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A Brief History of Samsung Phones

Samsung is, without a doubt, one of the most popular manufacturers of mobile phones. The Korean company had humble beginnings but eventually developed a killer brand that today leads the way when it comes to smartphone innovation.

Here we take a look at a brief history of Samsung phones, noting critical milestones, the modern era and the future Samsung’s mobile technology.

Early Samsung Phones | Galaxy S Series | Future Samsung Phones

Early Samsung Phones

These are the early Samsung phones that brought with them an innovation that shook the industry:

1988 The SH-100 is Samsung’s first mobile phone and it sold just one to two thousand units per year.
1993 The SH-700 becomes the lightest phone on the market.
1993 Samsung introduces a Quality is Pride brand building initiative to ensure perfection. This involved burning defective phones worth £140 million in front of its employees.
1995 Samsung increases its market share from 25.8% to 51.5% in one year.
1996 The SCH-100 if Samsung’s first digital phone and it represented a shift towards marketing phones at a younger generation.
1996  Samsung moves into the international arena.
1998 The SCH-800 is the first phone capable of sending SMS text messages.
2002 The SCH-X430 launches with a colour display.
2005 The SCH-B250 introduces TV streaming.
2009 The first touchscreen appears in the SCH-W850.
2010 YouTube, video editing, and document viewing become available on the Galaxy S.
2013 The Galaxy Note 3 introduces the S Pen.

Galaxy S Series

Samsung Galaxy S10eSamsung Galaxy S10Samsung Galaxy S10+ 

The Galaxy S series becomes the premium mainstream branding for Samsung Electronics, with the Android-based Samsung Galaxy S, which launched in 2010. The Galaxy S series is complemented by the Galaxy A series and the Galaxy J series that target the more affordable end of the market. The most notable phones in the Galaxy S series include:

Galaxy S III This is Samsung’s first smartphone with a quad-core processor.
Galaxy S6 Edge This is the first smartphone camera where Auto mode truly captures the best image, making smartphone photography easy for all.
Galaxy S8 The Samsung Galaxy S8 and the S8+ become the first phones to introduce Infinity Displays. These are near bezel-less and curve over at the edges.
Galaxy S9 Samsung introduces a dual-aperture camera lens that opens and narrows, like the human eye, to adapt to bright and low light environments.
Galaxy S10 The Samsung Galaxy S10 series is the latest 2019 smartphones.

Samsung Galaxy S10e

The Samsung Galaxy S10e makes history by allowing more consumers to get hold of an S series phone, with its more affordable price tag. There is plenty of innovation on offer, and this includes the Infinity-O Display, which is a small hole in the screen for the camera lens, which removes the need for an unsightly camera notch.

Security is refined with face recognition, and Android Pie is more convenient to use with enhancements made by Samsung’s One User Interface. Essential software, such as the Bixby AI Assistant, helps to make life a little easier. The camera makes photography easier with Live Focus and an Ultra-wide 123-degrees lens.

Samsung Galaxy S10

The Samsung Galaxy S10 introduces the ultrasonic in-screen fingerprint sensor. There is no longer a sensor taking up space on the front of the phone, and instead, you touch the display to unlock the phone securely.

The camera has a triple lens system that effectively gives you a 2x optical zoom in and out. Perfect photos are easy to capture with Flaw Detection sensing if anyone blinks or fails to smile. The Galaxy S10 is ready for what life throws at it with IP68 certification for water resistance and Corning Gorilla Glass 6 that protects against bumps and scratches.

This Samsung phone is significantly lighter than its rival, the iPhone X, and with 8GB RAM, it is 27% faster and has 37% faster graphics, than the Galaxy S9. A heat-pipe cooling system keeps things cool when lots of processing power is needed and the AKG -tuned speakers give a boost to audio immersion.

Samsung Galaxy S10+

The Samsung Galaxy S10+ has a massive 6.4” Quad HD+ display with a stunning resolution of 3,040x 1,440 pixels. The phone is available with exclusive ceramic backs and up to 1TB of internal memory. The primary camera system is similar to that on the Galaxy S10, but there is a dual selfie camera for capturing bokeh blurred backgrounds.

The Game Enhancer handles any game with ease, and a vapour chamber cooling system ensures that the fast graphics and extended gameplay is possible. Wi-Fi 6 technology is built in to prevent potential fraud when using public hotspots.

The Galaxy S10+ has a 4,100mAh high-capacity battery. The phone supports Wireless Charging 2.0, so consumers can buy a wireless charger and re-charge the battery 27% faster. It is also possible to charge other phones with Wireless PowerShare.

Future Samsung phones

The Samsung Galaxy Fold is the next mobile phone that Samsung will release and this will revolutionise the industry when it launches. The phone has an external display that unfolds to give a 7.3” usable area. With this, you essentially have a tablet-sized device upon which you can use three apps at one time.

The Samsung Galaxy Fold is scheduled for release during the first half of 2019 and it will put Samsung in a position to make history once again. Read more on Samsung's first foldable smartphone here.

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