Doro 1360 Review

The Doro 1360 is a mobile phone perfect for seniors, who are looking for an easy to use mobile at a rock bottom price of £25. Give family and friends a peace of mind with this highly specialised mobile phone.

Last updated: 21st Jan 2019 at 1:55pm

Who is the Doro 1360 for?

This Doro mobile phone is affordable to all and can really give family and friends the peace of mind desired, when they have elderly friends or relatives. This is particularly so when seniors continue to live independently.

Assistance Button

The Asda Mobile team think the assistance button is the key feature that makes the Doro 1360 so useful, in terms of safety and security. You can store up to five telephone numbers for use with the assistance button. The assistance button can then be pressed for three seconds, after which the phone will send out a ‘help needed’ text message, to each of the five telephone numbers. The phone will then call the first telephone number and if the call isn’t answered after 25 seconds, then the phone will call the next emergency contact. The assistance feature can be set to continually loop through the emergency contacts until the call is answered.


ICE (In Case of Emergency) is a very handy feature that can be used for storing the owners specific medical details. First responders to a medical emergency can quickly access this crucial information. Within ICE, you can store the details of medical conditions, your blood type, allergies, medications, your doctor’s details and emergency contact numbers.

Start-Up Wizard

Setting up a mobile phone can seem like a daunting task and this is particularly so when there is no tech savvy people around to give a helping hand. The Doro 1360 tackles this issue very well through its start-up wizard. The first time that the Doro 1360 is switched on, the phone asks a series of simple questions and the answers to these complete the set up for you. It really couldn’t be easier to set up a mobile phone.

Wide Colour Display

This phone has a wide display that is optimised for seniors making calling and texting simple!  The screen measures 2.4” diagonally and has a resolution of 320 x 240 pixels. Catering to the individual, the colour display has three levels of brightness, which is pretty handy for when the phone is to be used outside and under bright sunlight. Contrasting this, the brightness of the display can be dimmed in the evening, in order to reduce eyestrain.

Incoming Call Notifications

The Doro 1360 adapts itself well to those who have either hearing difficulties or visual impairments. For those with such difficulties and impairments, this Doro phone can be set up to vibrate and the ringer volume can be set up to 83dB. The Doro 1360 produces loud and clear sound. There is also a visual ring indicator, to help catch your attention when the phone is ringing and possibly on silent.

Up to 12 Days Standby

The battery has a small capacity at 800mAh and this is great for keeping the overall weight down, at 96g. The small battery performs well though, because it isn’t powering all of the whistles and bells that are associated with smartphones. The Doro 1360 can sit in standby for up to 300 hours or it can give up to 8 hours of talk time, which is great for those with a chatty nature.

Making Calls and Typing Text

Making calls and typing text is made easy through the large and well-spaced buttons. The keypad is alpha-numeric, so when it comes to writing text messages or entering the names of people in the phone book (maximum 100 contacts), the user needs to press the keys one to four times. Each press rotates through the letters that are assigned to and printed on the individual key. Asda Mobile offer great value bundles with plenty of minutes & texts, check them out here.

Beyond the Basics

The Doro 1360 handles the basics well but there is more on offer for those who desire it. The calendar can be used to store important events and engagements, while the alarm has a handy repeat feature, which can be used to set the alarm for individual days of the week. The alarm also has a welcome nine minute snooze feature. The torch feature can be used at night and this is particularly useful when trying to insert a key into your lock.


A camera has been built in for those who may like to take photos. The camera is paired up with MMS (Multimedia Messaging Service), making it possible to send photos to other mobile phones and smartphones. The Doro 1360 has Bluetooth technology and this makes it possible to send photos wirelessly to a phone in the same room. Bluetooth can also be used to connect the phone to wireless headphones and certain other Bluetooth devices.

Order Your Doro 1360

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