The Best Phones for Seniors & the Elderly

Finding the right mobile phone can be difficult, especially with the vast number of handsets available nowadays. If you’re an older customer, you may be looking for a phone that’s tailored more specifically to help you with visibility, ease of use, or functionality. To help you, we’ve created a list of the best phones for seniors and the elderly. 

Last updated: 27th Oct 2020 at 1:28pm

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Best Overall | Cheapest | Largest screen | Biggest buttons | Best for Hard of Hearing | Most durable


Best Overall - Doro Liberto 820 Mini


+ Enlarged icons for easy visibility 

+ Simple interface

+ Compatible with hearing aids

- Small


Released in 2015, the Doro Liberto 820 Mini comes from a long line of senior-friendly phones manufactured by Doro. With its large icons and user-friendly interface, it is our best choice for a simple, senior-friendly device that aids both eyesight and hearing. 


12.60 x 6.60 x 1.10 cm


4 inches



Operating system



Designed by Doro, who specialise in manufacturing simple phones for elderly use, this little gem has a number of helpful features:

  • Large interface so the display is easy to read, with clear icons for each application
  • Google icons, like Mail, are easily visible and accessible from the front screen
  • 5MP main camera for pictures and flash 
  • Battery capacity of 1,500mAh - with 500 hours of standby and 648 minutes of talk time
  • Bluetooth
  • Hands free for ease of use
  • MP3 Player and FM radio so you won’t miss out on audio entertainment


Cheapest - Doro 1360


+ Cheap - £20!

+ Assistance button

+ ICE feature for emergencies

+ Easy set-up

- 2G data only


The Doro 1360 was released in 2017, and remains one of the cheapest phones to buy from Asda Mobile at just £20! Its lightweight, simple, and uncomplicated design makes it a great choice for someone looking to purchase an easy device. 


12.5 x 6cm


2.4 inch 320 x 240



Operating system



The Doro 1360 has many built-in features catered towards keeping the elderly safe and connected with family and friends:

  • Assistance button for safety and security. You can store up to 5 contacts for this emergency option. Simply press the assistance button for three seconds to send a “help needed” text message to all 5 contacts. The phone will then call each number until someone answers
  • ICE is an emergency feature that stores your medical details so someone can quickly and easily access it from your locked screen
  • Three levels of brightness to reduce eyestrain and alter throughout the day for optimal screen visibility 
  • Up to 12 hours standby so less likely to run out of charge, even with its small battery

The Doro 1360 isn’t compatible with 3G or 4G, so can only speedily use the internet when on Wi-Fi. If you’re looking for a phone that can do even more when it’s not connected to a router, then another phone on this list may be more suitable. 


Largest screen - GrandPad


+ Large screen

+ Accessible buttons

+ Family can remotely manage

- Not easily portable due to size


The GrandPad is a sort of phone and tablet hybrid called a phablet. With its huge screen size, this is the perfect phone for the visibly-impaired. It has a simple, clear interface, so the large size is not conducive to a more complicated set-up or use. 


8 inches


FHD 1920 x 1200



Operating system



Designed to keep seniors in touch with their loved ones (with the average GrandPad user being 82), this thoughtful phablet comes with a host of features to make using technology that much simpler:

  • Help option: connect with a specialist through your device to help in answering any questions
  • 15 pre-installed games to stimulate the brain and memory
  • Voice-recorded messages so you don’t have to worry about typing or spelling
  • Toolbox apps like Flashlight and Calculator assist with everyday tasks
  • Comes with a companion app so friends and family can stay connected and add contacts and apps to the GrandPad remotely 
  • Battery will last roughly between 1-3 days depending on use

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The LG G8 ThinQ also has a huge screen if you’re looking for a modern, techy phone instead of one designed for seniors in mind. 


Biggest buttons - Artfone C1 GSM


+ Huge, clear buttons

+ SOS emergency button

+ Simple and easy to use

+ Loud speaker

+ Cheap

- Smaller screen 

- Not tech-savvy


For just £25, the Artfone C1 GSM (2018) is a very cheap option for visibly-impaired people looking for a large button handset. It’s lightweight and portable, but doesn’t offer much outside of the basic functions of a phone. 


122.1 x 59.3 x 13.9mm


1.77 inch 120 x 160


32MB + 24MB

Operating system



  • SOS buttons allows you to send out requests for emergency aid to any of the contacts you’ve chosen
  • Huge buttons for easy use, but due to their large spacing, you have to sacrifice the size of the display
  • The talking numbers feature means the phone will read out numbers as you press them, so you know you’re typing the right ones
  • Loud speaker for those who are hard of hearing 
  • Access to simple functions like a torch, camera, radio, and calculator 
  • There’s a gap for you to tie a rope around the phone, so you can attach it around your neck for easy transportation 
  • Ability to expand storage up to 32GB to download extra apps 

This senior-friendly phone is a simple and reliable companion that can aid those who suffer from visibility impairment. 


Best for Hard of Hearing - LG G8 ThinQ


+ M4/T3 rating; compatible with hearing aids

+ Hands-free option

+ Tech-savvy

+ Water resistant: IP68

- Expensive compared to the rest on the list

- Buttons


The LG G8 ThinQ is a more modern phone, released in 2019, that was not specifically designed for seniors, but boasts a number of helpful features you could consider if you’re looking for a more tech-savvy option. 


151.9 x 71.8 x 8.4mm


6.1 inch 1140 x 3120



Operating system

Android 9


Though not marketed towards seniors or providing aid in emergencies, the LG G8 ThinQ is a good option for people who are more confident with phones and want a handset that entertains them as well as accompanies them during daily life. Some helpful features include:

  • M4/T3 compatibility with hearing aids to amplify sound directly into your ears from the device 
  • Extra loud speaker with a high-end audio chip
  • 3.5mm audio jack to plug in earphones or headphones to assist in amplifying sound 
  • Enhanced visual features to employ your senses to the maximum: 3D camera, hand vein scanning, 3D face scanning
  • Lightweight so easy to carry around and transport
  • Large screen for visibility 

For those wanting a high-end handset, the LG G8 ThinQ is a perfect option to get the best of both worlds.


Most durable - Nokia 4.2


+ Strong

+ Relatively cheap

+ Google Assistant AI help

+ Adaptive battery

- Slightly lower audio


Nokia phones are famous for their indestructibility, and the Nokia 4.2 released in 2019, is no different. If you’re worried about purchasing a phone that needs replacing, a Nokia model is your best option for durability. Choosing this newer model provides you with even more security compared to older handsets. 


149 x 71.3 x 8.4mm


5.71 inch



Operating system

Android One


The Nokia 4.2 can be purchased for around £100 - £120, but for its durability, the price will go a long way. If you’re worried about elderly assistance, here are its top features:

  • The AI assistant (Google Assistant) can work with you to more easily use and navigate your phone, setting up reminders, texting and calling people, and answering general questions
  • The Nokia 4.2 comes with Adaptive Battery mode which can help preserve your battery life so your phone stays alive for longer - and with its big battery, it can last for a reasonable time

For a strong, durable phone, the Nokia 4.2 is a great option that you won’t have to replace any time soon. With AI assistance, it’s useful to seniors, but more suitable for someone who is slightly more confident using mobile phones. 

If you like the look of one of these phones, why not pair your new handset with one of Asda Mobile’s great value SIM only deals? You should also take a look at the best apps for the elderly, so you can really take your new phone to the next level. 

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