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Doro 1360 Review

The Doro 1360 is a cheap and simple phone sporting a clear and user-friendly design. This affordable handset is perfect for older people who aren’t looking to splash their cash on the newest smartphone. 

In this in-depth review, we look at why the Doro 1360 is so great for seniors, what it can (and can’t) do, and what you need to consider before picking one up.

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You can generally buy this little device for under £25, but right now you can grab one for just £20 from Asda! Despite the super-cheap price tag, this phone still has a lot to offer the user, but is definitely more suitable for someone who doesn’t use or need their phone regularly. 


Small, lightweight and curved with big, clear buttons makes this a winner for those with sight impairment. 


Height: 12.6cm

Width: 6.2cm

Thickness: 1.3cm

Weight: 96g

Display screen

2.4 inches

320 x 240

Three levels of brightness

The screen is not too large, as most of the space is made up of the larger buttons for easier texting and navigation. The small square screen is clear enough with decent resolution for its price. 

The small size and light weight of it makes this phone easily portable in a pocket or handbag.


Rear-facing camera only: 0.08MP

Though you can’t take selfies on this little phone, you do have the option of taking landscape photos, using the front screen as the viewfinder. 

Sadly, you can’t record videos on the Doro 1360. 


It has 1GB of internal storage, which should be enough for most seniors, but you do have the option to expand on this with a memory card. 


The Doro 1360 sports an 800mAh battery life, with up to 300 hours of standby and 8 hours of talk time. Its small battery contributes to its lightweight design, making it perfect for travelling or carrying around the house.


Just because the 1360 is a small device, doesn’t mean it doesn’t have a lot to offer its user. It’s also got a bunch of functions designed with the elderly in mind. Here are some of the best features on the Doro:

  • Assistance button - in an emergency, press this button on the back of the phone to automatically send a “help” text message to pre-selected contacts (up to 5). The phone will then call the first telephone number and if it isn’t answered after 25 seconds, it’ll start calling the next emergency contact 
  • In Case Of Emergency (ICE) - stores your medical details in case of an emergency, including your blood type, allergies, medications, your doctor’s details and emergency contact numbers
  • Loud ringer for incoming phone calls - can go up to 83dB, which should be loud enough for those with hearing difficulties. If it’s not though, it also has a vibrate mode and an incoming call display
  • Beyond the basics - the Doro 1360 can do more than just texts and calls. It’s got an alarm and calendar to keep you organised and on schedule. It’s also got a built-in torch!
  • Bluetooth-enabled - connect to speakers to play music aloud, or send and receive photos from loved ones in the same room as you
  • FM radio - so you can still catch up with the daily news
  • Headphone socket - so you can listen to music on your phone if you wish to
  • Dual SIM - surprisingly for its price, the Doro 1360 can be fitted with two micro SIMs


For those wishing to know exactly what they could be getting themselves into, here are some missing features that you might consider a con, particularly if you’re more tech-savvy:

  • 2G connectivity only - the Doro 1360 isn’t designed with the internet in mind. It can’t take advantage of 3G or 4G, and it doesn’t have a Wi-Fi receiver. If you like to surf the web, this phone might not be for you
  • No video recording available 
  • Not compatible with hearing aids - so not as suitable for those who are hearing impaired
  • No flash to light up darker scenes/images when taking pictures


The Doro 1360 is a compact, lightweight, and very simple phone to use. If you want a device that you can just call and text from, then you won’t be able to get much cheaper! This phone is best for seniors who wish to keep their independence whilst easily staying in touch with their loved ones. 

Buy the Doro 1360 from Asda today.

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