The Best Phones for Seniors & the Elderly

Looking for the best, big button mobile phones that are perfect for the elderly? Our guide looks at the top handsets that are both great value for money and easy to use.


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Last updated: 22nd Jun 2020 at 2:50pm

 Here are the top mobile phones for seniors that are affordable, easy to use, and durable:


No Fuss Mobile - Doro 1360

There aren’t many mobile phones that you can buy for £25 or under, but the Doro 1360 is one of them! What’s more, this phone has been made specifically for those who want an easy to use interface.

This big button mobile phone has key features such as a wide display that is easy to read, spaced out buttons that make dialling easy and a special Assistance Button. When pressed, the Assistance Button calls your emergency contacts and it cycles through these until one of them answers the phone.

The Doro 1360 also has ICE (In Case of Emergency). This feature lets you store in all your medical information, from your doctor to the medications that you are taking. This can then be used by emergency first responders.

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Great Accessibility - Doro Secure 580

Doro Secure 580 is another model designed specifically for older users. Its simple keypad has only four big buttons which can be set to call specific contacts. You can even label each button with the name of the person, so you never forget who is set to what button. It's a very no nonsense phone that's ideal for even those with poor eyesight.

Just like most Doro models, the 580 includes the assistance button that can text pre-set contacts. Within this will include the location of the phone and a phone call will be made to the top contact. And again, similar to other handsets in the brand, it is hearing aid compatible, boasting loud and clear audio.

This model is perfect for anyone who needs a very easy and simple phone to make calls as and when.


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Affordable Smartphone - Alcatel U5

The Alcatel U5 is very affordable, yet it is a smartphone that doesn't leave much out. The bright and large 5-inch display and app support (such as Facebook and Whatsapp) makes it easy to keep in the loop with family and friends, including sending and receiving photos and videos.

Its 'Simple Mode' declutters and simplifies things, making it perfect for anyone who struggles with smartphones or modern tech. 'Simple mode' also makes the icons larger so that they are easy to see - ideal for anyone with poor vision. 

The 8-megapixel back camera combined with the 5MP front one is another great feature on offer. The ‘SmartSelfie DUO’ system automatically switches to a 120 degree wide-angle view when it detects more than three people in the frame. These will let you capture everything from self-portraits to family gatherings.


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Great for Apple Newbies - iPhone SE

Another good choice if you’re new to smartphones and want to jump on the Apple craze, then the iPhone SE is a good and affordable start. Out of all the Apple models, we recommend the iPhone SE due to its sturdy build, low price and overall functionality. 

Apple phones are often easy to use and intuitive - one of the many reasons people love them! There are plenty of options on this mobile that makes it easy for seniors to use which includes: options for bigger text, mono audio and subtitles. The famous ‘Siri’ feature is also a great tool that can easily find what you’re looking for by simply using your voice. And if this wasn’t enough, you can even get hearing aids that are specially designed to work with iPhones. 


Big Brand Quality Samsung Galaxy J3

If you want a smartphone that has a big brand name associated to it, then the Samsung Galaxy J3 could be for you. You pay a little more for mobile phones from Samsung, but the Galaxy J3 is still surprisingly affordable.

There are several very useful features and these include:

  • Outdoor Mode - You can use this feature to increase the screen brightness to maximum. You also don’t need to worry about forgetting to turn this feature off and draining the batter, because there is a 15-minute deactivation timer built in.

  • Easy Mode - Use an interface with large icons and simplified app interactions.

  • HAC - Hearing Aid Compatible.

  • Visual Voicemail - Read your voicemail instead of listening to it.

  • Left or right-handed configuration - This changes the position of the menu in supporting apps.


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