much for someone who isn’t very tech savvy, it’s the second highest-end option from Doro if you’re looking for a cheap phone that reflects some of the specs of a more expensive smartphone. 

Price: £237.99 


5.4-inch touchscreen, which is big for a Doro model, and provides users with a clear and relatively spacious screen to navigate

13MP camera for taking clear and colourful photos, which is a higher megapixel resolution than some larger brands offer on their smartphones

Hearing-aid compatibility to provide loud and clear sound amplification 

An SOS assistance button which will alert emergency contacts that you are in need of help

Includes a step-by-step tutorial on how to use the model to its full potential 

Runs on Android, so the user will benefit from Google Assistant and be able to access the Google Play Store to download a range of apps

Includes 16GB of internal storage for downloads, apps, and photos

Is compatible with 4G, making it faster and smoother than many other previous models 

No buttons, so wouldn’t necessarily be suitable for people with low visibility or dexterity struggles

Doro 1360

One of the most user-friendly models on offer is the Doro 1360. It’s a great choice for someone who is in need of a cheap, yet functional phone with big buttons and a clear interface. We would suggest that it’s best for older users, due to its compatibility features and design. 

Price: £20


Small and lightweight model, so is perfect for portability, and won’t feel like a heavy weight in your bag or pocket

Large buttons take up over a third of the space to allow for users who appreciate the accessibility of being able to push the desired buttons easily and clearly 

Does have a rear camera for landscape pictures

Includes 1GB of internal storage, which should be enough if you don’t need to take loads of photos. You can also expand this with a memory card if needed

800mAh battery life, which gives users up to 300 hours of standby, and 8 hours of talk time

Assistance button for emergencies and In Case Of Emergency (ICE) files for storing medical details on the phone

Bluetooth-enabled for listening to music via speakers, or a headphone socket for earphones

2G connectivity only, which means it could be slow if you demand too much

2.4-inch screen may be too small for some users, depending on their eyesight

No front camera, and rear camera is only 0.08MP, which wouldn’t take the best images. Not great for people who like to take a lot of photos

Not compatible with hearing aids

If you want to learn more, check out our full review.

Doro 1370

Another great choice for simplicity and affordability is the 1370, which is suitable for people who are only looking for a device that can send and receive calls and texts. If you’re happy to skip the higher-tech features, Doro 1370 is a good choice. 

Price: £28


Large buttons with sufficient space between for easy touching and navigating

Comes with an assistance button to call selected contacts and/or emergency services if you are in trouble

Hearing aid compatibility to provide loud and clear sound for phone calls and other services or applications 

3MP camera to take nice pictures 

Up to 530 hours of standby time before needing to be recharged again 

If you purchase from us, you’ll get a £10 value bundle SIM, giving you 5GB of data and unlimited minutes and texts

2G connectivity only, so not great for those wishing to browse the internet

2.4-inch screen size could be too small for some people with certain visual difficulties 

The Doro 1370 pairs perfectly with our Talk and Text bundle. For £4 a month you’ll get unlimited calls and unlimited texts! Great for those who like to regularly keep in touch with their friends and family.


Doro 7010

Doro 7010

The Doro 7010 is a great choice for people who are looking for a more equal size difference between the buttons and screen, rather than having large buttons and a smaller screen to compensate for the space. The 7010 also features more tech-savvy additions than some of the previous cheaper models. 

Price: £98.99 


2.8-inch screen size, which takes up half of the phone, with the large buttons occupying the lower half 

Has 4G technology for faster speeds when using mobile data

Assistance button to call emergency services or friends and family for help, and In Case Of Emergency option for storing medical information for professionals to access

3MP camera

option to record videos, which is missing from many other models

Compatible with hearing aids

3.5mm headphone jack for listening to music, podcasts or the radio without having to play aloud or from a speaker

Not Bluetooth-enabled


Doro 6040

Doro 6040

The Doro 6040 is a flip-phone, bringing back the nostalgia of the clamshell shaped smartphones of the early 2000s.

Price: £59.99 


Clamshell design prevents any accidental key presses, and makes answering and ending phone calls much easier than having to fiddle with the right buttons

Like all of the other Doro phones, it comes with the assistance button built in to help users in times of distress or trouble, by contacting friends and family who could help

(ICE) In Case Of Emergency details easily accessible from front screen for medical staff to access important information

2MP and 3MP cameras for taking pictures

Hearing aid compatible

Bluetooth 3.0 for wireless listening 

2G connectivity 

2.8-inch screen size may not be large enough for poorer visibility individuals 

Doro 5516

Lastly, another staple model from Doro is the 5516, which is designed to help both the elderly, and visually or hearing impaired, as well as offer some extra features to make it more than just a texting and phoning machine. 

Price: £59.99


Big buttons and a big screen make for easy navigation and viewing

800mAh battery for up to 8 hours of talk time and 500 hours of standby time, great for staying in touch with several friends and family members over multiple days before recharging

Space for up to 300 contacts

Hearing aid compatibility and louder sound amplification with talking keys and speakerphone

Assistance button and ICE details

2MP camera and video recording at 3gp

Optional display modes optimised for visually impaired users

3.5mm headphone jack for wired audio and Bluetooth for wireless listening

3G technology 

No 4G, which is more popular and widespread than 3G nowadays 


Doro 2404

Doro 2404

The Doro 2404 is one of the smallest and simplest Doro models available right now. It’s cheap and easy-to-use, and is most suitable for someone on the hunt for an affordable text-and-talk phone. 

Price: £35


Clamshell design avoids any accidental key presses, and makes answering and ending phone calls much easier by simply snapping the phone shut

Built-in assistance button and In Case of Emergency features ensure that help is always available and medical professionals are aware of any important information 

VGA rear camera and video recording capabilities to store memories

Compatible with hearing aids (T4/M4)

1,000mAh battery capacity

Includes a microSD card slot to expand on internal storage to allow for more room to save photos, videos, and applications

No mobile data - Wi-Fi only

No Bluetooth connectivity

So which Doro phone is right for you? We hope our guide has helped you find your next favourite mobile phone! 

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