Best Tablets For Kids

While it’s often recommended to limit your children’s time on electronics, there are many benefits to allowing kids to explore on a tablet. In this article, we will talk you through some of the best tablets for kids that inspire growth and learning, while keeping them safe online. 

Last updated: 10th Aug 2020 at 4:50pm

Want to keep your child safe whilst using tablets and other devices? Check out our post on parental control software.

All details in this article were correct as of 15/07/2020.

The Best Android Tablets for Kids

Amazon Fire HD 10 Kids Edition

Designed for ultimate child safety, this Amazon tablet is a reliable choice for any parent wishing to invest in a useful and educational device. 

It is packed to the brim with features, like time limits and curfews to ensure your child is not still using it at bedtime, or spending too much time staring at a screen. You can also set educational goals to make sure your child is working towards something, rather than playing aimlessly. You can control all of these features from your Amazon Parent Dashboard on your smartphone, which you can lock with a passcode. 

It starts with 32GB of storage, which provides plenty of space for all of your child’s apps, videos and games. If that’s not enough, you can also add a microSD card to boost your storage space. Also included is an octa-core processor for speedy function of apps, and a 12 hour battery life, saving you the hassle of charging between education sessions.. 

In terms of its design, it has a 10” HD screen with 1080p display for clear and big imagery, and a sturdy child-proof case with a fold-out stand to prop the tablet up. As it is a kid’s edition, the tablet also comes with a free 1 year subscription to Fire for Kids Unlimited, giving your child access to thousands of popular content from Disney and Nickelodeon. Your child won’t even notice that social media is off limits. 

The Fire HD 10 comes with a 2 year worry-free guarantee, so you can replace it easily for free if it breaks. For £199 on Amazon, this is a popular choice. 

Amazon Fire 7 Kids Edition

One of the best budget tablets on the market, the Fire 7 can be purchased for around £99.99. Designed with children’s enjoyment and parent’s reassurance in mind, there are a variety of pre-installed parental controls like time limits, content restrictions, and setting goals - all of which can be accessed from the device itself, or remotely through Amazon Parent Dashboard. 

With a 7” screen, it is smaller than the previous Amazon model, but you might find this is easier for your child to hold. Coming in blue, pink, and yellow, you can personalise the tablet to your child’s tastes. 

It comes with 16GB of storage, with the option for a microSD card to expand. With an 8 hour battery life, your child could spend most of their day learning and exploring with over 5,000 apps, videos, games, books, and more with the Fire for Kids Unlimited subscription. If you want to keep this subscription after the free year, it’ll cost you £1.99 a month.

The parental controls allow you to add even more content to your child’s device, like a Netflix subscription and Minecraft, while also keeping tabs on what they are spending their time on. 

Like the other Amazon device, this tablet has a 2 year warranty against breakages, so you don’t have to worry about any accidental drops!

Samsung Galaxy Tab A Kids Edition

Another beloved Android brand - Samsung. With education and curiosity at the heart of its creation, the Samsung Galaxy Tab A is a sturdy option for parents looking for ultimate safety. 

This tablet offers over 10,000 hours of activities, from movies, games, videos, and more. Your child will never run out of things to do. It also comes with a free trial of Samsung Kids when you buy it, so you can explore what else there is on offer. This Samsung tablet is very secure and shields your children from danger while using it. 

The parental controls are one of its best features. You can set time limits, so they don’t use up the entire 13 hour battery in one day. You are also able to monitor what they are watching or doing on their tablet, to ensure their safety, as well as knowing if they’re spending their time wisely. 

With an 8” screen and durable bumper case, this is the perfect size for many children. The 32GB internal memory can also be topped up with an SD card slot. 

Retail prices vary, but it tends to be sold at around £120

LeapFrog Epic

Catered towards developing child’s minds, the LeapFrog Epic tablet grows with your child, constantly adapting and changing to fit their new mindset. 

This Android-based tablet combines with LeapFrog to provide limitless apps and games for exploration and education. Parents can add new websites to the LeapSearch browser, so every time your child logs in, there’s something new to discover. 

With growth at the heart of its purpose, the LeapFrog Epic comes with auto-levelling learning games and a playable homescreen your child can redesign as their thoughts and feelings shift.

Access popular Android apps like Fruit Ninja, Doodle Jump, and Maths Master, alongside a large list of educator approved apps and games that cover maths, science, reading, writing, creativity, and life skills. And with an expandable 16GB memory, there’s plenty of space for everything to be downloaded. 

The 7” screen also boasts a stylus, protective bumper case for drops and other accidents, and 2MP front and back cameras for pictures. 

The Best iOS Tablets for Kids

Apple iPad

While there are a bunch of Android tablets designed with young kids in mind, the Apple iPad is a good choice for slightly older children who want more freedom in their play. 

Starting at £349, it is definitely a pricey option and not for those seeking a budget-friendly tablet. It combines the power and accessibility of a computer, with the option to transform into a little laptop using the Smart Keyboard. The 10.2” screen may not be the best option for your child, but could make a great present for a child over 10 years old, as Apple tablets are typically very easy to use. 

With the Apple Pencil, children can switch between their hand and the stylus to draw, write, or sketch on their screen. The Apple App Store offers a wide range of apps for education and gaming. There’s plenty of options; you could encourage your child to learn a new language, compose their own music, or use Augmented Reality (AR) to learn something new, like human anatomy or dinosaurs

If your child is into gaming, they can Bluetooth pair a PS4 or Xbox controller with their iPad to play arcade games. The 8MP camera or the FaceTime HD camera allows for clear pictures and video calling, keeping your child connected while on their device. 

There are a variety of other apps and services available for you to explore on the Apple iPad that might make the large expenditure worth it. 

Apple iPad Pro / Apple iPad Mini / Apple iPad Air

There are a few other variants on the standard iPad, but these are usually more expensive and not necessarily the best choice for kids. While they haven’t been designed specifically with children in mind, you might find that their unique features could work for your family. 

Apple iPad Pro - starts at £769

Apple iPad Mini - starts at £399

Apple iPad Air - starts at £479

That’s it for our tablet recommendations. Once you’ve found the perfect device for your child, you should learn about the range of educational apps on offer for iOS and Android. 

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