How much is 250MB, 1GB & 3GB of data?

Smartphones are great for many things: keeping in contact with friends and family, googling a question, scrolling through social media, watching videos and listening to music. But our phones wouldn’t work quite as well if they didn’t have internet access outside of the house - also known as data!

You may be wondering how much you can do before you run out of your data allowance. In this guide, we’ll take a look at how much 250MB, 1GB and 3GB of data is and how long they’ll last you. 

If you have a much larger allowance, you can check out our similar guides on 10GB of data and 15GB of data.


Getting data with Asda mobile

With Asda mobile, you can simply pick up a great value monthly bundle.

Our bundles come with a wide range of data allowances, so it’s helpful to know how much you’ll need each month before selecting the one for you. 

If you know that you’re opting for a smaller allowance between 250MB and 3GB per month, read on to find out what you can do on your phone before running out. 


MB and GB explained

When you’re looking to apply a bundle to your Asda mobile account, the amount of data will either have MB or GB beside it. A GB stands for gigabytes and is simply made up of 1000MBs (megabytes). Our lowest data plan comes with 1GB, but it’s still useful to understand what a MB is. 


What uses mobile data?

To try and judge what your monthly data allowance should be, you need to know what uses up data on your phone. There are many factors that can affect how much data is used, such as:

  • The quality of the videos or TV that you’re watching - the higher the quality of a YouTube video, for example, the more data it will use up and the faster your allowance will drain
  • The amount of music you’re streaming - the more music you listen to on Spotify or YouTube Music, the more data you’ll use
  • How many images are on a webpage that you open - your phone will use up more data trying to download several images than it would just loading text, because pictures are larger files
  • The quality of the graphics used in online multiplayer games - broadly the more detailed the game is, the more data it will need to play
  • The size of the files attached in emails - the bigger the file, the more data that is needed to download it. Similarly, more data is required to send an email with a large attachment compared to a small one

It’s worth remembering that as mobile phone technology has evolved, more data is being used for similar actions. For example, a few years ago you could have watched a HD movie using approximately 700MB of data. Nowadays, you would be more likely to stream a Full HD movie using 1.5GB of data, which is roughly 1,500MB. That’s because services, like video quality or audio clarity, have become more detailed, so more data is needed for them. 


How much is 250MB of data?

250MB is not a lot of data at all, and the majority of people will need a bundle with a much larger allowance. This value is usually reserved for very light phone users

With a total monthly allowance of 250MB, you could do one of the following activities on your phone before running out and needing to top-up or wait for your next monthly allowance:

  • Stream standard definition TV for 20 minutes
  • Send or receive 250 emails
  • Stream high-quality music for two hours
  • Send or receive 375,000 WhatsApp messages (text only)

Deciding on whether 250MB is right for you is completely dependent on what you use your phone for. As you can see, if you like to watch videos or films on your phone, you wouldn’t be able to do this for very long. However, if you only use your device for sending WhatsApp messages, you almost have an unlimited amount!


How much is 1GB of data?

1GB of data (aka 1,024MBs) may be enough for you if you only use your phone infrequently. With 1GB, you could do one of the following activities:

  • Watch Netflix in standard definition for one hour and 20 minutes
  • Listen to high-quality music on Spotify or TIDAL for eight hours
  • Play online real-time multiplayer games for 10 days

You can pick up a 1GB monthly bundle for just £5. You’ll also get unlimited minutes and texts, and won’t be tied down by any contract!  


How much is 3GB of data?

3GB is a fair amount of data for average use, and will last most people their whole month (and then some) if they don’t stream HD movies everyday. If you’re more of an internet browser than a Netflix watcher, you’ll find that 3GB is plenty. 

With this amount of data, you could do one of the following:

  • Watch Netflix in HD for one hour
  • Stream high-quality Spotify music for 36 hours
  • Browse the internet for 90 hours


What can you do with 3GB of data each day?

If you’re interested in this allowance, here’s what you could do each day for the whole month of your plan before that 3GB eventually ran out:

  • Browse the internet for one hour
  • Use social media, such as Twitter or Facebook, for one hour
  • Send or receive 25 emails
  • Use Google Maps or fitness apps for one hour
  • Ask your AI, Google or Siri, to complete tasks

You can grab a 3GB bundle for £7 with us. If you want to make sure you don’t use up your allowance early, our 10GB for £10 has got you covered.


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How can I save mobile data?

Monitoring your mobile usage is a great way to ensure you pick the right allowance for you, and so you don’t run out of it too soon. There are loads of things you can do to save mobile data, so that you don’t have to apply any add-ons or suffer without your 4G connection. 

1. Connect to Wi-Fi as much as possible

Firstly, if you have access to Wi-Fi, then you could connect to the router rather than relying on your phone’s data. You’ll save a ton of data, even if you just connect to complete particularly data-heavy tasks, like downloading a big file or watching a high-quality video. 

You can also download files ahead of time. Before your next big trip, try downloading your Spotify playlists, YouTube videos, or Netflix films whilst on Wi-Fi, then play them offline in the future. This’ll save you a bunch of data over time.

2. Use Chrome data saver

If you use Chrome as your web browser, you can go into Settings on your phone and activate the Data saver feature. This sends traffic via Google servers before it downloads on your device, which will reduce the amount of data your device downloads as Google compresses it first. 

Many other web browsers, like Safari, also have a data saver feature. Additionally, you can connect to Wi-Fi and ask your web browser to download a webpage for offline use, so when you disconnect, you can view the page without using anything up. 

3. Restrict background data

It’s widely known that apps can use a lot of data up in the background. Apps like Facebook constantly update, which can secretly drain your remaining data, even while you’re not doing anything. You can, however, stop this from happening by restricting the background activities of apps on both iPhones and Android.

On iPhone

Go to Settings > General > Background App Refresh 

On Android

Go to Settings > Data Usage > Restrict Background Data

4. Reduce quality of media

Sharing photos that are high-resolution, or watching content on the highest definition (like 1080p), will suck up a lot of your data. You can save how much data is used up by reducing the quality of these things on your phone. 

For example, you can choose to send lower quality photos, rather than the uncompressed originals. Likewise, you can watch a video with slightly lower definition. This will also help with buffering issues, but may make the picture slightly blurrier. If you don’t mind this, it’s a great way to save data. 

Furthermore, videos can use up chunks of your allowance, especially if you’re sharing or uploading them. Save data by downloading a free video compression app, which will make the file smaller, using less data and uploading more quickly. 


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