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Top phones to look forward to in 2022

Technology is ever-evolving, and each year our favourite smartphone manufacturers put out their latest releases; be it revised models of previous successes or completely brand new ranges. Keep reading to see what 2022 could have in store.

There’s no shortage of rumours of what’s coming this year, but these are some of the most anticipated releases from the world’s hottest brands.

Apple iPhone 14

Apple are known for releasing their next iPhone range in Autumn, around September or October.

The iPhone 12 was released in Autumn 2020, and the 13 came out near the end of 2021. So it stands to reason that the iPhone 14 family will make an appearance at a similar time of year. 

Some rumours claim that the new iPhone could include a hole-punch camera design, removing the notch for a sleeker display. This would possibly make the iPhones less distinctive in their appearance, resembling many of the Android phones instead, like Samsung. 

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Apple iPhone SE 3

Another rumour sees the launch of a third generation of the popular SE models. 

The original iPhone SE came out in 2016, with an updated version in 2020. 

Though it might not be called the SE 3, this next generation could have the newest A15 Bionic chipset, making it both speedy and functional. Despite its supersonic hardware, we’re hoping the new SE is marketed as a budget iPhone, like the 2016 and 2020 models. 


Samsung Galaxy S22

Rumours of a Samsung Galaxy S22 range have been circulating as a possible 2022 release. 

The S22 launch could bring compatibility of the S-Pen, which is a stylus most prominent on the Galaxy Note phones. The S22 could come with a storage slot built into the design to keep an S-Pen attached to the phone. 

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Samsung Galaxy S21 FE

Another anticipated Samsung release is the budget-friendly sequel to the Galaxy S20 FE.

This new release would most likely feature similar design and hardware to the other models in the S21 range. Expect to see a large display, a speedy 5G processor, a punch hole front camera, and a triple rear set of lenses. 

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Nokia X50

There’s rumours about a new Nokia phone, assumedly titled the Nokia X50, that could succeed the Nokia 8.3. Commonly, this brand launches new devices in the second half of the year, so we expect this new Nokia to make an appearance in or after the summer. 

It’s said that the X50 could have a 6.5 inch display, a huge 6,000mAh battery, and an impressive 108MP main lens on the rear camera.

Whether this phone will come to pass, we can only wait and see. But while you do, you can check out our recommendations for some of the best Nokia phones to see if this brand could be right for you. 


Huawei Mate 50 Pro

This new Huawei model is rumoured to be huge, with an astounding 7,000mAh battery and an almost tablet-size 6.8 inch screen!

This wouldn’t be the first time Huawei surprised customers with big devices - they’re known for their massive screens, big battery capacities, and well-rounded camera technology. 

This release, if true, could be launched around March 2022. 


Google Pixel 6a

The Google Pixel 6 was unveiled in October 2021, but avid smartphone users are already predicting a 6a successor to make an appearance in 2022. 

Leaked renders already show a similarity to the Pixel 6. The biggest concern is the supposed disappearance of the 3.5mm headphone jack. If this is true, customers would either have to rely on wireless technology to listen to music, or would have to buy an adapter to be able to plug in certain wired headphones. 

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While we wait and see if any of these 2022 predictions come to light, why not check out some smartphones that have already been released into the world?

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