5 tips to make your phone battery last longer

Do you use your phone heavily and need to find ways to make your battery last longer? Then you will find some great tips within this article. Let’s take a look at 5 ways to stop your battery from dying halfway through the day!

Last updated: 17th Oct 2018 at 1:22pm

1. Stop apps from refreshing in the background

Apps that keep updating in the background consume plenty of power, even when your screen is off. You can put an end to this activity – and you might be surprised by just how much longer your battery lasts.

Apple iPhone: Go to Settings > General > Background App Refresh and tap the toggle switch. The toggle switch needs to be in the Off position.

Android: You can close open apps before you lock your phone to save power and you can do this by tapping Recent Apps and by then tapping the Bin Icon.

2. Keep your phone cool

An extreme temperature is your battery’s worst enemy, and this applies to both high and low temperatures. The ideal ambient temperature is between 16C and 22C. Temperatures that are higher than 35C will permanently lower your battery’s capacity. When cold, a charge may not last as long but this is a temporary issue and the battery will last just as long as before once it warms back up.

While you cannot lower the ambient temperature, you can make sure that you do not leave your phone in the sun. When the air temperature is hot and there is nothing that you can do about it, you should only charge the battery to 80% capacity and this should offer a level of protection.

3. Use Wi-Fi instead of Mobile Data

Did you know that mobile data uses more power than Wi-Fi? With this in mind, you can turn off your mobile data and use Wi-Fi whenever it is available.

Apple iPhone: Swipe up to open the Control Centre and turn on Wi-Fi and turn off Mobile Data. You can also do this by going to Settings > Wi-Fi.

Android: Swipe down to bring the toggle icons into view and tap Wi-Fi and Mobile Data to turn them on or off.

4. Set your screen brightness to Auto

The brighter your screen is, the more power it is using. The most convenient option here is to turn your screen brightness to auto. This means that when you are outside in bright daylight, the screen brightness will automatically increase. When you go inside or when it’s dark, the screen brightness dims. As a bonus, you will find that you experience less eye strain when using your phone in the evening.

Apple iPhone: Tap Settings > Display & Brightness > Auto Brightness and set the toggle switch to On.

Android: Pull down the notifications and toggle icons into view. Tap Auto next to the brightness bar.

5. Use your Battery Saver

Using your phone’s Battery Saver is a great way to save power. It automatically makes adjustments that will help to save power.

Apple iPhone: With iOS 9 or above tap Settings > Battery > Low Power Mode. If you choose not to do this, then your iPhone will prompt you to when the battery runs down to 20% and then 10% capacity.

Android: Tap Settings > Battery > Power Saving Mode or Settings > Battery > Ultra Power Saving Mode.

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