How to Stop Using All Your Mobile Data

Monitoring your data usage is one of the most important things you can do to ensure you don’t go over your mobile contract allowances.

Last updated: 24th Jun 2020 at 4:23pm


Why is Mobile Data Important to Monitor?

If your data allowance is on the smaller side, it can be difficult to make it last the whole 30 days of the month, especially if you use your phone a lot. Whether it’s to order an Uber, update your status on Instagram, Whatsapp your pals or stream a playlist on Spotify, they all eat up data, and it adds up quickly!


What Uses Mobile Data?

Data is what people use to gain wireless access to the internet.  It is measured in megabytes (MB) and gigabytes (GB), there are 1024 MB in 1GB. This table tells you the standard amount of data certain activities use up so you can get an idea of how much data you really need.

Social Media (Instagram)

If you occasionally view and update social media such as Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. Then a low end data allowance is fine. But if you are constantly uploading videos and photos then you will require at least 5GB of data.

Streaming Music (Spotify)

If you casually listen to music on  music streaming service such as Spotify, iTunes or SoundCloud, then we suggest 3GB of data. However, if you stream music daily without a Wifi Connection you will need at least 5GB of data.

Streaming Video's (YouTube)

Videos use up a lot of data when you aren't connected to the Wifi. For daily streaming we would recommend a 5GB data bundle or more. If you regularly watch videos offline in HD then you should get a bundle with 15GB of data or more! The same applies for gaming, which also uses a lot of data too!

Email and Web Browsing

Browsing the web for news, occasional shopping and emails doesn't use up too much data and can easily be done with 1-3GB. This may vary depending on the content on the websites that you visit. 

Whether you’re into monthly contracts or pay as you go deals. If you find yourself running out of data all of the time, it might be that you need to look at bigger data plans! Getting a pay monthly bundle with more data could help you avoid this problem altogether, so you can browse to your heart’s content and stop going overboard.

Take a look at the different options here, and use our handy Bundle Calculator to find out exactly how much Data, Call and Text allowances you need each month.  

Alternatively, you could top up using our pay as you go sim, that way, if you do end up going over your data allowance for the month, you’ll still have something to fall back onto!


Where is my Data Currently Going?

The first step is knowing where your allowances are going, most smartphones have ways of showing you which applications are using up the most mobile data! You’ll usually find the information in Settings > Data usage (or a variation on these words depending on the handset you own).

As an Asda Mobile customer, you can find out how much data you’ve used by simply texting BAL to 2732.


How can I Reduce my Mobile Data Usage?

You can avoid going over your internet allowances by connecting to the WiFi at home and at work, but if you have a long commute then using your data is sometimes unavoidable!

Apps typically use up a lot of your data when they’re running or refreshing in the background. Some of the biggest data hogs are social media apps.To counteract this, companies such as Facebook and Twitter have released ‘lite’ versions of their mobile apps, which do not automatically load images and videos. This won’t completely stop data use, but it’s better than nothing! 

A great way of keeping tabs on your data is to use a Data-Monitoring app. These handy apps help you to track and reduce the amount of data that you use. They can also send alerts just before you run out of data. That way, you’ll know to top-up as soon as possible!

To avoid running low on data, simply turn off background app refresh in your settings and stop Push Notifications. If you have used all of your data and don't want to be charged extra go to Mobile Data > and Turn Off all of the apps that use data. 

For an idea on how much data various activities on your phone


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