New iPhone Xi Rumours

The new iPhone Xi from Apple is due to be released during late summer 2019. So, let’s take a look at the latest iPhone rumours to see what has everyone gripped with pending excitement.

Last updated: 29th Jun 2020 at 12:01pm

Update - September 2019

The iPhone 11 is now out! Take a look at our guide for the new range, including the Pro and the XR. 


Release Date | Price and Name | Camera | Design | Display | Battery | Features

Release Date

The release date is the key piece of information that everyone wants to know. With a long history of iPhone releases, it is pretty easy to predict this. Apple will most likely announce the iPhone Xi on the second Tuesday of September (10th) 2019.

The iPhone Xi will go on pre-order on Friday (13th) in the same week and this will be a vital date for those who want to get their hands on an iPhone Xi first. It will go on sale the following week - Friday 20th September.


Price and Name

Rumours suggest that the Apple iPhone Xi will be priced similar to the current iPhone. With flagging sales, this could well be true, although you shouldn’t expect to see a price reduction. If this stays true, then the new iPhone will be priced at £999 or £56 per month on a 24-month contract.

The iPhone lineup will most likely consist of two-three models. The most recent iPhones have been given the ‘X’ moniker (iPhone X, XR, and XS) so we may see the new iPhone names. The highest predicted names are; iPhone Xi, iPhone XT, iPhone 11,  iPhone 11 Max, XS Max and XR.



Apple may not release cameras with the highest number of pixels but they always release cameras that seem to get the best results in daylight, dusk and night. The rear camera is rumoured to have either a double or triple-lens camera. It may be the case that a dual camera will feature on two models, while the iPhone 11 Max gets a triple 3D camera.

A 14MP lens and a 10MP lens are likely to be paired up with another lens of yet unknown quality. One lens will offer a wider field-of-view similar to the Galaxy s10, while another lens could capture enhanced low-light photos. One huge benefit of a triple-camera setup is the possibility of having 3x optical zoom, so you can zoom in without losing the sharpness of the image.

A 10MP FaceTime selfie camera would sit in a display notch, which may be smaller than the one that we see on the current iPhone. Many manufacturers have achieved a smaller notch in a multitude of ways, so it would be unlikely for Apple to not follow suit.

It is rumoured that the TrueDepth front camera will have a Sony 3D sensor. This will speed up the Face ID secure facial authentication process.


iPhone 11 Design

Apple has used a variety of materials when manufacturing its products. In the past, these have included glass, surgical-grade aluminium, and stainless steel. Glass will certainly be used in the build of the iPhone 11 because this is needed for wireless charging.

Concerns about durability should be put aside because Apple has already used the most durable glass on a smartphone. The glass will be fixed to a metal frame and the alloy could be different for each iPhone model. Last year’s premium iPhone offering used a surgical-grade stainless steel frame.

Hopefully, Apple will continue with its splash, water and dust resistant design. An IP68 certification will confirm that the phone can be immersed in water for up to 30-minutes. We don’t recommend doing so, but you will feel confident that rain and sweat will have no detrimental effect.



The iPhone 11 will certainly have a beautiful curved design. The display has rounded corners and there will likely be three different screen sizes. The 5.8” and 6.5” Super Retina OLED HDR (High Dynamic Range) displays will produce sharper blacks and use less power.

The third 2019 Apple phone will have a 6.1” display that uses LCD technology instead of OLED. LCD screens are slightly cheaper, so this will make an appearance on the more affordable of the three Apple phones.

The camera notch in the screen may be smaller than the notch that we see on current iPhones. It is unlikely that the notch will disappear altogether though because this houses a FaceTime camera, TrueDepth camera, and a dot projector for facial recognition.



Improved battery life is still one of the most vital elements that consumers are looking for. The new iPhone should please those who struggle to get through the day, with a possible 4,000mAh capacity battery.

The battery will last for longer and support fast charging. As with the 2018 iPhones,  wireless charging (Qi Standard) will be supported for those who already have or wish to buy a wireless charger. Check out our recommended wireless chargers

For those who stick with charging cables, the lightning port may be gone and instead, there will be a USB-C port. This will bring more connectivity possibilities when you shop for accessories. Boosting the likelihood of this change, we have recently seen Apple make this move with the iPad Pro.



There are a number of features that might make their first appearance on the iPhone 11. The first is a certainty, and this is the new iOS 13 operating system.  Rumours suggest that Siri shortcuts will get a new appearance, along with a refreshed home screen design. Apple is expected to combine conversations with each contact from all sources such as email, social networks, and text messages.

Dynamic app icons could bring life to the display and show crucial information without the need to open the app. There could also be an app bar with shortcuts to apps and contacts that can be dragged in from the right side of the screen.

Several hardware upgrades are expected and these will boost performance and efficiency. A powerful new chip (A13 Bionic Chip) will be at the forefront of both of these indices with its octa-core configuration. The improved performance should bring more opportunities for app developers to use augmented reality (AR) with improved 3D sensing.

You shouldn’t expect to see an iPhone 11 that is ready for 5G but Wi-Fi 6 technology may be included. Wi-Fi 6 delivers improved performance in congested areas, improved power efficiency, and higher data rates.

Further, rumours include the possibility of having Apple Pencil support and Touch ID with a fingerprint sensor positioned below the display. There has been no word on memory but previous iPhones have been released with three internal memory amounts; 64GB, 256GB, and 512GB.


There may be a new iPhone on the horizon, but that doesn't mean you should immediately jump to buy it. You should consider all the pros and cons of the various models before deciding on what to purchase. Our guide on picking the right iPhone is a good place to start before making such an important decision. 

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