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It will be summer again before we know it and at Asda Mobile, we’ve been filling out holiday forms, but in our haste to compete for time, we’ve yet to actually book our holiday! Not to worry though, there’s still plenty of time to grab your phone and get yourself organised for some time in the sun.

Get in the air Gone are the days when finding a flight meant you had to go down to the high street and speak with a travel agent.

Thanks to apps like Skyscanner, all you need to do is put in the dates you want to travel and a destination, and it will bring up a selection of the best deals. Once you’ve saved your search history in Skyscanner, it will even notify when the price changes, encouraging you to book when the price is right.

Find a place to sleep The next thing you need to get sorted is your accommodation. Your phone is a gateway to a whole host of fantastic hostels, homes and hotels just waiting to be checked out in countries across the world.

For the authentic “travelling” experience, use Hostelworld to search more than 33,000 properties. If you want to rent out somebody’s home, Airbnb could be the solution. For a more conventional hotel-based set-up, use the popular app – over 20 million others are already doing so!

Roam like you are at home! If you're travelling in Europe you can use your Asda Mobile pay-as-you-go bundle as you would at home for no extra charge - check which ones here.

Locate the unknown If you’re anything like us, you don’t really like sitting still for too long. To really make the most of your holiday, it’s a good idea to make plans and be prepared.

There are plenty of ways to do this straight from your phone, for example using Atlas Obscura online to find where you’re going, CityMapper app to help you get here efficiently, and the magical Field Trip app to give you more info on what you’re looking at once you’re there.

And with that, we’re going to buy our sun cream and get ready for our hols! We hope your summer holiday is as special as our 30-day SIM-only bundles. Check them out here.

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Best customer service ever! Wish your bundles weren't time-limited though. Joe, Chester

I wish all people could have good communication skills like Asda colleagues, he was very helpful thank you xxx Janet blackwood, Wales

I have always found the people who answer the calls are EXTREMELY POLITE..... UNDERSTANDING.... PLEASANT IN THEIR CONVERSATION AND ABOVE ALL VERY EFFICIENT! Jean, Devon

Overall the service is great. Easy to contact regarding any issues or questions. Absolutely brilliant :) Adam, Plymouth.