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Top educational apps for all ages

Technology has taken over many aspects of our lives, but it has become particularly prevalent in education. You'll find children, teenagers, adults, and seniors all using their phones to learn as well as entertain themselves. In this article, we share the best educational apps for all ages - because you never truly stop learning.

Use the navigation to find apps for a specific age group:




ABC Mouse



Suitable for toddlers and children aged 2-8, ABC Mouse teaches kids the basics through a series of fun online activities. 

ABC Mouse assists young children in learning how to read, how to do maths, how to draw, how to understand science, and how to play music. Created by teachers and educators, it features over 10,000 activities for all academic levels. 

Players can also create an avatar that looks like themselves. 

  • Used in more than 70,000 classrooms
  • 10 levels
  • Over 850 lessons
  • 10,000+ learning activities 
  • 1,000+ books, videos, puzzles, printable sheets, songs, games, and animations
  • Trackable progress for parents 

ABC Mouse offers a free 30-day trial - if you wish to continue after that, you’ll have to pay for a subscription. 





Cbeebies is a well-known TV channel catered towards developing the minds of 0-6 year olds. The app features a number of games and videos to help pre-nursery children learn the basics before going to school. As your child’s routine starts to change (such as when they go to nursery), the app adjusts the activities to support their new situation. 

  • Numberblocks ‘Number Magic Run’ - to learn maths
  • Alphablocks ‘Fun Run’ - to practice phonics to learn the alphabet and pronunciation of letters
  • Your Mindful Garden - encourage focus, creativity, and calmness while learning
  • Go Jetters ‘Glitch Switch’ - learn about the world and its different habitats
  • Bing ‘Camping’ - learn about managing feelings and behaviours
  • Hey Duggee ‘Partytime’ - learn to recognise shapes and colours
  • The Furchester Hotel - learn about health and self-care
  • Biggleton ‘Busy in Biggleton’ - learn about communication and differences in communities 
  • Maddie’s Do You Know? ‘Technology Trip’ - learn about technology 

This app is free to use, and partnered with the BBC. 





Coolmath Games



As children continue through primary and secondary schools, they will be focusing on developing their English and Maths skills. Coolmath Games helps children further develop their understanding of mathematics, using brain-training games to expand their logic, strategy, and problem-solving skills. 

New games are added each week, so your child never has to play the same activity twice. With categories like Fun Physics, Path Planning, and Quick Reaction, children will be developing without realising it, as the lessons are kept fun and engaging. 

  • Bob the Robber To Go - use logic to help Bob find the thief
  • Block the Pig - place walls around the pig to stop him escaping
  • IQ Ball - solve climbing and grabbing puzzles in as little moves as possible
  • Checkers - practice strategy against your device or your friends in real-time
  • Parking Fury - solve parking puzzles
  • 2048 - match numbers and multiple to hit 2048
  • Toy Defense - tower defence game where strategy will keep your kingdom safe

This app is free to use. 


Spelling Hangman


For English, spelling is the thing many children struggle with during their earlier years in education. Spelling Hangman combines the two together to assist children in preparing for spelling tests in a fun and unpressured environment. 

  • Children can create their own tests if they know which words they struggle with, or simply play like a normal game of hangman by guessing the word and placing the letters in the correct order
  • Use the ‘Sneaky Peek’ feature for a clue, but risk losing a part of your hangman
  • Scores will be saved so you can track your progress and see what you still need to pay attention to
  • Spelling Hangman can be used for any language - not just English. 

Free from the App store. 





BBC Bitesize App



For teenagers who are studying for their GCSE’s, BBC Bitesize is one of the most helpful revision tools on the internet. Most suitable for students aged 14 - 16, BBC Bitesize contains a number of key educational information broken down into smaller chunks for revision material. It is tailored towards the newer curriculum, where subjects are graded from 9 to 1. 

With Maths, English, Biology, Chemistry, and Physics on offer, your teenager can start revising confidently and stress-free with these easily digestible chunks. 

  • Sign in to pick your subjects and exam board, so you only learn the content and material relevant to your exam
  • Flashcards included with quick summaries, glossaries, videos, infographics, quizzes, and quotes for your subjects
  • Revision guides for on-the-go access to material

Free to use for students on smartphones, tablets, and PCs. 





