Mobile Phone Life Hacks

Mobile phones are fascinating devices that have captured many people's lives and there are endless hacks for us to all learn. We are always discovering new tips and tricks about our phones, so let us show you some cool mobile phone hacks for you to explore. 

Last updated: 29th Jun 2020 at 4:52pm

Improve audio whilst recording a video

When recording videos, you can improve the audio quality of your video by covering the microphone. This works because it muffles any background noise that is filtering through the microphone. You’ll therefore be able to capture clearer sounds.

The days of hearing yourself screaming at a concert over the artist are over!  


Switch your phone to airplane mode to make it charge faster

If you find yourself low on battery and in a rush to restore it back to full health, simply turn on Airplane Mode whilst the device is charging. It will stop the network access of your device and therefore will boost the charging speed. Want to make your phone last longer? Take a look at our guide on extending battery life


Take screenshots of travel directions then turn off your data

Keeping on your mobile data whilst using maps can not only drain your internet, but also your battery life. Instead of leaving your maps on whilst finding a certain location, turn off your mobile data and screenshot the directions. This way you can still navigate yourself whilst saving battery life and data. This works especially well when travelling abroad, when internet access might not always be available. 


Save damaged chargers with a spring

There is nothing worse than seeing your charger slowly deteriorating. Don’t worry as it can be salvaged. If you have a click pen, simply take the spring out of the pen and carefully bend it so that it is wide enough to fit round the charger head. Then squeeze back down to size until the wire fits snug. 


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Use the volume keys to take photos

Trying to press the capture button on your mobile whilst taking a selfie can be tricky - if you didn’t already know, you can actually take photos using the volume keys which will ensure a stronger and sturdier quality photo. If you want to take one-handed pictures, then this is your best option.


If you park in an unfamiliar area, take a snap

If you’re in a new location and have to park your car in some random spot, you might come back after a long day feeling confused and panicked about where your car is. Instead, take a photo of a landmark surrounding the car so that you can locate your vehicle a lot easier!


So what's your favourite mobile life hack? What do you do to get the most out of your phone? Let us know on Twitter!

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