iOS 13 Features

iOS 13 is Apple's latest operating system for all their devices. Every iOS release introduces new features on our iPhones and iPads that we fall in love with. It can be overwhelming to keep up or know what new features are in the latest software. So, we’ve picked our top new features of iOS 13 for you to explore.

Memoji Stickers 

With the great success of the Memoji that was previously exclusive to only newer iPhone models, Apple recognised the popularity and decided to roll this feature out to all users. 

There are now a variety of different Memojis you can use with different poses such as thumbs up, sleeping, hearts in eyes and much more! You can also use the Memoji as stickers on your iOS keyboard so you can send these to your friends and family.To access these stickers, simply click on the Memoji icon in the bar that features above the keyboard when you’re in a message.


Profile Features in iMessage 

And what’s even better, you can now share your name and Memoji with people. To set this up simply open up your Messages app and tap on the three dots in the top right corner. Then press ‘Edit Name and Photo’, from here you can choose the first and second name you wish to share as well as choosing your profile image. 

You can select a variety of profile pictures including the Memoji or Animoji feature. From here you can create your Memoji if you haven’t already or simply give yourself a makeover by hitting the plus sign (+). From here you can select the facial expression you want your Memoji to have and the colour of the background. 


Dark Mode 

iOS 13 has seen the introduction of a new system wide Dark Mode option which changes the entire look of the system from light to dark. You have the choice to have Dark Mode come on at certain scheduled times or permanently. 

To launch this feature, click on the Settings app and tap Display & Brightness. On this screen you’ll see the appearance tab at the top with the option of Light or Dark, simply click Dark and congratulations - you’ve joined the dark side!



Photo Editing Tools 

With iOS 13, you can now make the most of your photos with a powerful interface. You really are spoilt for choice when it comes to editing - a few new tools introduced are:

  • Exposure - Exposure allows you to adjust the amount of light in your photo
  • Brilliance - Makes overall image bright and alters the contrast to make details sharper
  • Highlights - Lets you darken the duller areas and brighten the lighter areas 
  • Contrast - Allows you to add a variety of colours between lighter and darker
  • Noise Reduction - If you can see fuzzy dots on your zoomed in image, simply increase the noise reduction slider to see if this improves
  • And many more! 


Sweep Texting 

When you start typing a word, simply swipe your finger to each different letter without lifting your finger off the keyboard. Once you’ve finished with the word, lift your finger and iOS will leave a space for the next word. 

If you don’t like using this feature, you can stick to typing like normal. 

So, if you’re an iPhone user, make the most out of iOS 13 software with these cool new features. From Memojis to photo editing, there are a variety of tools for you to get stuck in with on your mobile phone! Still trying to pick which iPhone is right for you? Our iPhone guide is a great place to start. 


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