Many teenagers are obligated to pick a language to study at school, and Duolingo is the best app to assist alongside their regular lessons. With 300 million users, it’s one of the most popular language apps on the market. 

Teenagers can pick from over 35 languages, and follow a series of guidance from learning the basics, to eventually learning how to communicate efficiently and fluently with native speakers. 

  • Different levels from basics, certain topics, catchphrases, slang, and more so you can tailor your learning to what you need to improve
  • Game-like lessons include speaking, matching words, writing, and listening activities, all designed to create a cohesive understanding of the language
  • Track your progress and receive awards for hitting targets

This app is free, but contains in-app purchases to unlock certain features earlier. 








Undergraduate, postgraduate, and job seekers still have a lot to learn even once they’ve left school. If you’re interested in learning a new skill alongside your advanced studies or career, Udemy offers more than 130,000 online courses. 

Take courses in a number of specialised topics, like design, writing, yoga, programming, and more. 40 million students are currently learning new skills, advancing their careers, and exploring their hobbies with Udemy. 

  • Over 2,000 topics to pick from - photoshop, artificial intelligence, blockchain, coding, etc. 
  • Free and paid courses on offer
  • Lifetime access to a course once enrolled
  • 50,000+ expert instructors teaching in 60+ languages
  • Download course and learn even when offline
  • Learn at your own pace

Udemy is 100% online, meaning you can register and learn from anywhere in the world - no need to go into a classroom, no need to stay fixed to times and schedules. 

The app is free to download, but you need to pay to access some of the courses. 


TED Talks



The TED Talks app allows you to watch and listen to loads of recorded TED Talks both online and offline. Enjoy the library of thousands of inspiring discussions, motivating talks, educational lectures, and transformational stories all in one place. 

TED Talks are designed to feed your curiosity and help you learn more about a topic that interests you. 

  • Get personalised recommendations 
  • Sync videos across all devices so you can watch from anywhere
  • Videos in over 100 languages
  • Subtitles available for if you’re hard of hearing, can’t understand, or are unable to play the sound aloud 
  • Browse the newest additions, what’s trending, and what’s hot in each topic
  • Add talks to your watch later list to remember 
  • Toggle between dark and light mode
  • Use the ‘Surprise Me!’ feature for instant inspiration

This app is free to download. 





Word With Friends



Words With Friends keeps you close to your family, as well as keeping your mind active. Challenge your friends and family to a series of crossword, Scrabble-style puzzles. 

Puzzles have been shown to delay the development of dementia and Alzheimer’s, so playing brain-training games like Words With Friends, WordBrain, Scrabble, and Lumosity can aid in keeping your mind active as you age. 

  • Weekly challenges to earn badges and rewards
  • Beat the clock feature - be faster than your friends and family, and spell out each word before the timer runs out
  • Solo play - play offline against the device to sharpen your skills
  • Hindsight - reveal the best word you could have played to improve for next time
  • Word radar - a heat map reveals the location of all turns you could take
  • Profile frames - personalise your profile frames 
  • Smart match - connect with players who have a similar skill level as you, so you’re not at an advantage or disadvantage
  • Play in 6 languages - English, Spanish, French, German, Italian, and Portuguese

This app is free to download, but offers in-app purchases.





If you’re more into numbers than words, this Sudoku app is a great puzzle game to keep your mind active. A classic brain-training game, Sudoku requires you to place numbers in a grid so neither overlap in a box or line. Suitable for beginners and advanced levels, this game can be played on any device. 

  • Choose which difficulty level you want to play
  • Hints, auto-check, highlight duplicates are all features included to help you out
  • Make notes to keep track of possible numbers - each time you fill in a box, the notes update
  • Complete daily challenges to earn rewards
  • Participate in seasonal events
  • Track your progress by viewing statistics
  • Choose one of three interfaces

This app is free to download and can be played offline, but contains in-app purchases. 

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So there you have it - a choice of educational apps for each age group. For children and teens, check out our list of the best tablets for kids. Adults and adolescents may want to take a peek at our top selection of smartphones in store and our best phones for under £200. Seniors can check out our list of the best phones for seniors.  

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