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Top tips to take care of your phone

For most people, our mobile phone is one of our most precious possessions, holding hundreds of memories in the form of photos, contacts and messages. The average smartphone lasts two to three years with the right care and we all want to give them the best life that we can. Giving your phone some extra TLC can result in a longer life, so check out our top tips...

Last updated: 29th Jun 2020 at 5:08pm

Purchase a protective case

Buying a sturdy case for your phone will add that extra level of safety especially if you’re clumsy! Cases not only protect your phone but have an aesthetic value and could give your phone a new makeover. 

There are some great cases on the market depending on your price range, so you will definitely be spoilt for choice. Make sure the case has key durability features including: Air Cushion Technology, Heavy Duty and Shockproof. This will ensure your phone is super safe from any damage.


Use a screen protector 

Investing in a screen protector is a sensible idea to protect both your screen and mobile. Mobile phone screens are a particularly fragile part of the phone, so you will want to keep this as protected as possible. 

When looking for a screen protector, you may be overwhelmed by the variety available. Screen protectors can be broken down into simple terms as follows: 

  • Polyethylene Terephthalate (PET) - These provide the least amount of scratch and impact protection, but they’re cheap, light and thin - meaning they are less visible once applied to your phone.
  • Thermoplastic Polyurethane (TPU) - A flexible piece of material that some may find a bit annoying to apply as it involves smoothing out a lot of bubbles for the perfect finish. 
  • Tempered Glass - This material is thicker and stronger than the typical plastic screen protector. Your screen will be resistant to scratches and other visible damage - however they might look more noticeable in comparison to thinner options. 

Pairing up your screen protector with a sturdy phone case will provide the ultimate protection for your mobile. 


Keep it clean

Our phones go everywhere with us and are a magnet for disease causing germs and bacteria. As well as this, too much dust can affect your phone’s performance. Use a soft screen-cleaning cloth and avoid using wet wipes as it may intercept further with the phone. 


Look after the battery

Make sure you treat your mobile phone battery with care. This involves not overcharging your battery, keeping your battery cool and turning services off you don’t need. Discover more tips about looking after your mobile phone battery


Avoid dropping your phone 

Accidents can happen, so don’t be too shocked if you do drop your phone on the odd occasion. Therefore, investing in a mobile phone case and protector is a great idea. 

However, you want to keep your phone safe from water as it can internally damage your mobile. Follow our guide on how to revive your phone, so that you’re prepared in the event you drop your phone in future! 


Take your mobile phone even further

So, if you have a shiny new handset you want to look after, or maybe you want to give your existing handset a better chance of a longer life, then consider our tips. Want to take your mobile phone usage to the next level? Check out our mobile life hacks.

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