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How to keep your mobile phone number when changing networks

Back in the day, it was a right headache to keep your mobile phone number when changing networks. Thankfully in 2022, the process is so much easier and only takes a few days. 

To keep your number when switching providers, you’ll need a PAC code. Follow our simple guide for everything you need to know. 

What is a PAC code?

A PAC code is a ‘Porting Authorisation Code’ that allows you to carry your mobile number over to a new network. It’s normally nine digits long.

You have to request a PAC code from your current provider and give it to your new network, or you’ll lose your phone number when you move.

How do I request a PAC code?

How you request a PAC code varies slightly between providers, but for the most part, you only need to ask. Thanks to Ofcom, you can simply text ‘PAC’ to 65075, free of charge, to get your code. 

There are plenty of other ways to get a PAC code though, depending on which network you’re on: 

Asda mobile

  1. Text ‘PAC’ to 65075
  2. Call 2732 from an Asda mobile phone or 0808 006 2732


  1. Text ‘PAC’ to 65075
  2. Call 202 from an O2 phone or 0344 809 0202 
  1. Login to your account 


  1. Text ‘PAC’ to 65075
  1. Login to your account and go to Menu > Account Settings > Leave EE 


  1. Complete the outstanding charges form first (either online or by texting ‘INFO’ to 95075)
  2. Text ‘PAC’ and your date of birth (DD/MM/YY) to 65075
  3. Call their customer service
  4. Login to your account and fill out the ‘take my number’ form


  1. Text ‘PAC’ plus your four digit account PIN to 65075
  2. Call 191 from a Vodafone phone
  1. Login to your account and go to Account Settings > Mobile switching
  2. Use their online webchat option


  1. Text ‘PAC’ to 65075
  1. Login to your account
  2. Call 43431

How long does a PAC code transfer take?

Networks will send you a PAC code within a few minutes of you asking, but this could take up to one working day.

A number transfer can take up to 24 hours. However, this could rise to 48 hours if you send your request after 5pm or on a weekend.

How long does a PAC code stay active for?

A PAC code is valid for 30 days from the date you receive it. 

If, after 30 days, you haven’t sent your PAC code to your new network to begin transferring your number across, the code will expire and you’ll have to request another.

Can I get another PAC code if my current one expires?

Yes, you can.

If your first PAC code has expired and you decide that you still want to move with your phone number, you can request another PAC code from your current network.

I have a PAC code - now what do I do?

Once you have received your PAC code from your current mobile provider, you need to pass it on to your new network. 

How you do this will differ depending on the network, but usually you can do it online or over the phone. 

Once you give them your PAC code, the transition period will begin. 

Switching mobile networks should take one working day, but it could be longer if there are issues with your account, PAC code, or if it’s a weekend or evening. 

When do you not need a PAC code?

You don’t need a PAC code if you’re not interested in keeping your mobile number when you switch providers. 

If you don’t want to keep your number, you can request a STAC code (‘Service Termination Authorisation Code’) instead. A STAC code allows you to disconnect your previous mobile number so you can take out a new number when you move.

To request a STAC code, text ‘STAC’ to 75075. Much like a PAC code, it’s valid for 30 days.

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