Nokia 3310 Review

The iconic Nokia 3310 is back and it brings with it boundless amounts of nostalgia for the Asda Mobile team. The 2017 Nokia 3310 is as affordable as the original, of which Nokia sold 126 million, following its release in the autumn of 2000. The new Nokia 3310 keeps much of what was great on the original, while the rest is re-imagined for a new generation.

Last updated: 21st Jan 2019 at 3:47pm

Rounded Form and Physical Keys

The Nokia 3310 has a smooth rounded form that is just a little bit more curvaceous, compared to the original. Even though certain design elements have changed, the Nokia 3310 is still instantly recognisable. Much of the design familiarity is delivered through the physical silver-coloured buttons, which are reassuringly responsive and accurate to use.

Through Colour Polycarbonate Body

The through colour polycarbonate body and removable back cover is a delight to find. We can all be clumsy at times but with a through colour body, scratches and nicks are less visible, ensuring that the new look lasts for longer. Four classic colours are available and these are Grey and Dark Blue with a matt finish and Yellow and Warm Red with a gloss finish. A great bit of news is that the Nokia 3310 (2017) is almost half as thick as the original, at 12.8mm, making it a really pocket or clutch bag friendly.

Colour Display

The 2.4” QVGA (320 x 240 pixels) curved display introduces colour into the mix, with great results. The coloured wallpaper is visually stunning and gives the Nokia 3310 a premium look. The display has a polarised layer and this gives improved readability, for when the phone is used under bright sunlight.


The classic Snake game is back and this has been reinvented for the colour screen and improved resolution. Created by Gameloft, Snake Xenzia is played using the physical buttons and this is an experience that simply cannot be duplicated on a touchscreen phone. The new edition of Snake incorporates stunning new graphics and additional modes of play.

Standby of up to One Month

The strapline says it all here. The Nokia 3310 has an epic battery that can last for up to 31 days in standby. The battery is actually quite small with a 1,200mAh capacity but this Nokia phone is very energy efficient. This means that the phone can provide up to 22.1 hours of talk time or up to 39 hours FM of radio playback or up to 51 hours of MP3 music playback. The charger can be connected to the micro USB port on the top edge, which keeps the cable out of the way, for those who want to simultaneously charge and use the phone.

2MP Snapper

The 2MP camera can capture photographs, day or night, thanks to being paired up with a LED flash. It is possible to record video as well and the internal 16MB memory can be used for storing these. For those who like to snap away at every opportunity, there is a microSD memory card slot under the back cover. This can be used for inserting a microSD card with any capacity of up to 32GB. Sharing has been made easier through Bluetooth 3.0 with SLAM, which lets you share photos without the need to pair two devices together.

Custom Made User Interface

 The Nokia Series 30+ operating system brings with it a custom-made user interface. This retains the retro look of the original Nokia 3310 but adds the wow factor through the use of colour. The operating system delivers several pre-loaded apps that you are likely to use on a daily basis. The weather app lets you know whether to head out with sunglasses or an umbrella, while the calendar keeps you organised by showing you your upcoming birthdays and appointments.

Opera Mini Web Browser

The Opera Mini web browser connects to the internet over a 2G (mobile network) connection. Through this, you can make Google searches, type in a web address, read the headlines on the BBC News website or view social posts on Facebook. Most websites recognise that a mobile phone is being used to view them and this allows them to offer an experience that is tailored to the small screen. With a great functional browser, the great value SIM you get from Asda Mobile can be used to great effect!


The Nokia 3310 has an MP3 player for enjoying your favourite tunes. There is also an FM radio and this can be used by plugging in headphones, to the 3.5mm audio jack, located at the bottom of the phone.

Who is the Nokia 3310 for?

The Nokia 3310 is going to attract a wide audience. There will be those who buy the phone just to play Snake, while others will be looking for a cheap standby phone or an inexpensive phone to take with them on a night out.

For your great value device you need a great value SIM, get yours today from Asda Mobile. Try our network for free with 10 mins, 10 texts and 10MB of data!

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