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How to Keep Your Mobile Phone Number When Changing Networks

With new releases and upgrades popping up all over the market, it can be hard to resist changing your phone every year or two when your contract comes to an end. However, changing phones can often result in switching mobile providers too. You’ll be glad to hear that there are ways of keeping your old phone number as you move across networks. 

To keep your mobile phone number while switching providers, you’ll need a PAC code. Follow the guide below to find out how to request a PAC code from some of the most popular mobile networks. 

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What is a PAC code?

Before we dive into each network, we first need to know what a PAC code is.

A PAC code is a Porting Authorisation Code that allows you to carry your mobile number over to a new network. Once you have received your PAC code from your provider, it will be valid for 30 days before it expires. If you decide not to use the code, your account will stay open and you’ll still be charged for services.

If you want to keep your phone number, you’ll need to request a PAC code from your current provider when leaving their network. The process is slightly different depending on the provider, so let’s take a look at how to do it with some of the most popular networks.


Asda Mobile

For us, the process of joining or leaving with your number is fairly similar. 

There are three ways you can request a PAC code from us:

  1. Text ‘PAC’ to 65075 - send a text message to us, free of charge, and you will receive your PAC code and any additional information, which could include: early termination costs, outstanding handset charges, or remaining pay-as-you-go credit.
  2. Call - if you would prefer to talk to someone, you can call us on 2732 from your Asda mobile, or 08000792732. This service is also free of charge, and you will receive your PAC code in the same way. 
  3. Online - we are working on developing an online account platform where you can access your Asda Mobile account.

If you are joining us

Once you have requested your PAC code from your current mobile provider, you can call us from our new SIM on 2732 or 08000792732 to set it up. 

Phone numbers don’t always transfer over immediately, so it would be useful to keep your temporary number while you wait.

If you are leaving us

Once you have requested your PAC code from us, simply send it to your new provider. They are obliged to process the switch within one working day of your request.

Getting your PAC code from 02

If you are planning on leaving 02 for another provider, you have three ways of requesting your PAC code:

  1. Call - you can call on 202 from your 02 phone, or 03448090202 from another phone.
  2. Your account - if you login to your ‘My 02’ account, you can follow the steps to request your PAC code from there.
  3. Text - text ‘PAC’ to 65075, free of charge. However, if you have multiple numbers attached to your ‘My 02’ account, you won’t be able to use this texting option - but you can still call and go through your account. 

Getting your PAC code from EE

There are two ways you can request your PAC code to leave the EE network:

  1. Text - you can text ‘PAC’ to 65075, free of charge, to request your code. EE will then send you a text message back immediately with your PAC code, along with any information regarding your switching over, such as any outstanding charges.
  2. Online - you can login to your ‘My EE’ account and follow the steps: Menu > Account Settings > Leave EE. As with 02, if you have multiple numbers attached to your account, you will have to use the texting service, or contact them by phone.

Getting your PAC code from Three

If you are leaving Three, you need to make sure you ask for your outstanding charges first, by completing their outstanding charges form through your ‘My3’ account, calling them, texting ‘INFO’ and your birth date to 95075, or live chatting on the website.

However, Three value their digital assistance, and promote their Three app as the most effective way of contacting them for help, or making any changes to your contract.

Here is what you can do at Three to take your number with you:

  1. Online - login to your account and complete the take my number with me form. Follow the steps to receive your PAC code. 
  2. Website - follow the contact us page to talk to someone via live chat or phone. 
  3. Text - text ‘PAC’ and your date of birth (DD/MM/YY) to 65075, free or charge, to receive all of the information you need for switching providers. 

Getting your PAC code from Vodafone

There are four ways you can request your PAC code from Vodafone:

  1. Chat - use their Webchat option on the website to talk to someone on your computer or phone.
  2. Online - you can login to your ‘My Vodafone’ account, and follow the steps: Account Settings > Mobile switching.
  3. Call - you can call Vodafone, free of charge, on 191 from a Vodafone phone. 
  4. Text - if you only have one number attached to your account, you can text ‘PAC’, plus the 4-digit PIN to your account (e.g. ‘PAC + 1234’) to 65075. Make sure to leave a space between PAC and your PIN, and delete the text after you have sent it to secure your account’s privacy.

It is important to remember that only the owner of the account can request a PAC code to switch providers. 

Once you have your PAC, follow the steps to sign up for a new provider. 

Getting your PAC code from Giffgaff

If you are leaving Giffgaff to move to another network, but want to keep your number, you have two options of requesting a PAC code:

  1. Text - you can text ‘PAC’ to 65075 from a Giffgaff SIM. 
  2. Online - alternatively, if you have more than one number, you can go through your giffgaff account to request a PAC code. 

If you encounter any difficulties with the above two options, you can call Giffgaff on 43431 to speak to someone. 

The processes for requesting a PAC code from your current provider are fairly similar, but if you need help, you can call each of the mobile networks above from one of their phones, and they will guide you through the transferring of your number. 

If you don’t wish to carry your number over, you can request a STAC (Service Termination Authorisation Code) code in the same way as a PAC, from your network. A STAC code allows you to disconnect your mobile number when you take out a new one. 


If you are thinking of joining Asda Mobile, browse our SIM only deals and send us your PAC code - we’ll do the rest. 


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