Keeping Your Mobile Number When Changing Your Phone

When your monthly contract ends there is one question that crosses everyone's mind. Can I keep my old number when I change mobile providers? It's a lot easier than you think....

Last updated: 22nd Jan 2019 at 11:56am

Asda Mobile Makes it Easy

For starters having a new number can be a massive headache. Trying to remember a new mobile number can takes months to master - especially when you prefer your old one! Not to mention transferring all of your contacts across and letting them know your number has changed!

Switching to an Asda SIM card bundle is much easier and can save you money. With Asda mobile you can get any SIM card to fit your device and keep your old number. Fantastic news for those of you who constantly forget your number!

5-Steps To Keeping Your Old Number

  1. To transfer your old number to a new SIM card you will need the PAC code, which stands for Porting Authorisation Code.
  2. You can obtain this code from your old UK network provider by calling customer services
  3. Tell customer service that you need your PAC code to transfer your number to another network provider.
  4. The next step is to call Asda Mobile customer services on 2732 from your new Asda Sim or 0800 079 2732 from any other phone and provide the PAC code.
  5. It will not take more than two working days to move your number from your previous service provider to your new SIM card.

It's that easy.


There are a couple of considerations to take into account when you are bringing your number to our service.

It takes a couple of days moving a number to a different network. The number is fully activated on your new SIM card, there is the possibility of a gap in service. The best method for dealing with this is to keep the old service operational until your new phone is activated.

You can either begin the process before or after your SIM arrives; however it's important to note that a PAC code is usually valid for 30 days! Therefore it is best to start the process after your free SIM card has arrived.

Going SIM Only

When you go SIM only, there is no additional phone expense, no need to worry about transferring your data, all you need to do is to simply order our free multi-SIM card.

Asda’s Multi SIM Cards

You don't need to worry whether or not you have ordered the correct SIM. We will send you all the SIM cards in one (standard, micro and nano). Simply pop out the correct SIM for your phone. Our SIM cards will work in any unlocked mobile phone. Port your old number to the SIM card and all else remains the same. You're Welcome!

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Lovely to speak to someone who was so friendly and he was easy to understand as he did not speak to quickly. Myra, Retford

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I have always found the people who answer the calls are EXTREMELY POLITE..... UNDERSTANDING.... PLEASANT IN THEIR CONVERSATION AND ABOVE ALL VERY EFFICIENT! Jean, Devon