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Qustodio versus FamilyTime

In a technology-driven world, it’s impossible for your child to avoid the internet. It’s great that they can grow up with such a powerful tool, but it’s also stressful when thinking about what type of content they could be exposed to. Thankfully, you have the option of implementing parental control software, which will track, monitor, and limit your child’s internet usage.

We take a look at two of the best pieces of kit out there, Qustodio and FamilyTime, weighing up their various strengths and weaknesses, so you can decide which is best for your family. 

What is parental control software and what does it do?

Parental control software allows a parent, from another device, to track, monitor, place time limits, and block websites on their child’s device - whether that be a smartphone, tablet, or laptop/PC. 

This means that you, the parent, can rest assured that your child isn’t accessing any inappropriate or harmful material, as well as making sure they stay on task for their personal learning or education. 

Qustodio versus FamilyTime: Comparison of features

Internet filtering

Internet filtering is when the parent can apply blocks to certain content, or only make sure that age-appropriate websites can be viewed or searched. 



  • Block websites by category or URL
  • Manage and monitor the amount of time spent on the internet
  • Cut off the internet or automatically lock the device
  • Custom internet filter blockers make sure that adult content, violence, hateful bullying, or dangerous platforms are all unaccessible 
  • SafeSearch for Google, Bing, and YouTube makes unwanted search results vanish
  • Block specific categories e.g. drugs, dating, extremism etc. 

App tracking and monitoring

App tracking and monitoring allows you to see exactly what is happening when your child is using an app, like social media or YouTube. Apps are often where inappropriate content and bullying can appear, so it’s important to be watchful of this activity. 



  • Block certain apps you don’t want your child using or being able to search for online 
  • Set up time limits to monitor how long they spend absorbing content/material from each app, like Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Tumblr etc. 
  • On Android, you can monitor what your child searches on YouTube that led them to a certain video 
  • Advanced Facebook Monitoring means you can see everything your child shares to their feed 
  • App Usage - sends detailed reports to the parent about the amount of time spent on each app 
  • Schedule how much time they are allowed to spend on each app 
  • Check the safety of each app they install 
  • Block apps by adding them to the Blacklist app list 
  • No direct monitoring of social media apps 


If you choose to track your child’s location, both of these software apps will allow you to see where your child is in real-time, as well as set up a geofence. Establishing a geofence means you can set time limits on their location, and you’ll receive an alert if they are outside of the set distance or time limit. 

FamilyTime does this particularly well - it’ll send you alerts for check-in and check-out locations, so you know when they’ve entered or left a new venue. 

Contact monitoring

Both apps can monitor calls, texts, and the history of who your child has been speaking to. You can also use them to block contacts that you don’t want children being exposed to. 

Contact monitoring is available on Android for both apps, but only FamilyTime can do it on iOS. 

Screen time

Both control softwares allow you to set time limits for each day or week on online internet usage, as well as apps. This means you have direct control over how long your child stays attached to their screen. You can also be alerted when your child has reached or exceeded their limit.

On both Qustodio and FamilyTime, you can automatically lock their device as well. 

Find out more about the dangers of too much screen time


In the worst case scenario, both Qustodio and FamilyTime have emergency panic buttons that your child can press. Tapping these will send the parent an instant message to indicate that they’re in danger and need your help. You can use the location tracking feature to find them. 

Availability and ease of use

Both apps are available on Apple and Android, use the links below to check them out: 







As for usability, both apps are relatively straightforward, with simple interfaces and seamless integration with the version on your child’s device. Both apps have an easy to follow set-up process which walks you through installation and configuration.




Small Plan

£38.35 \ $49.46

Up to 5 devices


£1.74 / $2.25 per month

£20.94 / $27 annually per child device

Medium Plan

£67.67 \ $87.26

Up to 10 devices

MyFamily2 - 2 children’s devices

£1.13 / $1.46 per month per child device

£27.14 / $35 annually 

Large Plan

£96.28 \ $124.16

Up to 15 devices 

MyFamily3 - 3 children’s devices

£0.97 / $1.25 per month on each device

£34.90 \ $45 annually 



£0.89 / $1.15 per month

£53.51 / $69 annually per device


Larger families may benefit from the price plans of Qustodio, but smaller families will appreciate the detailed plans offered by FamilyTime. 

In terms of features, both softwares are equal-weighted in benefits, though it’s good to know whether you’ll be using it on an Android or iOS device (as Qustodio doesn’t offer Call and Texting tracking for iOS). 

Both apps are easy to install with simple, user-friendly interfaces. 

If you trust what other users are saying, the two apps vary in quality depending on the phone type. This is how they stack up according to user ratings:





3.0 out of 5

4.6 out of 5


3.9 out of 5

2.8 out of 5

With that in mind, you may want to pick the app that’s most popular for your operating system. 

If you still can’t make up your mind, we’ve got even more parental control software covered. Also, if you’re already downloading apps onto your devices, why not check out sanity-saving apps every parent needs?

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