Best Travel Apps for a Stress-Free Holiday

Despite the summer months ending, you may still be looking for your next city break, some winter sun or a beach holiday. We have collated some great travel advice featuring the latest mobile apps to help you find plenty of affordable and enjoyable holidays.

Last updated: 10th Oct 2019 at 11:40am

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Looking for Cheap Flights?

Gone are the days where finding flights meant a trip to the travel agents. Thanks to apps like Skyscanner, you will find yourself booking flights at competitive prices. All you need are the dates you wish to travel and a destination, the application will load a selection of the best deals available.

With Skyscanner you’ll be able to browse through thousands of deals car rentals, hotels and flights. If you’re booking a family holiday and save your search history in Skyscanner, the app will notify you when prices change, encouraging you to buy cheap.

Skyscanner is free to download from the Apple Store and Google Play.

Find A Place To Sleep

The next thing you need to get sorted is your accommodation. Airbnb is a staple of holiday home renting, and the free app, available on iOS and Android, brings hundreds of thousands of amazing B&Bs to your fingertips! Simply pick your destination, travel dates, and preferences (do you want a room in someone’s house, or a whole penthouse apartment to yourself?) You can then browse through listings in the city or area of your choice, all over the world, and easily and securely book through the app!

If you’re looking for cheap holidays and don’t mind looking for a more authentic accommodation, we suggest Hostelworld to search over 33,000 properties worldwide. If you’re looking for a luxury holiday use the popular app – over 20 million others are already doing so!

Get Your Phone Ready

If you still want to communicate with your family and friends whilst you’re away, you can ‘Roam Like You’re At Home’ in 50 European Destinations with our Pay As You Go bundles, for no extra change. Our plans are 30-days long, you can renew your bundle every month, unlike most pay monthly SIM only deals, you don’t commit to a contract.

If you are on social media a great deal whilst abroad, you may want to make sure you connect to hotel and restaurant Wi Fi when possible to save your data allowance.  

Locate The Unknown

To really make the most of your holiday, it’s a good idea to make travel plans and be prepared. If you haven't booked a holiday package you will be looking for things to do, one great app you could use is Atlas Obscura online. You simply search for the place you are travelling to and read about unusual attractions, adventurous trails and unique meals in your chosen country.

Discover amazing, exciting activities wherever you go: with Peek Travel, all you need to do is choose your destination and dates of travel, and you’ll get to choose between hundreds of tours and activities in your chosen destination, all handpicked to provide the best activities around.

From sightseeing to food tours, workshops and outdoor activities, you’re sure to find something to suit your tastes. You can then book directly from the app, and relax knowing all your sightseeing needs will be taken care of.

You can keep it simple by using Google Maps or you can use an excellent navigation app called CityMapper to plan your transport whilst on holiday. This mapping service integrates data from all modes of public transportation comparing travel time and price for you - great for those travelling with a budget!

Speak the Local Language

Going abroad? If you want to learn the basics of any language, we recommend Duolingo the free language learning app. This app helps you learn how to read, speak and listen to languages. You can take a course in multiple languages including; Spanish, Italian, Arabic, High Valyrian (for you Game of Thrones fans) and much more…

If you don’t speak the local language, you’ll need Google Translate to master the basics. The app, which can translate between over a hundred languages, lets you instantly translate text and speech, so you can ask for directions or order your favourite flavour of ice cream.

Google Translate also features a Camera Mode, which is especially practical in countries with a different alphabet: simply point your camera at the text you’re trying to translate (on a sign or a menu, for example), and it’ll automatically translate it for you. (Camera Mode is available in only 38 languages for now.)

Trouble Packing?

Packing is the worst part of holiday preparation. So, if you have trouble packing we recommend the application PackPoint. Simply pick where and when you’re going, as well as what activities you’re planning and PackPoint will create the perfect packing list for you based on the location, time of year, and the weather. Available at the Apple Store and Google Play, this app will create your packing list for you - but we’re afraid you’ll still have to do the physical packing yourself!

Check the Small Print

When it comes to booking a holiday, financial protection can be difficult to understand and confusing. It is vital that you make sure your holiday has the right type of cover in the event that something goes wrong. Firstly, ensure that your holiday is protected by the ATOL scheme, which primarily exists to provide refunds and offer repatriation to those who are stranded as a result of airline faults. Make sure you receive an ATOL certificate in your electronic or printed paperwork.

To create your own protection, it is best to always book flights or hotels online using a credit card, if your flight or hotel is between £100 and £30,000, you will benefit from Section 75 protection. This means your credit card provider must accept liability if the flight or hotel lets you down and they are at fault. Protection does not apply to accommodations that you are unable to reach due to cancellations or delays in flights due to environmental factors for instance.

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