Save yourself bundles of time with My Account

Everything you need to know about My Account

As part of our network upgrade, we are pleased to announce our overhauled My Account service for customers, giving you greater control over everything Asda mobile. Customers can now manage their Asda mobile bundles, add-ons, and top-ups all online - eliminating the need to text or to go in-store. Find out everything you can do with My Account below.

You can sign up for an account on our website by navigating to the “My Account” link in the top right corner on your desktop. 


My Account Overview

Through My Account you can easily manage your Asda mobile account online. You can see your usage, transactions, buy bundles and apply top-ups. Now, customers can take matters into their own hands, any time of day, seven days a week.

After verifying your account via email and adding your Asda mobile number, you will be greeted by the Overview page, where you will immediately see your current balance, as well as any bundles you have active. From here you can navigate around to complete specific activities.


My Bundles

From here you can view your current bundle, including how much data you have remaining and when it expires, as well as browse through all the bundles we currently have on offer. 

If you don’t have a bundle active, you can easily purchase a new bundle with a few simple clicks. You can also grab an add-on to boost your available data. 



My Usage

My Usage gives you full visibility of your current data, minutes, and texts. 

You can monitor your usage over the past month, so you can understand how much you’ve been using since your last bundle purchase. 

This will help you understand how you use your phone, so you can purchase bundles that best suit your needs. 


Asda mobile app - coming soon


My Transaction History

This page is your order history. 

All of your receipts are stored here, so you can see everything you’ve purchased. This can also help you keep track of how much you spend on your mobile over a period of time.


My Top-Up

This is where you can top-up your balance. 

You can choose from a number of set amounts, ranging between £5 (minimum) to £30, or pick your own top-up amount up to £50.

You can also set-up recurring top-ups from here. These can trigger automatically when you’re low on credit, or on a fixed date each month. Very handy if you don’t want to worry about topping up each and every month. Worried about your low balance top-up triggering too often? You can set a spend limit within a 30 day period, so that you won’t spend more than you’re comfortable with.


My Discounts

My Discounts allows you to redeem voucher and discount codes online. Simply enter your code and follow the step by step process to redeem. 


My Profile

This page is where you can find and amend your address, password, notification preferences, and payment cards. You can also report your SIM as lost or stolen, as well as find information about transferring your number (both in and out).

On your profile, you also have the option of securely adding your card details in order to make payments for new bundles, add-ons or top-ups. While you can use your existing balance to pay for some products, you will need to use your debit or credit card to purchase top-ups once your balance runs out. 



On your account, you can also access our comprehensive FAQs to answer all of your questions. There are tabs to “Discover” our bundles and check your coverage, and “Support” for some fast answers and contact information.

Our customers have been asking for a service that allows them to manage their whole Asda mobile experience from their home laptop - and here it is! The My Accountmeans our customers have full control over their purchases, new and existing bundles, balance and top-ups, and personal information. 

Register today for easy and quick access to everything about your Asda mobile account. 

No contracts, no limits

With no contract you have the freedom to flex your usage whenever you need to.

Powered by Vodafone

Powered by Vodafone with up to 99% UK population coverage.

Cap your spend

Put a limit on how much you spend every month so you don't need to worry about getting a big bill.

I find using Asda mobile very easy and the service you provide is really fantastic and your staff are always helpful thank you Asda

Linda, Ebbw-vale

Overall the service is great. Easy to contact regarding any issues or questions. Absolutely brilliant :)

Adam, Plymouth.


Jean, Devon

Lovely to speak to someone who was so friendly and he was easy to understand as he did not speak to quickly.

Myra, Retford