Differences between 3G and 4G

At Asda Mobile, we’re celebrating the launch of our 4G network by giving away 2GB of data to all of our amazing customers – both new and existing! All you need to do to redeem the free data is add one of our monthly bundles (excluding talk and text bundles and data only bundles) to your Asda Mobile account, and your free data will be added automatically.

But you might be asking yourself what’s so special about 4G? Why is it better than the 3G you already have? You might have heard that it’s a bit faster, but is that all there is to it?

Don’t worry, we’ll explain…

  1. Speed Yes, you were right: 4G is a lot faster than 3G. Simply 4G is roughly around 5 times faster than 3G. This means that if you’re browsing the web, pages will load quicker, and if you’re downloading small files, they’ll download faster, too.

  2. Standard cost If we were writing this a couple of years ago, we would have had to let you know that you would be charged more for 4G, but those days are gone. Now, you can get yourself a great bundle with 4G internet all for the same cost as 3G, so why bother with second best?

  3. Compatibility How old is your phone? Are you still using a first generation iPhone? Or maybe something a little older? If you’ve stayed a little bit – or a lot – behind the curve, you might want to think about upgrading before you move over to a 4G network, or your phone might not be able to handle the difference.

You don’t need the most brand-spanking-new handset, but you will need a 4G handset to be able to take advantage of the best 4G speeds, otherwise, you might as well stick with 3G.

So there you have it: our digestible guide to the differences between 3G and 4G. We hope you’re now a little bit more confident on the differences. Pick up your free Asda Mobile SIM today.

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