Top Mobile Phone Virtual Board Games

During the social distancing measures currently put in place, thousands of families are stuck in their homes together. As a result, you may find yourself reaching into the cupboard to pull out a classic board game. However, thanks to technology, all the family favourites can be found on your phone. This creates a new and immersive experience that everyone can enjoy.


Last updated: 22nd May 2020 at 4:23pm

Here’s some of our favourite games to keep you entertained.

Monopoly GO!

A well-known board game in every household, particularly for causing family arguments. Monopoly GO! aims to bring the fun everyone knows and loves to their smartphones. The app has all the key components that make monopoly special, such as being multiplayer, sending your friends to jail, and passing Go.

The app is designed to be user friendly and as a result, the board is much smaller meaning the games are quicker.

Monopoly GO! Is free to play on iOS and Android, however there are in-app purchases offered.

Scrabble GO

Put your skills to the test with the smartphone version of the classic game, Scrabble!

Players can either play multiplayer against random opponents from around the globe or play against an AI to help hone their skills. If you have a Facebook account, you can face off against your friends to fight for vocabulary victory.

If you are looking for household fun there is a mode in which up to four people can play on one device, supplying endless hours of entertainment

Scrabble GO is free to play on iOS and Android, however there are in-app purchases offered.

Clue: The Classic Mystery Game

The classic murder mystery board game has had a digital spin put on it, so that you can now effortlessly enjoy the cherished game on the go. The mystery of who, what and where has never been more tantalizing as you compete against your opponents to figure out ‘Whodunnit’. You roll the dice to make your way around the mansion asking questions such as “Was it Professor Plum?”

There are multiple features available, ranging from a single-player experience vs AI where you can choose your difficulty level, to online multiplayer with Clue fans from across the globe.

Clue: The Classic Mystery Game £1.99 on iOS and Android, with additional in-app purchases offered.

The Game of Life

Another family favourite, The Game of Life makes a few adaptations whilst transferring to a digital platform. You still make all those important decisions such as getting a job or attending college, but with the help of technology, you can now see this happen on your screen whilst playing

Like most the games on this list, The Game of Life features Online Multiplayer, Local Play, and a much anticipated ‘Fast Mode’. The ‘Fast Mode’ edition allows you to keep all the fun but with significantly less downtime.

The Game of Life is £2.99 on iOS and Android, with additional in-app purchases offered.

Chess Play & Learn

Whether you are a grandmaster chess player or a total rookie, Chess Play & Learn is the perfect app to pick up and play to pass the time. Play Online with millions of players around the world or hone your skills against a computer opponent.

With interactive tutorials and detailed performance stats, a little practice and you will become a chess master in no time. You can add friends and send messages to each other to keep in touch and put your skills to the test.

Chess Play & Learn Is free to play on iOS and Android, however there are in-app purchases offered.

Ticket to Ride

Just like the classic, you need to be the fastest to connect your cities together.

There are railroad locations across the USA and multiple other maps such as India, Europe and the UK. This game caters to all types of multiplayer play, such as the pass and play mode which allows up to five people. There is also a singer-player mode where you can face computer opponents. This app is a beautifully crafted combination of strategy and competition leading to hours of family fun.

Ticket to Ride is £6.99 on iOS and Android, with additional in-app purchases offered.

So, keep yourself safe and happy during this quarantine period by trying some of these well-known family favourite games on a digital platform. 

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