Best Tablets For Kids

Tablets for children are a great way to introduce technology into their lives and encourage learning. When looking for the best tablets for kids you want the tablet to include safety features and to have the capability to grow and offer what your child might want in years to come. Here, we take a look at the best tablets for kids aged 3-10 and kids aged 10+. We also highlight the best educational tablets.

Last updated: 30th Jun 2020 at 4:04pm


The best Android tablets for children ages 3 - 10

Amazon Fire 7

‘A great inexpensive tablet to give to young children’ - Good Housekeeping. 

The Amazon Fire 7 Kids Edition is a great children’s tablet, and at around £100, it is great value for money. Designed specifically for children, it comes with a two-year warranty against breakages, with no questions asked. Available with a kid-proof case in vibrant blue, yellow or pink, your child can drop it, knock it, and smear food all over it without your need for concern.

The standard model has a 7” display can be purchased for £99.99 from Amazon. This standard model offers up to 8 hours of mixed-use; great for kids who likely spend hours playing games or using educational apps. If you think that your son or daughter would enjoy a bigger experience, then there is an 8” at £129.99 and 10.1” model at £199.99.

With the tablet having been designed following extensive research with other children, your child will enjoy a visual interface that is kid-friendly. You can add more apps as you see fit and there is 16GB memory for this, along with a memory card slot, should you need to use it.

At the moment, the kids fire tablets come with one year of unlimited Fire For Kids, giving them access to more than 5,000 games, apps, books, videos, and Disney educational content. As a parent, you can set educational goals through the Amazon Parent Dashboard, along with a bedtime curfew. You can also block games and videos until educational or reading goals are met, ensuring that the experience is both fun and educational.

Huawei MediaPad T3 10 Tablet

This vivid colour tablet has an impressive high resolution display with a blue-light filter and optional low-light display. Made from solid sleek anodized aluminium, this device has a sleek and refined style. The 4800mAh battery keeps the lights on for longer, giving you an unrushed, uninterrupted experience. This tablet has an outstanding battery life of up to 30-hours and comes with everything you need including WiFi, Speaker, Microphone, Rear and Front faced camera, 16GB internal storage and a headphone jack. Smart app access and content control allows parents to manage what content their children can access. This amazing tablet can be purchased from Asda Direct for only £110.

LeapFrog Epic

With a shatter-safe 7” display and a protective bumper, the LeapFrog epic is a tablet that can withstand rough play and accidents. The Leapfrog is a bit more expensive than the Amazon Fire HD Kids standard model at £119 on Amazon. An out-of-the-box web experience, based on Android, gets your child playing and learning straight away. 

As your child grows you can add new URLs, for discovery and school, to the LeapSearch Browser. The whole tablet experience grows and changes, just like your children do, with auto-levelling learning games. Initial educator approved apps and games cover maths, science, reading, writing, creativity, and life skills.

Kids can customise the playable homescreen and redesign it over and over again. The battery delivers more than 6 hours usage time and there is fun to be had with a front and back camera.


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The best Android tablets for Ages 10+

When children reach a certain age they no longer want what they see as a 'toddler's tablet'. Below are the best android tablets for children aged 10 or over.

Amazon Fire HD 10

This tablet is more sophisticated than the previous Fire tablets shown. The Amazon Fire HD 10 sells at around £199 on Amazon, has a bigger 10.1” HD display, a polished black, red or blue finish, is affordable, well built and plays back video to an exceptionally high standard. This tablet also has up to 10 hours of battery life; perfect for watching your favourite series on Amazon Prime.

The Fire 10 allows you to connect to wifi and can be used for hands-free and video calls. The best thing about this tablet is the amount of memory you get; you can buy a 32 or 64GB model and add an SD card of up to 256GB

Samsung Galaxy Tab A

This range of tablets is great for teens, the 10.1” model is particularly popular. The GalaxyTab A starts at £199 on Amazon, but is frequently on offer. The tablet comes in black, white or grey, offers 12 hours of battery life, high resolution and an 8 MP camera. Using a feature called Quick Connect you can share videos and photos from your Galaxy Tab A and show them on your TV screen. You can also download a multitude of apps due to the fact the tablet comes with 30GB of internal memory and the option toadd an additional 200GB using the SD card slot. This is an excellent budget tablet for young teens who can browse the Google Play Store for hours. There are tonnes of educational apps, such as duolingo which helps you learn a second language, or alternatively if you’re looking to get some exercise and play something adventurous try Pokemon Go


The best iOS tablets for Ages 10+

Apple iPad

Apple tablets are generally more suited to children older than 10 due to being quite pricey. The Apple iPad has many great features for kids but some parents might find the price-tag off putting as they start from £319 at the Apple store; the iPad Pro and iPad Mini are even more expensive. If if you insist on giving your child a brand new Apple tablet, then the 9.7” standard Apple iPad model is probably the best choice. If you want an Apple tablet but don’t want to spend more than £300 we recommend looking at refurbished and used models on websites like Amazon

Apple tablets are extremely easy to use, so older kids will have no trouble learning how to use the device. Expect around 10 hours of mixed usage from most iPad's, battery life is essential for kids who may use the tablet for watching videos, playing games or using educational tools. 

You can download apps from the iTunes store as soon as you are connected to the wi fi. AR apps are particularly beneficial, an example is BioDigital 3D Human Anatomy; great for exploring the organs and bones in the human body. Your child can learn about Dinosaurs using an interactive AR game called Archaeologist: Dinosaur Games, this app lets you assemble dinosaur skeletons, attempt puzzles, colour in and read cool facts about dinosaurs during gameplay. The Apple iPad supports the Apple Pencil, which older children and students may find extremely useful. The Apple Pencil can turn the iPad into a notepad allowing you or your kids to get creative.

 If your child enjoys puzzles then there are hundreds of apps to choose from such as Just Sudoku: Puzzle Logic Game and Candy Crush Saga

If your child is accident prone make sure you check out accessory sites such as MobileFun for a cheap but protective tablet cover


Parental controls and safety features

Parental controls and your child’s online safety will surely be a key concern. The kids tablets that we have discussed here offer following to tackle these issues:

Apple iPad – Parents can block or limit individual apps through the Screen Time feature and prevent iTunes and App Store purchases. You can prevent explicit content from being shown on the iPad in forms of media such as music, news, podcasts, movies, TV shows, apps, and books.

Amazon Fire 7 Kids and Amazon Fire HD 10 – Parents can restrict the types of content that can be accessed on the device or through the remote Amazon Parent Dashboard. Parental approval is needed before your child can access the internet, access social media or make in-app purchases. Amazon Smart Filters can be used to ensure your content is age appropriate. 

LeapFrog epic – Parents are assured that there are no in-app purchases available but you do have the flexibility to unlock more apps as your son or daughter gets older. When you feel the time is appropriate, you can unlock a full web browser but still control the amount of time it can be used for with daily time limits.

Samsung Galaxy Tab A - Samsung allows you to set up parental controls on all of their devices. To make a tablet more secure go to Settings, Users, Add a User, select Restricted Profile and fill out the remaining user details. In Samsung you can toggle the apps your child is and isn't allowed to use. You can set your child's account to ‘Kids Mode’ which changes the whole tablet interface into a digital playground with child safe content.


What else to consider

That's it for our top picks for tablets for kids! Once you've picked the right one for your little one, you should think about what educational apps to load it with. You might also want to consider safety and what parental control software to use. 

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