Top 5 Reasons to go Sim Only

SIM Only and Pay Monthly Contracts have been around for decades. Increasingly customers are beginning to turn to Sim Only, but why? Here we will go through the top 5 reasons to go Sim Only.

These days saving money is becoming more and more difficult with endless bills, contracts and purchases to juggle monthly. If you are looking to save some of your hard earned cash then switching to Sim Only might be the solution you’re searching for. Asda mobile has a range of 30-day Sim Only plans with 4G data, texts and minute allowances which are great value and contract-free!

If you are undecided as to whether to switch to Sim Only or not, let us help you decide with our top 5 reasons to go sim only:

Swap your phone whenever you like

Sim Only is on the rise, with more and more customers switching to save money. With an Asda Mobile pay as you go SIM you can swap your phone whenever you like. You are not signing up to a 24-month contract, which in most cases means that you can’t upgrade until you reach the 18-month or 24-month mark, so if you break your phone within this time you may have to pay your whole contract off, in order to get out of it!

What’s more, when you take out a contract phone, you can’t simply put a new SIM into the phone when you want more minutes or data; the phone is usually locked to the mobile network you brought the contract from, however you can pay to have the device unlocked.

If you like to adopt new technology early or if you simply get bored of your old phone and want a change, then a SIM only deal might be the best way to go.

Buy a second hand phone or previous models

If you want a high-spec phone then costs can be high. Flagship phones, such as the Apple iPhone 11 Pro or the Samsung Galaxy S10, can cost more than £1,000. However, there are many more affordable phones to choose from.

Smartphones that cost under £200 have very good credentials these days, with advanced features such as facial recognition, fingerprint readers and 12MP cameras. If you have a little more money to play with then you could choose the ‘Lite’ version of a flagship phone.

With the latest phones costing so much, if you want a flagship phone such as the iPhone XS than it might pay off to look for a second hand phone to save a few hundred pounds. You will be surprised at the amount of great deals you can find when you really look.

With a SIM Only contract you can shop around for a new phone whenever you want. Your marketplace for a mobile phone widens if you are not signing a pay monthly contract with a specific network. You can explore the handset-only options in high-street and online stores, shop for a second hand phone or even swap phones with your friends.

Once you have the phone, simply take the SIM card out of your old phone and put it into the one that you have bought or exchanged.

Change your minutes, texts, and data allowance each month

If your mobile phone usage changes frequently, then a SIM only deal might look very attractive to you. You can change the data, minutes and texts each time that you renew your bundle or even purchase a second bundle half way through the month.

If you are travelling to a country covered by Asda’s roam like you’re at home policy and want more monthly data to keep in contact with family and friends back home -  you can purchase an alternative bundle. For just £25 you can get 15GB of 4G Data, Unlimited Minutes and Unlimited Texts (Text 25 to 2732 to redeem this bundle).  

A second top up is a superb solution if you unexpectedly run short of calls and texts.

Automatically renew your bundle

Gone are the days when you had to visit the corner shop to buy a top up card. Today, you can top up via your mobile phone or in store depending which is more convenient.

If your monthly usage remains fairly constant, then you may decide to recur your top-ups or bundles. This automatic process typically happens every 30 days, giving you a monthly contract-like experience but without the 24-month commitment; the ultimate win-win.

Asda Mobile

We saved the best reason till last…Switch to Sim only means you can join the Asda Mobile family network for amazing  bundle deals  with no strings attached. Now that is an offer you can’t refuse.

Data is a big deal these days with smartphones having just as much, or more power than a PC or laptop. Your data usage covers many things such as browsing the internet, using your digital assistant, posting social media updates, using certain apps, streaming music, and downloading TV shows. With the latest UK network phone contracts, you don’t get much data and often users will incur extra charges for going over their allowances.

If you find that your SIM only bundle is perfect for the amount of calls and texts that you use, but you fall short on data, then a data bundle is a crucial add-on. With Asda Mobile you can buy a data bundle to give you more online time, while not wasting money on buying extra calls and texts that you don’t need.

Choosing a SIM only over a pay monthly contract often comes down to freedom. You can purchase phones as and when you wish, although premium phones may work out to be not as cost effective. You can also change your bundle on a whim and whenever your circumstances dictate it.

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