The Best Study Apps and Podcasts for Students

It’s that time of the year again: students across the UK are going into study mode as exams approach. It’s important to fit study in where you can, including on your morning and evening commute. Use these study apps to get better exam results and listen to these podcasts to relax after a long day of lectures.

Last updated: 6th Dec 2018 at 12:12pm

Firstly, let’s take a look at a selection of study apps that will help you when you’re writing essays or preparing for exams.

Top Study Apps

Gojimo Revision - Free - Android, iOS

Gojimo Revision is the UK’s most popular revision app for those studying GCSE or A Level. The app allows you to download offline quizzes, check off topics that have been learned and track your weaknesses and strengths.

The revision content has been carefully mapped to the exam board syllabus, so you won’t waste time learning facts that you don’t need to know. If you make a mistake during a quiz, then a detailed explanation is given for every question.

My Study Life - Free - Android, iOS

Getting organised can seem like a dauntinga and overwhelming task. You can remove these stresses with My Study Life, a study planner designed just for students.

This organiser works across all devices (smartphone, tablet & laptop) and will allow you to store your homework assignments, study classes and exams dates. Your entries are stored in the cloud, so you can seamlessly move between devices. Key features include the ability to add your class timetable, add revision tasks for specific exams and add revision, class and exam reminders.

Study Music - Free - Android

Focus, memorisation, creativity and imagination are all key attributes for students who want to get good exam results through study. This app encourages better learning and concentration by adding alpha waves and binaural beats to songs and these have been scientifically proven to improve intelligence and brain activity.

Different frequencies are used within the songs to stimulate your brain for different study tasks. The music is categorised for this as Focus, Study, Read, Solve, Memorise, Create, Learn and Imagine.

Brainscape Flashcard - Free - Android, iOS

Study drills are still a useful learning tool and the Brainscape Flashcard app promises to double your learning speed. The app does this by personalising the timing of each flashcard recurrence and the results of doing this is backed by proven cognitive science.

When you need to study for an exam, you can use flashcard seriescreated by schools and educators on all subjects that you may be studying. You can also create your own flashcard series, collaborate with other students to develop them and share them with your classmates.

StudyBreak Procrastination Aid - Free - iOS

It is fair to say that your smartphone can be a distraction when it comes time to study. This app has been created just for students in order to tackle this. You begin by selecting a StudyBreak ratio and by starting the timer. If you pick your phone up during the study time, then you are given a warning to return to your studies.

Once the study time is over, you are given an alert to stop studying. This is useful for those who over study and don’t take the breaks that are needed for effective learning. The app has a lock screen widget, stats page and a version for the Apple Watch.

Top Podcasts

Podcasts are becoming more and more popular, and it’s estimated that over a third of the UK population regularly listens to podcasts. Are you ready to join the trend?


A true crime classic, Serial is arguably the podcast which started the trend way back in 2014. It explores a 1999 murder case, and the potential wrong conviction of the victim’s ex-boyfriend, who consistently proclaims his innocence. It’s an incredibly gripping story, and one that fascinated millions of people around the globe.

Stuff You Should Know

The award winning podcast, often abbreviated SYSK, is an amazing educational show which also happens to be entertaining and funny. Hosts Josh and Chuck discuss a wide range of topics, from hangovers to Barbie and grieving - and they never fail to make their listeners laugh.

How Did This Get Made?

If you’ve ever had to sit through a painfully awful film and wondered “how did this get made”... This is the podcast for you. Every episode, the three hosts and their guests attempt to understand the plots of very, very bad movies, all while relentlessly mocking these movies. (And before you ask - yes, there is an episode on The Room.)

Sunday Supplement

Fans of the Sky television show will be glad to hear Sunday Supplement also comes in podcast form - so you can make your Monday morning commute that little more enjoyable. Hosted by Neil Ashton, the podcast features some of the best-known football writers and critics as guests, and provides great insight on the week’s best games.


Another highly-rated true crime podcast (like its name suggests), Criminal is what you should be listening to after you inevitably finish Serial. But unlike Serial, Criminal deals with criminal cases which have been resolved or closed - and each episode follows a different case. But don’t worry - it’s just as gripping!

Tomorrow’s World

The BBC’s famous science and technology programme, Tomorrow’s World, was recently brought back, alongside a podcast version. Bringing together the Science Museum and the Royal Society, the show and podcast both discuss technology news, as well as speculate on the future of science and the future of our world. It’s the perfect bite of science to listen to on your lunch break, whether you’re more interested in outer space or AI robots.

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