The best affordable fitness trackers to help you keep your New Year's resolutions

It’s January, which means thousands of us will have made brand new resolutions in the hope of becoming better versions of ourselves…

Last updated: 17th Oct 2018 at 2:07pm

But sticking to them is much, much harder than expected, especially when these resolutions involve going for a run in the cold or getting out of bed to go to the gym. What if a little piece of technology was all you needed to keep motivated? We’ve compiled a list of the best fitness trackers and other accessories to help you stay on track. Let’s take a look now!

Our favourite affordable fitness trackers

A fitness tracker is a fantastic accessory to help you keep on top of your fitness goals and routine. Once you pair it with your smartphone, it’ll allow you to track your steps, distance walked (or run, if you’re extra dedicated), and calories burned. And if you keep it on during the night, it’ll also track your sleeping pattern and wake you up silently (by vibrating against your wrist) at the right time, so you can get up early and get to the gym. However, many of the top brands of fitness trackers can be a little too expensive. Here are our top three affordable fitness bracelets, so you can get fit without breaking the bank: 1) Milestone Gravitate Tracker (£45) 2) SBS Sleep Tracker (£30) 3) Milestone Altitude Tracker (£25)

Cheap fitness smartphone accessories

It’s not all about trackers - there are many other types of phone accessories you can integrate into your fitness routine to help you stay motivated. Here are some of our favourites! Running earbuds: Make going for a run around your neighbourhood less daunting by listening to your favourite songs all the way through. Use Spotify to create great motivational playlists, and get running to the rhythm. These earbuds are a fantastic choice - they hook over your ear to ensure they can’t fall out while you hit the pavement. A USB power pack: Using your phone to listen to music while you work out can drain it rapidly of its battery. Avoid losing charge in the middle of your run by getting a power pack! It’ll easily plug into your phone and keep it going for an extra couple of hours, so you can hit your goals for the week and keep listening to music. Take a look at this portable charger. A Bluetooth speaker: Not a fan of the great outdoors? If you prefer to exercise at home, get yourself a portable Bluetooth speaker. Simply connect it to your phone and get your favourite tunes going, wherever you are.

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