Top Reading Apps

When it comes to reading, it appears the days of hardbacks are slowly transitioning alongside the digital revolution into online books. Many of us book lovers have started to use our mobile phones and tablets to immerse ourselves in literature. With the vast amount of reading apps now available to us, you might be wondering which one is right for you. 

So, let’s explore our top rated reading apps! 

Last updated: 12th Jun 2020 at 12:45pm

Apple Books - Free

Featured on all Apple devices, this app is the go to for all things literature. Keeping in line with Apple, their books store is simple, smooth and efficient to access. There are frequent updates for this app which you will be notified as usual in the App Store as and when applicable. 

Apple Books for iOS

Amazon Kindle - Free

Amazon Kindle is considered the most popular app and e-reading programme about, so you are probably familiar with this. The app provides a large variety of books, newspapers and magazines. It has a large storage library for over 1000+ eBooks and audiobooks. 

There are some really useful functions you can use whilst on the app. Some features include: Audiobooks, customisable font size, highlights and you can link your account to Facebook and Twitter too. 

Many people think you need the Amazon Kindle in order to access this app, but this is incorrect - you can actually download the app on any Android or iOS device. 

Amazon Kindle for iOS | Amazon Kindle for Android

Google Play Books - Free

Yet another great reading app available to both iOS and Android - it also has its own Google Chrome extension on web browsers. Google Play Books has over five million pieces of literature for you to discover, so you are truly spoilt for choice.

Again there are some great features included on this app from speed control and bookmarks to three display themes (day, night and sepia).

Google Play Books for Android | Google Play Books for iOS


You might not be as familiar with Scribd compared to the other eBook apps in this blog, however it is slowly receiving more attraction. When you register using the app, you get a 30-day free account that lets you read all the books you want, for free. 

Once this trial period is over, you can sign up to a monthly subscription for a fee that allows you: Unlimited access to the world’s largest document library of over 60 million documents, articles from hundreds of magazines and sheet music selections that cover every musical genre. 

Scribd for iOS | Scribd for Android 

If you’re a literature enthusiast who is looking to move on from hardbacks, any of these apps are a great place to start when creating your online library.

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