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Best mobile phones for the hard of hearing

Technology is ever-evolving, and there are a number of mobile phones out there that can be easily adapted for people with different needs. In this guide, we’ll take a look at some of the best phones out there for people who are hard of hearing.

What to look for in a phone

When searching for a phone for someone who is hard of hearing or deaf, it’s important to get a mobile with the following helpful features:

  • Compatible with hearing aids: not all smartphones are compatible with hearing aids. It’s important to buy a phone that allows the user to connect their hearing aid via Bluetooth. This will help them during phone calls or when listening to music or the radio 
  • How loud it goes: checking how loud the phone can go will help in ensuring its suitability for the user. Many specialised phones can produce sounds that are five or ten times louder than the average mobile, as you’ll see in some of the models below
  • ‘Extra loud’ option: some smartphones come with the addition of extra loud sound options, so you can increase the ringer or volume of notifications 
  • Screen size: if someone struggles with their hearing, they may rely more on their sight - and therefore, a large screen will always be a benefit. Be wary of spending too much time staring at a screen though!

Samsung Galaxy S10

One of the most popular manufacturers globally, Samsung are a household name dedicated to releasing high-spec smartphones and tablets. Though their products aren’t specifically designed for people with hearing impairments, the Galaxy S10 is a great range that can support your needs. 

Price: £470

How it helps with hearing

Compatible with hearing aids (M4/T3)

Hearing enhancement features found in Settings > Accessibility > Hearing enhancements, where the user can amplify conversational sound, adapt personalised sounds, and alter the left-right balance to optimise hearing

Switch between stereo and mono audio

Display live speech on screen so you can follow along to videos with subtitles

Receive alerts for certain detectors, such as the doorbell ringing or when a baby is crying

Rely on the large 6.1 inch screen


Doro 1360

Another Doro staple, the 1360 is the perfect budget-friendly option for someone who doesn’t want to sacrifice the helpful features.

Price: £20 from Asda

How it helps with hearing

Loud ringer can go up to 83 decibels, which is said to be around five times louder than a standard mobile phone

Voice volume can reach 35 decibels (10 times louder than a standard smartphone)

Also has incoming call display and a vibrate mode for those who can’t hear the ringer to signal that someone is attempting to call 

Seven volume settings

Tone control

Speakerphone to amplify speaker’s voice for the user

Assistance button to alert others if the user is in trouble 

If this model interests you, we have a whole review on it, so you can find out about its display, camera, battery life, and more!

Samsung Galaxy s21

Samsung Galaxy S21

Another Android phone for the Samsung lovers - the S21.

Buy from: £766.99

How it helps with hearing

Compatible with hearing aids (M3/T3) to help the user when listening to audio or during phone calls

Hearing enhancements can be found in settings, where the user can amplify sound to their preference, and adapt or personalise to their level of hearing impairment

Can increase the notification sound for social media messages

Google Assistant allows you to verbally make commands, such as turning the volume up, or aiding in completing a task that would usually require careful listening

The S21 has a large and clear 6.2 inch display screen, which makes visual activities much easier, so the user won’t have to struggle to navigate their phone visually 

LG G8 ThinQ

If you don’t want or need a simple interface, and are instead looking for something a little more tech-savvy without sacrificing the hearing assistance, this LG model might be the one for you. 

Price: £250

How it helps with hearing

Compatible with hearing aids (M4/T3)

Extra loud speaker with a high-end audio chip to project sound clearly

Enhanced visual features for those who rely more on their sight: 3D camera, hand vein scanning, 3D face scanning

3.5mm headphone jack for the option of plugging headphones in to further assist in hearing 

The LG G8 ThinQ has a 6.1 inch screen, with bright and clear 1440 x 3120 pixel resolution, guaranteeing a richly colourful and detailed display which makes it more functional for people who rely on their sight over their hearing

Samsung Galaxy S20 FE

The S20 FE was released in September 2020, and joins the other two Samsung models on this list as an ideal Android phone for those who struggle with their hearing. 

Price: £596.99

How it helps with hearing

Compatible with hearing aids

Hearing enhancement features can be found in Settings > Accessibility > Hearing enhancements, where the user can opt to amplify conversational sound, adapt sounds to their personal preference, alter the left-right balance in speakers and hearing aids, and more

Easily switch between different types of speaker audio

Display live speech on screen so you can read subtitles to follow along with videos

Receive alerts for certain events, such as the doorbell ringing, or when a baby is crying

The S20 FE has a huge 6.5 inch display with clear 1080 x 2400 pixel resolution, which is ideal for people who rely more on their sight

Geemarc CL8360 Extra Loud Mobile Phone

Geemarc creates products specifically manufactured to aid people with hearing or visual impairments. Founded in 1974, many of their phones are referred to as “assistive listening devices”. Check out the CL8360 if you’re interested in a specialised, hearing-focused model.

Price: £55

How it helps with hearing

Hearing aid compatible (M4/T4)

Receiving volume can reach up to 35 decibels and is entirely adjustable to the user’s preference

Adjust the receiving tone control to help the user hear better if they are sensitive to a certain pitch (up to 10 decibels)

The speakerphone has seven levels of volume

SOS button in case the user needs help from friends or family

ICE feature to alert medical staff to hard of hearing and other relevant information about the owner’s health

If you’re on the hunt for more phones under £100, check out our handy guide of the best budget-friendly smartphones on the market. 

Swissvoice C50s Comfort and Care Smartphone and Base

Swissvoice are known for creating senior-friendly, hard of hearing, and visibly-impaired devices. The Swissvoice’s C50s model is the perfect option for families who may require remote access to the user’s phone.

Price: £215

How it helps with hearing

Hearing aid compatibility (M4/T4)

Handset volume can reach 35 decibels and above

Ringer can hit 90 decibels, which equates to the noise produced by a tractor - it’s recommended not to exceed eight hours per day of listening to this level of noise 

Intelligent ringer feature will automatically ring the phone a second time at a higher volume if the first goes unanswered 

Adjustable ringer and speaker volume

SOS button

Smart Care features: if the battery goes too low, or several calls go unanswered, a text message will be sent to selected contacts 

Swissvoice model comes with remote control capability, so a loved one can provide assistance if needed 

5 inch display screen, which is both easily viewable and portable 

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