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SIM cards for laptops

Love your laptop but can’t seem to get the internet connection you need? Have you considered using its SIM card slot?
SIM cards have been powering our phones since the early ‘90s, and now many laptops can use them, too. Which begs the question: can you use a phone SIM in your laptop?
In this article, we look at SIM cards for laptops and help you decide whether they’re a good choice for you.

Do laptops have SIM card slots?

Nowadays, many laptops come with SIM card slots. They are especially useful if you don’t have a broadband connection or travel frequently. You can find out if your laptop has a SIM card slot by checking the user manual.

More and more customers are buying laptops with SIM card slots in them, so make sure when choosing your preferred SIM that it’s compatible with your device.


Benefits of using SIM cards for laptops

There are many benefits of using SIM cards for laptops, such as:

  • The ability to access the internet wherever you are in the world
  • All your phone contacts will work without any changes needed (you can also make phone calls with your laptop)
  • Rather than always relying on Wi-Fi, you can connect to the internet via your mobile phone network
  • Helps spread the cost of SIM cards for overseas travel
  • Inbuilt support (some laptops come with instructions on how to insert a SIM card, eliminating the need for additional software or equipment)


How to use a SIM card in your laptop

Once you’ve made sure that your new SIM is compatible with your laptop, follow these steps to successfully install it:


1.   Find the SIM card slot on your laptop

These vary depending on the manufacturer and/or model. Usually, the SIM card slot is located in or near the battery compartment, but not always.

When in doubt, check your device handbook or contact the manufacturer directly for clarification.


2.   Insert the SIM card into your laptop

Most of the time this is with the gold contacts facing up, but again, if you’re unsure, please consult your device handbook or talk to the laptop manufacturer

After inserting the SIM, push down gently on it until you hear a click. Then, pull back to secure.

Make sure that your laptop is turned off before inserting the SIM card, as failure to do so will mean starting the whole process from scratch (and could even damage the SIM!).


3.   Turn your laptop back on

Wait for your device to detect the new hardware and then follow the setup instructions.


4.   Follow any additional instructions

Some manufacturers may provide additional prompts to action before your laptop SIM card can be fully activated.

Also, the mobile network you choose may have its own steps for activating your SIM, regardless of whether you’re using it in a laptop, tablet or smartphone.


What to look for in SIM cards for laptops

When it comes to SIM cards for laptops, it can be confusing knowing which products to pick. Start by asking yourself the following questions:

  • Is it easy to set up?
  • Have you chosen one that’s compatible?
  • How strong is its connectivity?
  • Will your laptop support all its features?
  • Does it function like a phone (with access to data networks and a number)?

Remember, the best SIM cards for laptops are those that give you full internet access even if there’s no Wi-Fi available. Find yourself travelling a lot for work? Broadband connection patchy at home? A laptop SIM card could be the solution!

It can be easy to use up more data than you think when on a laptop. With that in mind, you should consider getting an unlimited data SIM. That way, you’ll never have to worry.


Are SIM cards for laptops worth it?

If you want 24/7 internet access anywhere in the world via your laptop, a SIM card is definitely worth it. Whether you’re using your laptop for work or leisure, the right SIM will give you all the connectivity you need while on the go.

Some laptops even give you the option to use two SIM cards simultaneously, so you can split your usage over two plans. Just make sure you choose a SIM package that offers great value for money.


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