Popular mobile slang words

The online world is forever changing, and it can be hard to keep up with the constant evolution, especially for those less tech-savvy individuals. With texting and online social media apps being the primary form of communication, we thought you might like to know what words are ‘down with the kids’ these days...

Last updated: 31st Jan 2020 at 12:38pm

Slang words, although grammatically incorrect, are always fun to incorporate into your online messaging. From abbreviations to completely new words and phrases, the online world of instant messaging has become a rather fascinating one.

Let us introduce you to our top online slang words for you to familiarise yourself with: 

  • YOLO - An acronym for ‘You only live once’ - ever in doubt 
  • GOAT - An acronym that stands for ‘greatest of all time’
  • Lit - If something is ‘lit’ it means cool / epic - e.g that concert last night was lit! 
  • Extra - Used for when someone is being over the top / overdramatic
  • Bae - Abbreviation for ‘before anyone else’ 
  • Tea - Meaning ‘gossip’ - so if you spill ‘tea’ about someone, you’re gossiping behind their back. Not to be confused with the hot drink or term for dinner! 
  • Fire - The term used to describe someone if they are ‘attractive’ e.g - “That girl looks fire!”
  • Shade - When you disrespect someone or something - you are ‘throwing shade’
  • Savage - If you’re acting ‘savage’ you are someone with no filter 
  • BTW - By the way
  • G2G - Got to go
  • TBH - Abbreviation for ‘to be honest’
  • Totes - Abbreviation for ‘totally’ - e.g: that was totes amazing!
  • Awks - Abbreviation for ‘awkward’ - useful if you can’t be bothered to type out the whole word!
  •  LOL - Short for ‘laugh out loud’ - often mistaken by the older generation as ‘lots of love’, so don’t get confused!

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