What can you do with 10GB of data?

If you’re travelling, away from home, or nowhere near Wi-Fi, chances are you’ll need to use your mobile data to access the internet. This is fine if you know how much data you have and how much each activity on your phone uses up. If you’re looking at a plan with 10GB of data, here’s everything you can do with it. 

Last updated: 23rd Nov 2020 at 10:43am

In this guide, you’ll learn:

How much is 10GB of data?

With 10GB of data, you’ll be able to (roughly) either browse the web for 120 hours, stream 2500 songs, and watch 20 hours of video. While it doesn’t give you as much freedom as 15GB of data, 10GB is still a large chunk of mobile data that won’t quickly disappear. 

Ofcom’s 2019 Communication Market Report states that the average person uses 2.9GB of data per month, but this is rising year on year. 

What can you do with 10GB of data?

Check out this table for a breakdown of how much each activity will use up, and how long you can do it for on a 10GB plan.


Approximate Data Consumption

Time Duration with 10GB

Browsing the internet

1MB per page

120 hours

Watching Netflix

1GB per hour

Up to 10 hours

Listening to Spotify

72MB per hour (160kbps)

Over 100 hours

Watching YouTube videos

Varies depending on the definition you watch it in

20 hours

Browsing social media

50KB each refresh

24/7, up to 5 days

Skype / FaceTime

180MB per hour

40 hours

Is 10GB of data enough for me?

As Ofcom stated, the average phone user only uses less than 3GB a month. To figure out if 10GB is enough, you should consider what type of data user you are. USwitch suggest the following criteria to figure this out:

Low data user

  • Looks at web pages and checks emails
  • Checks social media reasonably often
  • Doesn’t play many games or activate many apps
  • Doesn’t download music directly on to phone
  • Occasionally chats online
  • Occasionally watches a video
  • Uses the internet for around 1-2 hours per day
  • Between 1GB - 5GB is suitable for a low data user

Medium data user 

  • Checks emails daily
  • Spends a fair amount of time browsing the internet
  • Spends a fair amount of playing games
  • Often watches YouTube
  • Downloads a few songs every month
  • 10GB+ is needed for a medium data user

High data user

  • Send and receive emails frequently
  • Watch a lot of videos
  • Download many applications, as well as games and music
  • Watch Netflix frequently
  • Communicate online for several hours daily
  • 15GB+ is needed for a high data user

Think about the types of activities you would need mobile data for. While commuting, do you like to watch movies or YouTube videos? Or listen to music on Spotify or Apple Music? Or do you simply like to scroll through social media while waiting to arrive at your destination? This should help you decide. 

If you find that you tick all the boxes for a medium data user, 10GB could be right for you. 

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In the meantime, if you’re struggling to keep under your limit, check out our guide on how to stop using up all of your data.

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